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“Shadow of mordor or the amount of interaction you could have with your friends was was understandably quite limited given the fact that the game focused heavily on a single experience. But in shadow of war it seems that the dev team are broadening their horizons. Everyone my name is sam also known as mr. Stemless and i m back continuing to bring you all the news and updates.

Regarding shadow of war so in shadow of mordor one of the ways you could interact with your friends. Who were also playing the game was through vendetta s now these were optional side missions. Where you could take on an earth who had killed one of your friends in order to avenge their death. It was pretty cool now in shadow of war.

The team of monolith have added a couple more ways to interact with fellow players online..

First of all vendetta s will be making a return with a few slight differences and when you attempt to avenge an of a vendetta you ll be transported to the version of mordor that your friend was killed in at not your own and not only that but even data missions themselves will take the form of kind of quite similar to what these war chief missions were in shadow of mordor it won t just be a chaos of you showing up and killing. An erg instead you ll have to draw the uruk in question out of hiding in order to face them you only have one chance to avenge the vendetta. Though so be on your guard. New addition to online play in shadow of war is online conquest online conquest is it s sort of like clash of clans in mordor really you ll be able to select the fortress outfit it with whatever defenses you like and then add the captains and overlords you want to protect it you can of course use the in game currency to add additional upgrades and strengthen elements of your defence.

And you can then upload this fortress complete with your customizations online for other players to assault. You can t of course all other players forces online. As well there are two ways of doing this in a friendly conquest and in a ranked conquest now in friendly conquest you can challenge your friends fortresses. But it won t affect your online reading and you won t earn any spoils of war.


This is seen as being a good way of learning. The ropes kind of like a training method really in rank conquest. You must try and conquer their fortress and defeat their overlord in the fastest time possible too earng looked at based on your irritability and speed in completing the missions and by doing that you ll improve your assault rating. And gain some spoils of war like look chest in the assault itself.

You ll be presented with a number of capture points. Which you must capture really in order to assault the men keep in order to kill the overlord you ll be on a timer and obviously be quicker you can capture the victory points. The better your score and pay oh. It will be now these capture points will be guarded by standard perks and whatever captain s opposing player has chosen.

But one point to note is that once a capture point has fallen it can t be reclaimed by the enemy..

One other point is that any captain s or erik s you brand in an online conquest will not be brought over to your dm once it s over so you can t steal your friends really awesome captains they will however help you during the assault itself. But that s about the end of it really on the flip side of this if you re playing right conquest. Your captains are actually at risk. If by chance your captain s die during the assault.

They will be dead in your single player campaign take note of this and don t bite off more than you can chew during one of the conquests themselves. This is a mechanic. I really like though. I think as a a greater sense of risk and danger really when you go to assault a fortress especially.

If you re taking a risk assaulting a higher level fortress or to get better rewards..

So that s what we know about the new online modes in shadow of war. I m really interested to know what you guys think let me know down in the comments below in the meantime. If you want to continue the conversation and join the hype about the game. Join me on my discord.

There s a link down in the video description. But until next time have a great week. I ll ” ..


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