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“Guys welcome back to curiosity cafe. So how did it go for you this sunday sunday did you enjoy the football did you get inundated with ads. Because i know lot of you did i read the comments and that does happen with these sites. But there s a way that you can get rid of all of those ads and i m going to show you how alright guys what you re going to need is an app called block ada.

That is how you re gonna end those ads and pop ups almost pesky things that happen when you re trying to stream sports. You may not even realize it but some of those ads and pop ups are running in the background and slowing up your fire stick. Therefore causing causing a buffering while you re watching those videos. And you might not even know it and this will eliminate that or at least reduce it significantly so let s get block ada on your amazon fire stick first thing you need to do go to the top of the screen over to the magnifying glass then you re gonna head down and type in downloader you may already have this but if you do not have it you do need this downloader app.

It s completely free you just type in downloader like i said click on it and install it it will look just like this alright guys once you get to this point you get the downloader go ahead and click on downloader and you re going to type in this address right here all right okay de bourg..

That s what you re gonna need. And that s what it looks like right there this also works on android devices not just your fire stick then i m going to show you how to get it here on your fire. Stick all right you can read all about it if you like we re gonna go. Ahead and.

Download la ca da. 42. So good highlight over that click on it. Alright.

Let s go ahead and install it right there at the bottom..

It just takes a couple minutes. Folks you re gonna really enjoy having this blocker. On your device it ll make it so much easier for you and you won t get all those crazy pop ups. All right there you go let s go ahead and open it up all right at blocking has deactivated.

So you re gonna want to activate it guys. This is everything right here that you need all right guys. And once you have turned it on its going to ask you to set up a vpn if you like if you do not have a vpn you can bypass it but it actually will show you how many ads have been blocked as it s running so you can actually now go into your internet browser go to those websites. Without any ads or pop ups.

It doesn t work with a hundred percent of them..

But i noticed with them when i use block ada. It significantly reduces the amount of popups. I see it also makes it so you don t click on those pesky ads that will run you to different sites. Asking for personal information you should never register or give your credit card information for any sports streaming site.

If you did that you gave your information to somebody that you should not have i repeat do not give any personal information or credit card numbers to any site that is saying that you re getting something for free alright. These streaming sites should not request that if they do you actually clicked on an ad and blockade. It will keep you from clicking on those ads alright. So it s on it s running in the background.

Now if i go to the web..

I ll be able to watch those sports. Without all those pesky popups and ads just want to share that with you to show you how to install it very simple hope. You enjoyed the video thanks guys bye. ” .


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