MUST SEE! Screen Innovations 133″ 2.35 Cinescope Black Diamond -Unboxing, Assembly, and Installation

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“Guys. This is the unboxing of the 133 inch 2. By 35 sena scopes black black diamond screen from screen innovations can you see we just got the unit on we re gonna be very careful do not use any blades on it if you do use it your own wrist start by pulling the tube out this is the screen. That s wrapped around the frame.

We can set the screen aside for right now over here. We re going to assemble the screen first screen innovations does an excellent job of packing this up to make sure whenever. It is shipped to you it comes in one full piece with no damage. See even the corners that go to the extent of just wrapping them a bubble wrap alright so we re gonna start laying this out in the direction.

That it goes you guys have seen us unbox silver ticket elite dragonfly you can tell just based on the the quality of the felt as well as the weight of the aluminum. The screen innovations is definitely. There s a reason that it costs as much as it does they even have all the tests. Mentioning pieces pre installed on here ready to go.

Which is pretty nice. So you don t have to get on your knees and slide them all in you know sometimes it s the little things that make your life. Easier. That s worth paying for quality.


We re just gonna lay these out all four of them in this particular screen format is called siddha scope you can see how the screen is longer and narrower than sixteen by nine sixteen by nine this would be a little bit taller and a little bit shorter. So basically what s gonna happen is right where i m standing there watching sixteen by nine content that jvc s lens memory is gonna cut off the size or if you do sixteen by nine. It basically cuts off the top and bottom like you see on your tv at home. So.

What we re gonna do is insert our help brackets in the corners. And then they include a hardware kit over here. Which has everything you need get this insole. Even include gloves to keep your finger prints off the screen and screen cleaner and then all your rubber bands for pinching.

It there s these little rubber pieces. These rubber pieces right here that hold these guys in line. And then when you get it you just remove them they just said hi. See like that but then you can scoot.

These out to spread the entire area of the frame evenly so that you don t have any sagging or wrinkling. You can see the number of contact points. Is probably too to wanting comparison to some of the other screens. Including dragonfly so that s just that many more locations where the unit is gonna stay nice and tight ensuring that there s no sagging or wrinkling so down here in the corner of the screens.


They have these little allen contacts that basically just use tension to screw this plate into the aluminum. So you want to make sure that your corners are lined up nice and straight and tight because once you tighten these down you know and it s crooked. It s gonna throw off your image. Whenever you go to do your alignment on the projector alright guys so we re just to the point where we re gonna roll this guy out there is a lot of packing material on this be extremely careful.

No wonder they put warning labels all over it don t use blades because there s a lot of plastic. Okay you can see we went ahead and got all that plastic off it s in this nice big tube and now all we need to do is just roll. It out this is actually like a hard plastic material just like that and it s definitely not going to hurt to leave this in place. While you re doing the installation.

We ll probably just cut it back and that ll just protect the screen a little bit further from being damaged by anything that s underneath. There which we did vacuum and pick up anything that could damage it yeah. So we just realized it actually does come perforated like ready to go where you can leave this piece underneath to make sure that nothing damages the screen. What we ll probably do is just pick up the screen and set it up underneath.

The aluminum alright so we just got all of the plastic or whatever you want to call. It packing material up underneath the screen you can see right here. So it is protecting it and now we can go ahead and start tensioning this to our contact points on the frame alright guys well i m running low on battery and memories. So basically we re just gonna go around this entire screen and get everything nice and tight.


And i ll show you what it looks like when we re finished alright guys check it out we just finished this up and we have all of the tabs and nice and tight and evenly spread. I m very happy with how things turned out take a look here cutie chairs. Even going through the extra precaution. I m making sure that each side is well balanced.

So that we have a nice clean visual appearance. We ended up taking these corners and just spreading them out evenly if your projection screen does not fit square you will end up the keystone. You do not want to keystone skewing your image. Okay so the next part of this installation is getting the screen mounted to the wall.

This is very simple screen innovations supplies these little brackets same ones they use on the zero. Read. Screen. Basically you just had two studs and hang it on there like a picture.

What we re doing right now is finding where the studs are in the wall and then we re going to mark it out measures down from the ceiling to where we want the screen to start and then get these bolted in alright. So you can see that we have our two mounting points up here on the wall. And now we re just going to hang the screen up and we re we re gonna hook. It it s going to be just right in here right in here.


And that s gonna hang right there okay watch out for static electricity. It will get you hired you oh guys. It s upside down yeah make sure it s right set up make sure you don t knock over your brand. New electrostatic speakers.

Eating careful behind you and just like that you get a new screen up on the wall. We will want to measure to make sure that it s equal on both sides and that it s level okay guys so this is the installation next we re gonna align the projector. But basically we just measured 51 inches both sides to make sure that it s dead center on the wall. Which will line up with our projector.

That s back here and then 16 inches from the top. All the way around or all the way across the top just to make sure that everything aesthetically looks really nice to the customer now if you guys would like to purchase screen innovation screen. We are a direct dealer and we ll be happy to get you this particular screen or any of the screen innovation screens. We have a low price guarantee and nationwide free shipping give us a call shoot us a text.

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