My New Mainstays Fan and Heater Combo

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“Right so. This is a video of my new um. The my new heater fan fan that works as a here and cooling fan. So here s the dial where turn it just not very good lighting.

In here. That s a little this light right here indicates that it s plugged in so i plug this in the light comes on and and you tip it over right here is the safety button. No heater fans got to have that brand as mainstays. I got it at walmart just yesterday so it s brand new here s the brand.

It s a mainstays fan heater. So yeah. That s and there you can kind of see the fan blades and what s weird about the. But the blades is that they re jagged on one end probably to help with the winds probably help with the velocity or something i want this camera focus and then right here you can see the blades you good it has five of them if you can count them you can see them pretty good right.

There. There s one two three four five and it says do not cover right here cuz. There s warm air coming out of here. So the dial.

This is off the little zero right here this means off so it s off right now. When you turn it this way that s low heat. When you turn it this way. That s high heat.

And then this is fan this is low fan and high fan. So when you do heat. It s turning on real quick watch the blades and it heats up really fast. I mean.

It s already getting warm this heater is really good..

It was only twenty six dollars. I mean. It was totally worth it our the furnace that does our house doesn t quite get to my room. Even though.

I have two vents one here and one there and doesn t quite get to the get to my room. It s always freezing in my room. Since my room is surrounded with surrounded with attic. And um wall space and stuff like down below.

Here. The garage is below me. My room is right above the garage. So yeah that we don t have an insulated garage.

So there s cold air coming up through here and then i m surrounded by attic. There s attic space over there and the entrance is in the closet. There s attic space. There.

And then there s also attic space around there and that s an exterior wall and then there s attic above there. So the only wall that s not an exterior wall is that one or my bedroom doris. So yeah this really helps so high heat. This makes this doesn t speed the fan up that makes it even hotter.

So the temperature gets hotter. It s warming up a little bit more. But i wouldn t you do low and high fan. The fan speeds up more just it s a safety thing for heat like so it doesn t overheat or something in there.

And there s the warning..

It just says keep it away from drapery and furniture. So it doesn t burn it up or something man in there you can see the motor. There s no motor and then so then let s turn it to off watch the blades slow down this is a really cool fan. I really like it so now let s do fan just cooling.

Here. We go the coils cool down cool down fast. Too because this is already kulish air coming out it s fairly small too. And there you can see the coils.

I know so um yeah. When you switch it to high fan. It gets even and can you hear how quiet it is i mean you could barely even hear it it s luck. The only time when it s really loud is just when it s on high fan.

Then you can hear it pretty loud. It is extremely powerful. I mean when it s on high fan. And i come all the way over here.

I can feel the power way back here and it gets louder you can hear the loader noise. And that s do laufen then it gets really quiet let s do off the safety button. When you tip it over the safety button gets triggered this light turns off it just disables. The power.

Altogether. There it is down. There a little white button. Yeah.

So this is the middle of winter..

So i m gonna be running it in heat mode. This is low heat yeah. It s already starting to heat up that s pretty cool sorry. This is a long video.

It has a lot of features that have to show you i hope you enjoyed this this was my brand new mainstays heater with fan it really helps my room and i look out my window. My neighbor s bright heat pump is running which i have a lots of videos of already. But yeah. That s my mainstays heater fan that i just bought yesterday at walmart hope.

You enjoyed this short video. I mean not too short of o initiate. A new state and a firewall said. No so it leaves the current states in there.

Now you can go into and clear. The state tables and force those to be cleared. There s options in the advanced to force it to do it every time you change a rule. But just so you re aware of your changing.

Rules. And you have a bunch of people connected to a machine. Changing the rule means new connections can t come in but old connections can stay. So.

Just a little bit of side note. When you re troubleshooting change this back to the source. Any and gonna hit save apply and then we go over here i can get right back into the machine. Like i said we right back into the 40 to 50.

Now one side note..

When you re troubleshooting this this happens a lot you have under diagnostic test port and when you re testing the port or 22 hit test port connections successful this can save you lots of headache as some people start with the firewall rules. And when it doesn t work they keep staring at the rules thinking. There s a problem when a reality is a machine for one reason or another isn t even accepting connections. So do this first to make sure the machine is accepting connections or before you start really taking apart your firewall rules you may have done the firewall rules perfectly fine.

But you have another problem with the machine not accepting connection. So definitely digging into that first that s a pro tip here that is sometimes people don t think to go there. But maybe i have rulz a couple times for a bit longer than i should of trying to sort that out and yeah this cohere test. It if pfsense can see it at ports open.

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