My Opinion on Flurry Live Broadcasting :)

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“Guys and welcome to today s youtube video. So today. I m back with a a short video umm. It s i m just gonna tell you a little bit.

This app. Called flurry um. It s quite new actually you came out a couple months back. And there s not as many people on there as i would like to have on there and i just think that you guys would love it so if you haven t checked the app out or if you ve never heard of the app.

You should definitely definitely go and download. It there is only one problem if you haven t android. You can t get it yet. But they re working on and out to where it will work with apple and android.

You can download the app if you have apple you can only download it from the apple itunes store. So that s the only bad part about it. But they re still working on getting it to where it can work on both apple and android..


So i m going to explain a little bit about the app. The app is a broadcasting app. You can interact with a bunch of fans and followers and just a bunch of people on the app. Now if you already have a big fan base then you re covered you you can share it on twitter and you can share it on facebook.

This app is connected with twitter you can create your account with twitter um. So you can also connect your instagram. But we re signing up. I m pretty sure that when i signed up i signed up with twitter on you can also sign up with facebook as well if you would want um this app.

Is oh. My gosh like i don t even know where to begin this app is amazing um. It has a lot of good people. In the app.

The workers who work behind fleury interact with everybody on they re very nice people um. I love them they are like they are so sweet um. They re just so interactive that it s like they re your best friend like to me..


It s like all the people that i talked to with fleury. They are like my best friends is what i feel like and everybody only owned the app. The people who broadcast and everything they re amazing as well you have no lynch you have your boy mikey. You have david bush.

You have christian burns. You have a lot of people on there you have maddie megan. Um. There are a lot of people on their cold galati for example.

He s on there um this app is very interactive. There s guesting you can guess people it s almost kind of like facetime. But your face timing in front of a whole other audience they re watching you on the app. Is just a hundred percent drama free.

They do not tolerate drama. Um. And there are a few guidelines..


But when you download the app. I m sure it ll tell you so i m not gonna go into much depth with that. But it s pretty much the same rules as you know any out you know no nudity you know stuff like that you know just common sense. Things.

But i just wanted to share with you guys how amazing this app is and how you guys can go and interact with your fans. If you have a fan base and things like that so i hope you guys enjoyed this video. And if this is the first time seeing my face. And you should definitely hit that subscribe button and give this video thumbs up um and also.

I have a flurry account. My user name is leo. Lynn underscore. 2000.

I ll link it in the description box below along with all my other social medias. I try and go live once every day on flurry. I most of the time you ll catch..


Me going live two and three times a day on flurry um. But my main broadcast. When i stay on the longest. Is normally about 5 30.

6. O clock. I would say so um. Yeah.

You should you guys should totally go at me on that out and again. Thank you guys so much for ” ..

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