MY PORSCHE IN GTA 5! (GTA 5 vs. Real Life)

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“The little key fob is the same. But even the pedal is the same so so it s kind of cool that roger gates has something of my car in game. Is hey guys welcome back to my channel today we have a very special video that s right i m gonna be comparing my porsche panamera turbo my new car to the in game version of this porsche panamera rockstar games has in fact released vehicles over the past years that look a lot like or resemble a porsche panamera and that s what we re gonna check out today we re gonna compare my real existing new car to an in game vehicle right so like you guys know grand theft auto has this has this like internet kind of thing where you can buy cars on these different websites. We ve got legendary motorsport.

We ve got southern san andreas supercars. Let s check out legendary motorsports. So this load is and gentlemen. It s just an internet page.

Where you can buy a ton of cars and if you didn t know this all these cars are a parody version or a combined version of a real life vehicle for example. The truck they dadar is the bugatti veyron in real life. This coconut set. The capital is a bentley and here.

We have a lamborghini gallardo or something that looks like it i don t know all of them out of my head. Okay i m sorry this car over here. The jb 700 is the old aston martin from james bond and just like that they have a brand in grand theft auto. That is like a parody version of porsche this right here.

The comet has been in multiple grand theft auto games and this is supposed to resemble a 911 of porsche 911 even the interior looks like it a little bit so a couple weeks ago. Rockstar games released a new vehicle now let me show you alright the vehicle doesn t actually exist on single player. So. That s why we re using mods to a spawn this vehicle it alright so here it is the neon the fister neon is a combination of a porsche panamera a porsche 918 and the new mission ii car from porsche come in i think next year.

If you don t anything about the mission ii it s basically an electric a full electric car that porsche is going through it s going to be like competitor of tesla model s. It s a pretty cool looking car and that s why i ve been neon and grand theft auto this car that i m driving around now is also electric. I m sorry i mean listen listen. It s just silent.

Oh. It makes like little battery noises..

It s so cute. But jelly. How do you see that this is a porsche panamera and a non emission. A well here s a picture of the mission e and the side of the knee on the side pretty much looks.

Comparable. And if you compare the front of a 918 spyder. With this car. The knee on it looks quite.

Comparable as well. But the rear of this neon and grand theft auto. And the rear of the mission e in real life. That s not the same alright.

This rear is based on the new porsche. Panamera s. rear. That s right the booty of the new porsche and that is my car.

I have that car so it s kind of cool that rockstar games has something of my car in their game. Isn t that awesome now of course. I m not the only one with the porsche panamera so there s more people out there so let s have a look at the interior. So the interior of the neon does not really resemble like the porsche neon.

Because the porsche neon has a sick interior. This is nothing like it this is also nothing like a real porsche pan and we are or a porsche 911 or even a porsche 918 so it s it s just rockstar games that made up something simple for the interior. Now the logo on the steering wheel is actually quite alike at least the shape of the logo is the same now something that every single porsche has is an rpm meter in the middle so this is an electric car so won t have that but i actually want to check out if the 911 parity vehicle has that so let s just spawn that one in alright so we spot this one in let s have a look does it have an rpm meter in the middle that would be great if roxy games did that that ll be awesome. So we don t have an rbm meter in the middle.

We actually have just the miles per hour thing. Which is pretty pretty good looking..

But i gotta be honest that s not that s not a real porsche man so yeah again guys take a good look at the rear of this neon. Even the like the letters are the same as on my car in real life. It s kind of cool obviously. There s no exhaust in this thing because it s an elect electric car so that s a bit of a shame.

But something that the 911 and my car share is the headlights look at this look at these little headlights. My real life car has something that looks like that all right so just for the sake of the video. I was looking online. If any modern out here has made a porsche panamera for grand theft auto.

5 and ladies and gentlemen it exists so let me spawn it in real quick there we go vehicle spawners portside nope. We ve done one sports. Oh. My god look at this thing.

Ah so this ladies and gentlemen is the panamera 4s. Which is a little bit of a slower version than mine. But oh ho ho. Oh.

Yes. I actually hate the colour of this thing. So let me quit guy quickly give it a little paint job vehicle options where does the way where does exist alright so for paint we re gonna do primary metallic maybe like carbon black or graphite black or maybe it s brown black steel maybe black steel. So it looks a lot like my real life vehicle.

Including the interior. The interior looks awesome in this thing. Let s actually take a quick close look look at that that is just like real life guys look at this rpm meter in the middle. Just like it should be even the little key fob is the same what even the pedal is the same so in real life.

These are like touchscreen buttons. I think they they copied that quite well we ve got seat heating seat ventilation hahahaha..

They have everything i want to see the rear is the same as well well we can see the seats and i can tell you it looks pretty much the same it even has this little curtain. Thing look at that curtains on the back windows too now more importantly how does it drive in grand theft auto. Compared to my real f1 now this is in fact the 4s so it won t drive the exact same. My turbo has a bigger engine.

And i think if i m correct the modern just used a skin for the car. And didn t actually like in game files. So really the handling and the acceleration. And anything like that is not like a real 4s.

Which is a little bit of a shame. But it still looks freaking awesome and something i do miss though on the 4s is the huge spoiler in the back this one it s got a smaller one still a cool one. But it s it s a little bit smaller but i think it s so awesome to see the the parity porsche cars that rockstar games has made this one doesn t include that because this is a modern one. But the neon for example looks a lot like this car at least in my opinion.

It s a little bit smaller. But the back is the same it s an electric engine which this one doesn t have you know maybe a one day guys. I i will buy that neon real life versions of it i am interested in electric cars. I think electric cars are the future but i think we should wait it out a couple years or at least.

I want to wait another couple years until. The batteries are a little bit more developed. Because i have to drive from spain to holland every now and then and i got to tell you 2000. Kilometers on a single charge this is not happening right now but this thing drives awesome guys does it have a like does it have flames out of the exhaust.

Oh yes. It does oh my real life. One doesn t have that that s that s a bit of a shame is this so awesome though i did i am really enjoying myself. But i m gonna drive this car the whole day now the gta.

I don t have to leave. My house..

Anymore. I have any grab. The boat. Oh wow.

Oh okay. Alright yeah. How about you changeling like that i don t drive like this in real life. But i promise ok huh i promise i wish i could open all the doors in like some kind of mod.

I just can t figure it out because i really want to see the back thing the back the rear seats of this car are just amazing no that did not happen that did not happen dragon water. See that did not happen that did not happen we re good we re good thank god for these mods man. Oh wait wait hello hello. My friends just left for me.

This is pretty awesome you just drive them on here. And then like this oh. Again. I don t drive like this in real life.

Okay is this what the the under plate looks like i didn t know that i ve never seen that on their side ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it please leave a like on it and i ll catch you the next one thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly rb t shirts on jelly storecom.

” ..

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