My review of the tiny Dell 3050

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“Guys. This is will over mcg techtalk and today. I m going to talk about about the dell micro pc. This is a 3050 there s been quite a few this is one of their regular lines that are going to start coming out.

With i believe it started at 30 30. 30. 40. 30.

50. Now. This one this one has a i 5 75 100 t with the intel graphics of the 630 this is definitely a workstation this is not a gaming computer. I don t i don t think i ve ever actually seen one of these at micro center fry s best buy walmart target or anything.

Like this this is probably something you can only purchase when you re going through their website. So as it stands. This is this is going you re going to find these in offices..


So the gaming. The gaming side is not going to be super big. I saw some benchmarks for the intel. 630.

Which seems to be that if you turned everything down to the lowest settings and lowered the resolution like 1280 by 720 you might get some decent frame rates depending on the game more than likely the best thing. Though the only games you re really going to be able to play on this is crappy facebook games and solitaire this one came with windows. 10. Which is okay i mean up obviously.

It s the newest version. So if there s nothing really special about this. This is like really for word excel outlooks. Some quickbooks stuffs and things like that but since it is so tiny it fits pretty much anywhere you can put it you can probably fit on it.

If you wanted to and this was blocking. But this little lock right here is actually the only thing holding the front holding this top panel on and this was what i was going to talk about next. But this has six usb ports..


It has two usb 3 in the front two usb from the back into usb twos. This configuration. Contains a displayport and in hdmi. This is can also do vg8 which i don t know why you use vga for this so i m displayport.

If this computer can go to 4k. Then you should not be using vga. But why don t we take a look at the inside of it and see what this thing s all about i actually like taking this things apart. Because it s just a slide here it is all naked.

It s not much to it it s probably got boards that are smaller than a lot of laptops that i see this one has a 206 big clunky drive and the takeout squeeze here and then you push up now to do it did you go to get it just straight. It s pretty much toolless you might need a screwdriver to take this off underneath is pretty nifty. Though because it also has a slot for em to drive which i believe this is a pci 16. So you can get full full speed from something like a samsung evo m2 drive or even like an a data not here those are pretty good.

We ve got the little wireless also due to this here s where the the vga port can be and it can also get a ps2 adaptive ps2 mouse combination port but its feel really weird to plug that into something like this tiny little fan and the exhaust is right here this comes off by squeaking these two pulling it out so the only things plugged into this is the speaker and the in the fan itself it uses the laptop sodium. It can take up to six 64 gigabytes of ram. So 2 30..


To 3 30. To two 32 gig sticks considered in this thing. But it s not full desktop. Because it s almost as long as the er three gram.

There s not a lot to it it s it s pretty much basic. It is nice that it s got a thirty thirty two battery in it standard cmos. But you probably won t need to replace that for several years. There s a few screws to get a get in part.

The only problem with the board like this is that if there s anything that goes wrong you kind of got to replace the whole thing. Luckily the power supply is not integrated into this and whatsoever. So it s got something that looks like a laptop lot laptop power supply over all these things are super duper. Nice.

We have been setting them up and installing them for a lot of people we have had some issues using three monitors. So that might be something that you run into and if you do need three monitors you guys have to make sure that you can handle three monitors. Eye contact dell and make sure that the current configure your configuration will allow it because it looks like the display ports can only handle two..


But more than likely. If you were to do a vga and hdmi and a displayport. They would all work. But doing daisy chaining.

Only seems to allow for two maybe this has changed in any newer biases. Updates or anything like that but there s i mean. It s not it s not a super good gaming computer. So i don t really have a use for it.

But i do use this in my office or i did use this in my office from time to time. And there s quite a few other of my co workers that do and this can this can do pretty decently for a photo shop and things like that if you are looking for a good computer. That you need for your office. This is a pretty good investment and i do recommend this for ” .


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