Netgear Nighthawk XR500 DUMAOS Walkthrough & Best Setup

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“That s going on you guys take it you comin atcha with when you had had to video and in this how to video. I m gonna be showing you is how to set up the net gear xr 500 code gaming violet now if you guys have not seen the unboxing and setup of this i ll have a link down description below. It s basically my previous video and pretty much i m gonna show you guys how to hook everything up and then do the best quality of service. The best in geofilter and all that to get the best possible performance to go with that pig and to keep your connection.

Nice and stable. So let s get right into this so. The first thing that we want to do is we want to go over to our model. We want to disconnect it and remove all type of power now if you start everything if you don t do it most likely your ex over 500 won t work and you ll have trouble setting everything up then what you want to do you want go over to you rather you want to disconnect everything ethernet power.

All that then you want to replace it with the xl 500. You want connect two ethernet cables the power source. But then don t power it on we want to go back to our modem. We want connect it and then wait until all the led lights are on and need to be on then we go back to our xr 500.

We turn on the power and then we wait until we see everything is solid white and that we have internet are you guys so after multiple hours of really messing around with this i believe i got a good amount of knowledge and all this stuff and pretty much knowing what i believe what i believe is the best type of settings that will be great for gaming and all of that so for me i make videos. I stream. And i i also play video games and stuff so i want to really keep an eye on my download my upload my ping all of that so i organized the home screen for this main thing so i have the geofilter val that allows me to see what i m connected to how far the distance and all that i mainly play call duty. So i have a set to like about 500 miles and i live in new york.

So that s a good radius to connect to people. I think a good amount as well as i have on the right side. The devices that i have connected to it so like my playstation. My xbox one as well as the filtering mode and spectating mode.

If you don t know any of these things you could hit the little question mark on the top and then they ll explain to you what you think. Which one will be best for you filtering mobile block. It s outside of the distance radius to to force a host inside the videos where spectator mode will not block. It outside of the racism or for like pc gaming s so they say.

But as well as i have the thing that makes me see how my ping is whenever i m in a match or anything like that and well i could do that although ping thing. But i like to have it manually to always see what my ping is as well as i have my wireless status that just shows me my ssid and my password stuff like that i got my anti buffer bloat. This one is for congestion. So like if i m doing something heavy like watching netflix or uploading.

The video. While i m playing in game. It s nothing crazy it won t affect my game. And it explains it all right here anti buffalo is disabled when the sliders are set to a hundred percent.

If something is using all your bandwidth and small appliance applications..

Almost eight appliances. Small applications like games will be forced to queue causing lag. And then you love with this the slider. They say 70 should be good.

It says set each slider to 70 when you re gaming. Which is what i left it as i didn t wanna mess around with it as much as well as i have the network snapshot of the bandwidth that s being taken up by now what s the upload. What s the download for each devices as well as i scroll down you can see the qos. This is the qos and i ll show you guys a bigger picture of it.

But i got the qos and these are all the devices that i ve connected. So i have like over 15 devices connected to it and the majority of them are smart devices because i have the echo. The amazon echo dot and i was working with all these devices lately smart plugs the light bulbs. All of that and so you know here and there it s offline sometimes online.

So that they could keep an eye on when i tell it to turn on stuff as well as i have my laptop my gaming pc. My consoles on my phone. All of that so if we go to the geofilter like i showed you guys in the home screen. I had pretty much everything at the devices.

So adding devices is very simple. I already showed you what how what your device is already connected to it so these are all these smart devices. So i got the chromecast security cameras. All that when you automatically add a console like a playstation and xbox it automatically just adds it if you would add something like a laptop or a pc.

I ll tell you what type of game. You will you ll be playing and then it ll filter it out so. What s cool is that they have profiles as well so like something for example like home duty. If you wanna get a nice small radius.

So that your ping is very low. Where if you re playing something huge like battlefield or pub g. Or something. That has multiple people.

Then it might be difficult to find those people it might take a lot longer so like something like pub. G. The distance is set all the way to match. So it s basically world wide.

So it s gonna be a lot easier to find people..

But like it s not so much caring about paint. They re just trying to get like crazy connection for me when i was testing it out i feel like 2000. Miles was good for me. But i m gonna try this profile as well but like something like halo it filters out a lot more so then about a thousand two hundred fifty two miles would be good and you could change over here for miles to kilometers.

But i just like to keep. It 2 miles as well for call of duty is about seven hundred sixteen miles. I said to five hundred because that s that s the one that i like as well as it has the allowing denies so like if you have somebody outside of that radius as a friend of yours you could allow him so you could easily connect to him and not have any issues like not allowing you to connect to people for some reason you could allow him as well as if there s people in your radius. That s giving you a high ping or lag or something like that you could deny them so you can never join them again.

Which is pretty dope and then we go over to cue or wes. This is where we have the anti bucket blow which like i says congestion. I just keep that at 70 and you can see that there s a bigger picture of the qos. So for me for download is very important for consoles.

So the way that i have this i have the game room pc. The playstation and the xbox because those are the main things i use i have a set 228. So if we go explained it all but here at least 10 to 20 percent to your gaming devices so they gab enough family. So if i were to connect to one of the devices like the game on pc.

I ve set that to 28. Which is taking up about sixty point 22 megabits per second. If i were to connect to the xbox 128 as well fifty nine point six meters per second. So i have it all organized you can organize it by percentage or you organize about the slider or you can organize it by the bandwidth of how much bandwidth if you want to add to it and then you can do that as well for upload now for upload.

It s not so crazy for console. Use so i don t have it that much so like for example. The xbox it set to 28. And that s pretty much this one right here so about fifty nine point six playstation.

I did not set that one yet i just kept at 12. But gaming pc. Because that s when i m uploading stuff or if i just wanna yeah like if i m uploading a video. While i m playing a game.

I have that set to 47. So a little bit higher because that s why i really care about upload is not that crazy for console gaming. So we have the traffic prioritization information. How many packets.

How many all of that information as well as traffic part ization you can add a device so if i were to let s say..

The xbox one i were to add a device and if i want it to be specifically game console. Or if i want to go more advanced what type of port all this but i m gonna do just basic so game console. And then i could do that yet and manually edit a service to the traffic light addition the service will know automatically prioritized by you about it which is really cool so it goes more in depth with this you do this all manually. But it also does it automatically for you which is pretty dope as well as the vice manager.

Now what i love about this is the way that this is all organized how this map is so you got the router in the center. You got the stuff. That s connected to the five gigahertz. Band you got the stuff connected to the 24.

Gigahertz band as well as you have all the offline stuff so stuff. That s not be used right now so like my phone cause all the other devices because i m not telling vehicle dot to turn this and on as well as the xbox one it s not being utilized well got the wind. That s connected to the moment and that hits the wide stuff so my playstation. My pc.

My security cameras as well as my xbox one. But that one completely off my playstations on sleek note. So that s why if there was anything that needed to be downloaded in the background. You could do that and that s why we like it looks also to organize this is prequel.

So if i were to click on the playstation. I could give it a name i could do the device type. I wish it with more options and then it shows to me. The mac address and the wire.

And the ip address. All that and i can also block stuff so if i don t want anything if somebody found out my password and wanted to connect to me. I can easily block them so getting into the network monitor you can see the network snapshot. Which is what i have in the home section.

So i download the upload what s being utilized a lot by now and which is mainly my pc and my uncle dot so they could keep an eye as well as the network overview as well as another way to keep an eye on this stuff. Or what s taking up more upload than really much downloading and computers more download and really much uploading you it s all in real time. Which is really really cool system information isn t really that crazy this is just for if you guys want to know so much more about this. So you got the ram usage.

You also get the flash usage as well as the cpu. Which is crazies was the system information. This is just if you want to have if you know that you have the latest firmware. All of that the chip that s being used it s nothing crazy for what i think will be the best options.

Because you don t really have to mess around here for it for settings..

If we get into it this entire thing you don t have to really mess around with accepting the wireless settings. You want to make sure that you have the highest up to 800 megabits per second up to 17. Gigabits per second that equals to close to 2600. I don t have guest network.

Enabled as well lan setup. Everything is good here monitoring isn t that crazy i m really messing around with that as well as the content filtering. I ll really mess around with that either and the administration. I just want to make sure that i have the latest firmware update which i do usb storage.

If i want to connect like a flash drive or any other external hard drive to way you can do that advanced setups is where we get really into it so and the advanced wireless setups. I want to make sure all the way in the bottom that have beamforming enable fourth to boost the wireless speed as well as the range and the reliability and when you re further away from it as well as mu mimo that s when multiple devices are it s sending out all the information simultaneously and then instead sending one out each to each devices individually. That s why i want to make sure this most port forwarding. I want to make sure that a couple ports are open to give me an open data type.

So for example. I called early world war two on the xbox one and the ps4 i have those ports open port ringing mess around with that much i also want to make sure that you pnp is enabled to automatically open ports as well and then ipv6. I set that to auto detect so now it s using six to four tunnel and then vlan nothing crazy and then the led control settings. That s pretty much it so these are pretty much the settings that i have when whenever i m going to be playing and then this is the home section that i have because i think these are the most important things that i m that i should really keep an eye on whenever i m playing so if anything would ever happen i could easily mess around with it here in the home settings.

So there you guys have it hope you guys enjoy the video. This has been how to of how to setup everything with the nighthawk xr 500 gaming mallet with neck here and also net duma and this is my settings. My preference. What i would prefer to set up the wallet.

So let me know down the comes below. If you guys own one of these weathers also let me know what your settings or which ones. Do you think is the best for a certain game or for certain console and devices like that let me know down in the comments below. I hope you guys enjoy the video.

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