New House of Marley Exodus Wireless Bluetooth HeadPhones

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“Guys evp men here and today we re taking a look at the house of of marley exodus bluetooth headphones let s go ahead and check them out now in s video we re gonna review the house of marley exodus bluetooth series of headphones now this is a new headphone that was just recently released in april and we re gonna take a look at the audio quality. We re gonna look at the building construction. We re always gonna listen to them and do a call quality test. So if you re interested in some really cool eco friendly headphones.

You re gonna want to watch. This video. So let s go ahead and check out the exodus from house of marley make sure you hit the subscribe button and tap the little bell icon to get notified when new videos become available now as we take a closer look at the product before doing the unboxing. Let s take a look at some of the features and why you d want to consider this specific brand of headphones so the first thing that s going to strike you is the construction and the material.

These headphones are made out of a combination of wood and aluminum and the wood itself is fsc certified. So if you re looking for an eco friendly company. And you re really looking for headphones that you want to invest in you may want to consider this brand in addition to this they support quick charging technology. They have a built in microphone for calls which we re going to do an audio quality test.

And they support up to 30 hours of playtime you heard that right 30 hours of playtime. So let s get right to it. And let s do the unboxing now as we unbox. The headphones were immediately presented with a little travel bag.

So you can see that right here. And it s a cloth material have some additional warranty information inside yeah and then a little message on sustainability. So we ll go ahead and put that over to the side. We have some really nice braided cabling.

So here you have your wired cable for those of you who have a phone that still supports a headphone jack or if you have an adapter like you use with the iphone. Here you have that and it s really nicely and well constructed here you have hey usbc so it s usbc cable. Which means it has a usb charging capability..


Which is really nice and then here you have the headphones and i have to say that as you saw them they re pretty amazed looking really like the overall looking these so we ll go ahead and open them up and as you take a look at this they re just fantastic looking the combination of materials and then just the overall look so the things that you have in the bag. Or in the box. Are your headphones. You have the wiring usb c.

Charging cable audio cable. And a little travel pouch. Let s go ahead and take a look at the headphones. Even further now as we take a closer look at these headphones.

I have to say that they are incredibly striking. They look absolutely amazing so what we ll do is look at it s just watch this. So you have this nice band here that s gonna give you some really nice support. And it s a leather looking band.

And it has kind of like cloth bottom that s gonna be really comfortable in your head and then you can see how nicely this stretch is no creaking no sound whatsoever. Then you have these two holes here that allow you to adjust up and down and they sound really nice listen to this alright so for those of you who are curious about that little sound. But really easy to adjust and what i like about them is that you can even adjust them while they re on your head. And i ll show you that in a second.

You do have an each side and we ll see if this comes up on camera. You do have a right indicator. And also a left indicator right here in the side. You have the marley brand inside with this really nice generous foam.

So this is pretty deep you can notice how deep this is and you can see that on this side as well wood material. So you can see how the wood treatment is here with the an actual carved logo. So this isn t sprayed on this isn t any kind of laminate..


But you know you really have it carved in you ll notice that you have right here your usbc pinhole mic headphone jack power button with an indicator there and then you have a volume rocker with a multi function button. So and this is going to be the multifunction button that you d use when you re going to answer a call. So let s put these on and see what they look like all right so we ll put these on and then you can see here that i can still pull these down to adjust them so these poles right here are still easy to work with and this is what it would look like and i ll tell you as soon as you put them on they do go around my ears nicely and i immediately am feeling some form of noise isolation. So i m not really hearing much of what s going around me and from a tightness perspective.

It s not really crushing my head. Which is good but i will say that they re a little bit heavier than my son s. They re definitely heavier than my bows so they re they re not that lightweight and it ll be curious to see how well they ll they ll you know just go through fatigue for several hours. I ve used these for some time and i found that they re comfortable.

But it really depends on your taste of headphones. So these are a little bit on the heavier side. But they re not completely unbearable. They re not the lightest they re not the heaviest or somewhere right in between you can see that the controls are easy to access right here.

And then you have your other controls right here. That are also easy to access and the way they are kind of designed it makes it really easy to distinguish the power button versus your multifunction button and your volume rocker cuz they re kind of stepped up. But this is what they would look like when they re on and i think they look pretty amazing let me know what you think in the comment area below. Now let s talk about the audio quality.

So baseman s and highs are all present and to a certain degree. It has a pretty broad soundstage. But there are some issues or limitations that i ll mention if you are a fan of bass and you re not really focused on the highs when it comes to clarity then these are definitely gonna be for you however at times. I found that the clarity was kind of lost depending on how strong the bass was and let me explain so as we take a look at various songs.

So i was listening to a lot of different music. And one that came to mind was this right here from noah kahn. So notice where i am in the one minute and two seconds..


That s pretty far out. But what i found is that it as i was playing the song. The vocals were incredibly clear they were really really good but then past the vocals. When instrumentation started to come in so we had some i would say some some mid and high instrumentation coming in that was really exercising those frequencies everything was clear and precise.

I could hear a really broad soundstage understanding and really being able to listen to each instrument. But then once the bass came in the bass was so strong then i kind of lost all the other experiences so the bass overwhelmed it and that s why i mentioned if you re someone who s really looking for a bass heavy experience. Then this is gonna be it and by no means am. I saying that they re bad.

I m is saying that it favors the higher base ranges and by doing that you find that other areas will go it get a little bit less clear. Now. There is a difference experience also in the audio quality. So as i m listening to audio.

When i am in bluetooth mode. It sounds louder and i m gonna say that these sound really loud in bluetooth. They don t leak. Which is really good so people can t hear around you.

But i did notice that that overwhelming bass that i just mentioned wasn t present when i was using the cabled wire. So if we go back to that same song and you listen to it again. And you re listening to going from the vocals to mid and high instruments. That are coming in and then all of a sudden.

The bass that comes in it was very well balanced. It was incredibly enjoyable. I could hear all the different instruments and i did not lose any of them at all there s no clarity loss so cable based experience is a little bit different than the bluetooth powered bass and keep in mind that this is using bluetooth 50..


So from an audio perspective again just remember that if you re looking for the bass. This is definitely it if you want to stay within mid clarity as well you can get away with it if you re looking for something that as you combine all three and you re not gonna be able to get that really high clarity on the again the the highs. And then it ll get a little bit lost as soon as you get really heavy bass. So the next thing we want to talk about is the call quality.

So now. This is the sound quality test. When using the marley exodus for taking phone calls. So what we re doing we re just simulating that we are in a coffee shop or weird a walking out on a street and you re getting all this noise going on so.

The question is how will these sound. If you re taking a phone call. So we re gonna do is we want to switch to the audio from the actual headphones themselves to see what they sound like okay. So now.

This is what the audio quality sounds like if you re in a noisy room. And you re just listening to someone s voice coming through these earbuds. Let me know what you think about the audio quality. We re very annoying.

So we have 360 sounds coming all around us how clear myself. We d love to hear from you in the comment area so that concludes our review of the house of marley exodus bluetooth stereo headphones let me know what you thought in the commentary below and as always ” ..

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