NEW Nintendo 3DS Unboxing + Faceplates

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“What s going on youtube and welcome back to another videos now today as you you may have already guessed by what you see in front of you i m be unboxing the brand new nintendo 3ds which comes out this friday february 13th. Now just before i kick this video off i wanna give a massive shout out to nintendo for very kindly hooking me up with this so i can show you guys what it has to offer and on top of that they also very kindly sent me a couple of amiibos. Which will work in conjunction with the new 3d ss nfc capability starting tomorrow. 10th of february and also this sweet luigi faceplate.

But i ve kept you waiting long enough so let s get this open. There are two versions of the new nintendo 3ds. This one which is the smaller of the two and comes with interchangeable face plates for both the front and the back or top and bottom. However you want to see it and then you have the xl.

Which doesn t come with the option for interchangeable face base. But has the added bonus of a much bigger screen..

Now i m going to be putting out a more in depth video for you guys later this week to give you a proper overview of all the new features. But for the time being here s what you need to know first off one of the new and probably most exciting additions for me is the c stick. I ve always wanted this on my three years and clearly. Nintendo realized this when they released the circle pad pro for the previous 3ds models.

But the main problem with that is it did make things a little bulky especially for a handheld console. So having this fully integrated means you now have better camera control in game. This is going to be especially great in luster hunter. 4.

Ultimate where if you don t have a c stick. Or a circle pad pro you need to rely on a touchscreen d pad..

To move your camera around then on top of that as mentioned the new 3d s. Also includes nfc support. Which is designed to work with amiibos. The update for this drop tomorrow.

February. 10th. And when it goes live you ll have the same functionality you do on your wii u. Where you can scan your amiibos into super smash brothers 3d s or other games.

But now instead you can simply touch your amiibo on the bottom touch screen. And you re ready to go in addition to that the top screen on both the regular and excel versions has improved face..

Tracking 3d. See the problem with the older model was that if you angle your 3ds a little too far to the left or to the right or even up and down. You lose the optimal viewing angle for 3d. But with the new screens.

That s no longer the case you can move it around and tilt. It much further than you are able to before and you can still maintain that 3d viewing angle. And as if that s not enough on top of all of that the nutrias also has more processing power. Which means your system and games will load faster.

And some existing games will even play better plus in the future. There will be certain games that will only play on these newer systems so in a nutshell that is pretty much everything you need to know..

But just before i go here s how easy it is to swap face beats the top one simply slides out and then you can click a new one back in place the bottom one does have a couple of screws and i ll demonstrate that in the next video. Because that s also where the battery and the sd card slot are located but for the time being you can tweet the look at your 3ds as easy as that now make sure you keep it locked to channel later this week to catch a more in depth look at the new system. And i ll show off the newly added a meat by functionality. But for now hopefully you enjoyed this video.

And if you did be sure to leave a like and click that thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe to be part of the arocs gaming nation. So you don t miss a single video. I want to give another massive shout out to nintendo for kindly. Sending this my way and thanks again for watching take it easy.

” ..

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