New Playstation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Unboxing & Setup #ps4pro Headset

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“What up guys how s it going okay. Yeah. I have it here. The elusive.

Elusive. The exclusive limited edition. 500. Million playstation.

4. Pro. Yeah. 2.

Terabyte 4k hdr that stuff and yeah back in sometime in august 2018. Playstation came out and announced that to celebrate that they had sold over 500 million playstations from the consoles first existence from the playstation. 1 all the way up. Until now and they were only released in 50000.

Units. Worldwide. And each one has a serial number on it like itched in gold. So yeah i have it right here.

I actually have to yeah anyways so here it is right here sealed. Still has the plastic on it it wasn t available in any. Stores it was only available online and if and it was. Nutsi i know some people who weren t able to get it.

And yeah. It was extremely difficult to get. And um. Yeah.

I have a couple here. So. Yeah. Oh.

And i also have the headset as well 500 millions limited edition gold wireless headset. But uh yeah. One box at two we re gonna go ahead and unbox it so i m gonna stop talking and let s turn the camera and get into it alright guys..


The reason. Why i have two of these is because i also have a couple x boxes usually i put one downstairs and one upstairs because i hate taking one console from upstairs and moving it downstairs and upstairs. Downstairs bla bla bla. So uh yeah.

I have two here and we will unbox one of these. It s also kind of cool too i ll show the box you guys. But it comes in a box designed just for the ps4 pro. It s not like it s a generic box that um you would just put this in and then put some packaging stuff around it that way does it move.

They actually have a box designed just for this the first thing i want to point out is although this is a box it s not cardboard. This is like like a plastic type of a feel here and it s translucent you can see through it there you know the logo inside so sony 4k. 2. Terabyte ps4 pro 500 million limited edition.

All good and yeah. We open it up here. I m excited. I m excited okay wow.

And as you could see it s nicely packaged in there. And this looks. Like some sort of a fabric wrap around the unit itself and let me go ahead and turn this up. So you can see it oh.

So this looks like it s just a shell. Let me remove that here s what the back of it looks like really quick. I ll stand this up. So you can see and this is a fabric wrapped around it and the playstation right there and the gold color.

Okay. What do we have in here. Let s open this up it s like this reveals our translucent blue playstation dualshock. So that s what that looks like there turn it around here is a closer look and like i said this although.

It s clear and plastic you get way more grip on this and then you do down here. So i just wanted you to see it close up okay not too bad right. It s actually very cool all right and then here looks like the playstation camera. Which i know i won t use but uh.

I guess. That s cool that they went ahead and gave you this camera and it s the same plastic blue not translucent. But same as the backside of the controller here all right all right thing..


Here is a nice look at that just has a usb cord plug in okay. Let s open this up this is a quickstart guide by a registration and warranty information that everyone always throws away and never pays attention to and never register your product. All right and let me tell you i like the packaging job. Oh yeah.

It s all about presentation. It s all about presentation never underestimate a nice packing job. I think apple was the first one to do it cool yeah here s your power cable. The micro usb hdmi.

Your headset plugs into the controller. And this is blue and translucent as well so here s a close up look the headphone. The earpiece you could see it s clear blue as well right and not bad. This was nice of somebody to do you know not bad they sold this many most companies they don t care how many they sell you know apple.

They ve sold a billion iphones and never released a special edition. So this was nice of sony to do i think i only wish they made more of these would have been nice if more fans could have could have gotten them ok. What else we got in here looks like a looks like this is a stand for the camera. I would imagine so it ll stand.

However you have it positioned at your house put that in there. And then it ll sit there nice and neat that s nice even that s blue. So not bad ok. What else we got here okay.

So we have this translucent blue piece and i m guessing. That s probably for the stand. And there you go. And this is the translucent blue miracle stand that comes with it as well not bad pretty cool.

So it looks like this will snap into the bottom of your system. Then it looks like that probably goes in there and then you re golden. Okay now let s get into the reason. We re all here.

That s out of the way all right let s get into it. So. This is a nice fabric. Here.

Oh okay my bad. It s like a it s like a bag don t i feel special. I thought it was just like a like a wrap..


If you will okay and here. It is wow. Now there is a plastic protective film all over the console. And i have number forty two thousand seven hundred and eighty seven out of fifty thousand.

So here it is here and wow. Alright let s take the plastic off okay. It s one piece okay back piece. And there is the 500 million limited edition.

Ps4 pro as you can see it right there. It s extremely glossy. It s like glass. Let s see wow you can use it as a mirror and get ready in the morning.

So okay here it is you close her up sorry for the reflection. But if anything that lets you see just how glossy. This is and i even like how the rubber feet on the bottom. There.

Where my thumb s are and in the middle are the playstation buttons. Well. It s cool x triangle. All my stuff.

Oh wait what hold on hold on folks. More plastic on the bottom hold on hold on to your hat people bam. There you go it means just like a giant mirror. Though i m not worried about scratching the bottom especially now that it has these rubber feet under there guys gals and there s the serial number edge tim right.

Where my thumb is and we get something that s when you put that plastic piece. I m excited okay here we go. The 500 million limited edition gold wireless headset for playstation 4. And yeah let s let s check these out really quick.

I don t have my box cutter baloney all right good. This is very simple all right here are the headphones here looks like you peel this off on each side to reveal the translucent i feel a little wobbly. I m not a playstation headset dude. I just thought they look cool to match the system you know here s what they look like all right.

It s those and then looks like your stuff here looks like a usb dongle your cable here and also a hard wired cable. I guess if you re going to be hard wired and use them on your computer or something else all right left in the box. I would imagine your set up guide warranty information..


And that is if that is all you got guys you can see in there. No mas nothing too exciting anticlimactic here s the back of the box. So you can see and just like it says here simple plug and play connection refined over the ear cushions sleek durable design easy access volume and the direct headphone jack if you want to use this with psvr or mobile devices built in rechargeable battery. All to the good okay.

So yeah. I don t know depends on how i feel i might keep these who knows maybe i ll give them to a buddy of mine. Who got one of these as well. But he didn t get the headphones not really a headphone guy like playing on my home theater.

But uh. They look cool all right um. Yeah. Let s go let s go plug.

It in. Okay. Let s go ahead and fire it up okay. That s pretty cool okay.

So there it is guys playstation. 4. Pro limited edition 500 million. And yeah.

That s it it s all done looks cool nothing you need to see in the menu on the screen. Because all of that is the same it s not like it says congratulations for buying this edition. He not a me. But yeah now i m gonna transfer back my game saves from my other ps4 pro and put all my games back on here as well.

But i just wanted to show you guys that and yeah. It looks pretty cool all right guys. The controller doesn t light up in case. You re wondering and yeah.

Here s the controller just so you can see and now it does not light up. But uh alright guys light is ” ..

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