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“Eshop is running its spring sale right now with a plethora of awesome deals and and i want to go over the recent bandai namco editions. That have made their to the eshop deal section. As well as give you guys. A general overview of some of the other good deals available.

But primarily focusing on the bandai namco deals. We will be doing more in depth videos going over the deal. So be on the lookout for that but to quickly go over a lot of great stuff as on sale as a part of this bandai namco edition. Digimon story cyber sleuth complete edition is seeing a relatively big.

Discount it is down to 2999. Given that this is a somewhat recent release the fact that 20 off is pretty significant now this includes digimon story cyber suit as well as hackers memories. So you get two games for the price of one. However it should be noted that there is a lot of reused assets and things of that nature in these two titles.

So that is something to be mindful of it is a follow up game a hydrogen memories actually have people. But nonetheless pretty good buy for 30 given that you get a significant amount of content here for the money so definitely something to be eyeing up. But only really if they re a digimon fan if you just go into it fundamentally expecting a decent rpg. Yeah you re gonna get that but we re in the market for better than decent rpgs and this game is really enhanced by fandom of digimon and that s why i really enjoyed the title is impressed all just with digimon even more so than than pokemon.

Which person. I m probably in the minority in that regard. But nonetheless the dragon ball fighters is 75 off taking it down to 15 db fighters is an excellent fighting game arc system works and knocked it out of the park with this one and dragon ball fighters is mechanically a really good fighting game as well while you could enhance the game by being a big fan of dragon ball. If you assess this game mechanically.

It s a really good fighting game. And it s a very enjoyable game. But obviously most of you guys are probably relatively aware of dragon ball you probably have at least seen a couple episodes here and there. And maybe you re like me and your fandom runs a little bit deeper than that for 15 definitely a good pick up and it works really well on the switch as well god eater.

3. Is 50 offered a 30. I would like this to be a little bit cheaper..


But it did just come out i believe summer of last year on the switch so it s not like it s battled. And it is a pretty content filled action monster hunting rpg. A lot of content here and that could keep you busy for a very long time if you re talking about longevity. I ll say god eater.

3. Is a pretty good pickup little nightmares complete edition is 989 not a bad game at all there my hero once justice 1979. Probably the price. The game should have come out for the game is pretty sparse on content.

The follow up title did also just come out. But 1979 for this one. If you re a big fan of my hero. I do think you re gonna have some fun with it just go into it a little bit you know with the expectation that it s not the best fighting game in the world.

They really are a far cry from the nardo games at this point. However hopefully they can evolve and get better and better at some point speaking of the nord hill games those are significantly discounted to remember boruto naruto storm. 4. Will be coming in april or may.

But i think it s later this month. Whatever the case may be we ll talk more about that as we get closer to the release of it naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm. 2. Is 10 bucks storm.

3. Is 10 storm trilogy as 30. And then the initial storm title is 10. So which would i recommend here well you might as well pick up the trilogy.

If you re gonna buy two of them anyway and if you were limiting it to i would say storm 2. And storm 3 are the really good ones storm wanna fails from the sense of the story mode. Which is what you re going into these games..


For really falters in that title and storm two and three men. They do the story of nard. Held pretty big justice storm. 2.

Is a one to one a rendition of the naruto story this earlier portion of ship booted. It goes up to the fight against pain. And there is some secret stuff that adds a little bit more additional content as you could probably see by the cover of storm 2. But nonetheless storm 3.

Had to make some changes because at that point the ship with an anime hadn t concluded you guys got the idea. But storm. 3. Is really good and you have some big big moments in those do tell us some crazy moments.

But we recommend you to check that out especially. If you re an art. Oh fan you re gonna have a lot of fun with that one and mechanically those games are just very visually. Pleasing fighters as well and well played fighting game not a lot of nuances.

There. But there are some interesting gameplay mechanics in there as well okay one piece bart we re just three deluxe edition. 12. For that one piece fans gonna really enjoy that it s kind of funny like i can talk about narcho all day and all night one piece.

I don t have that kind of attachment with i ve watched quite a bit of it i enjoyed it. But you re talking about someone that grew up looking and you know just watching the article every week on toonami. So have a little bit more affinity towards that but nonetheless objectively these games are really good with so style games and the one piece skin definitely adds something one piece or the limited world. Red deluxe.

Is 12 bucks order online. Fatal bullet complete edition. Is 24..


I probably enjoyed sword art. Online. Fatal bullet more than a lot of other people. The sword games generally weren t really up my alley.

But fatal bullet with the gun gale online layer it does add another gameplay layer it s 24. I think it s the perfect price at like 50 or 60 a little bit pricey but 24 makes it a lot more palatable tales of vesperia definitive edition. Is down to 20. This is a jrpg that i have a so much love for i think.

This is a fantastic game and with the tales of games. They re generally very similar to one another from a game place they put presentation standpoint. What s really gonna set them apart is from a story and character standpoint. And well i won t say the story of tales of vesperia is this mind.

Blowing emotional story. What i will say it s a well done story. And the characters in tales of vesperia are freaking. Tremendous uri is one of the best leads in a jrpg.

He s not your typical. The see or die hero can i really do this type of an emcee that a lot of jrpg. See. It s a little bit played out here is this lackadaisical.

No nonsense and just more of a fun main character to take the helm of the story and you have other characters really rounding out the lineup. I just really love the cast of tells the vesper and i thought that it had one of the best hills of cast out of the entire franchise. And that says quite a bit because there s guilty force area that have strong cast as well. But vesperia was a really well done game.

And it s a lengthy game as well you ve got a pretty big overworld here and a lot of exploration to be done as well 20 bucks for that is really good doraemon. The story of seasons is 35 katamari damacy re roll is down in 989. That s a pretty good buy ninokuni wrath of the white witch down to 30 another rpg jrpg that i have a lot of love for ninokuni..


One was a very very good actually thought it was a stronger game than the follow up. But great art style here great story charming characters gameplays a little interesting. But i think ultimately if you do go into it and you like the gameplay you re gonna like the overall elements that the game has to offer and 30 for that well. It s still a little bit pricey do keep in mind.

It was more of a recent release so those are the most notable deals out of the bandai namco edition. Warner brothers duh. I do also have some significant games on sale mk 11. Most notably is down to 24 ubisoft has got a bunch of deals as well south park the stick of truth.

12. Assassin s creed. The rebel collection that s a c4 and ac rogue is down to 24 while a c3 remastered is 16 child of light is down to 5. Bucks that s an awesome game valiant or to the great war is 500 definitely worth the buy there and of course.

It wouldn t be a nintendo sale. If mario and rabbits kingdom. Battle was not on sale the gold edition. 20.

The regular edition is down to 15. We ve also got slay the spire on sale that s 25 off and a lot of other deals are available. I believe diablo. 3.

Is discounted. But as we have a more in depth look at the sale will definitely bring you guys more content covering the spring sale that s gonna conclude this video sound off with all of your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thank you for watching goodbye. ” .


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