New Xbox 360 Slim/ 250gb Unboxing

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“Guys it s keys conch and as you can see this is the xbox360 the the new xbox we should see other neurons xbox pc slim xbox 360 s xbox360 gigabyte i m sure we unboxing this and show it off pretty cool let s root least two stores. Today here. We go here s the front of box. Here s his new xbox 360.

Design. Xbox. 360. Is stickered.

Right here. Sleek design. Built in wi fi connects ready to 150 gigabyte. We go aside will this is what evan comes inside the box console hard drive controller composite headset wi fi x plus live one year warranty which i m sure they ll pump it up it s about time or some other accessories that you can get as the back shows off some pictures.

A dashboard shows up netflix soon. Facebook. Lecithin twitter. This aside shows.

The box xbox and controller. So i ll just open this get my knife go box probably about the same weight as a regular xbox 360. And we got back in 2005 to trade this in for here. We go first you re greeted with the xbox 360.

Well some start here guide setup. Sorry i know what the xbox 360. Does have it i had it for five years. There we go nice new packaging.

It s a nice calm styrofoam foam feet. I put that decide right now. I ll just get to this stuff. First there we go just the inside of the box.

First up here. I have the power brick 110. Volt. A lot lighter than the original.


One. Well. The original xbox 360. Powers are all right yes lot lighter.

A little smaller. So pretty big here. We go. It s just the brick.

There s another quarter goes to it it s adapter port that goes up to xbox pc port that s it next. We have the actual outlet and not the outlet. The plug that goes into the wall. Let s just plug into the brick standard next.

We have the side. We have the composite these are standard definition probably good hdmi wires or component waters about it i m using these right. Now cuz. It s worked with my total beach headsets.

Next last cube. You have black headset. Nice black headset. I don t.

This is new to me my ex bus. Reese is he didn t hand this usually. It s a clip down here pretty cool black last. Not not what i asked for passing in the box have a nice new controller.

What s about the sink sink at which it says chrome button in the middle. Hopefully. They fix. A d pad their cell batteries.

We have the explorer xbox360 book. Now just get to the main attraction xbox 360. Itself. They re like what everybody s been waiting for seats cookies off nice or.


It is take the foam off go here s the new xbox 360. Actually upside down a lot. Smaller. Here we have the front two usb ports right.

There. The chrome button power button. The tray the memory units up front. So those are gone top.

We have an event so a sheet well don t work on http from xs 360. Can t be used on this one. So we have this one and i think this comes off for the hud in the back. We have three usb ports.

Think the top one is for the connect bomb to a regular. We have the auxiliary port ethernet hdmi. The av cables and the so this is but this is the power adapter not the power adapter. The poor power port and right here don t peel that off or voids.

The warranty on side xbox 360 right here big vent now what i do i usually sit mine in the side. Like this they follow caps on the right to keep it nice and cool got rubber feet down. Here on here one over here. That s big then see guys.

This is the xbox 360 250. Gigabyte xbox. Slim unboxing. I ll have a video for a comparison to the original xbox 360.

As you can see back here. I will even have a video of how to transfer your original xbox 360. Hard drive data into this new. Slim.

Please. Like comment window squat up. There for more videos. Thanks for watching.


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