Nintendo 2DS: Link Edition Unboxing (Legend of Zelda)

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“Black friday and for the holiday season nintendo has released the 2d s link edition edition hey nintendo fans and collectors lithium here from my channel nintendo collecting this system pre installed with the legend of zelda ocarina of time 3d. It is green and it has gold buttons on it as well this system play studious games and 3ds games. I think. This is a great appealing system for anyone who s looking to buy one this holiday season for a friend to give away as a gift or even to buy for themselves.

Now. I m a bit of a sucker for anything zelda related of course. It s from nintendo. But this specifically really appealed to me this is probably one of the last major gifts that i will buy myself before the holiday season.

My wife will just get upset in my family well too if i keep you know buying things for myself. So this system. I love this beautiful artwork on the front. And i must say the back has a really good blurb that i ll get to in a minute that s one of the most wonderfully constructed or written things that i ve seen the top is nintendo red.

The side says nintendo 2 ts. The other side says that this is the link edition. And the bottom just has some warnings on it on the back. Let s get to this wonderfully written two sentences.

It really is perfectly written and worded follow your destiny through mountains dungeons and time itself to thwart ganondorf..

The evil king of thieves. Once you beat the main game a new mirrored version of the challenging master quest. Awaits ok let s be honest the first sentence is just like a rockstar sentence. That s perfectly well written that makes me want to play the game all over again right away in itself and the second fact that you get to play the game again in master quest mode.

And everything s flipped is extremely appealing to anyone i feel like so here we have some other good imagery from the game. We got king dodongo over there as well looks like ganondorf is running on his horse. I really like the system even the packaging for this they re doing a really good job. And i really do like how they went back to nintendo red from my understanding this will come with a charger.

But let s see if that s true. I think i read about that online previously a lot of the new systems for nintendo aren t coming with chargers anymore. I think they realize a lot of people have them already. But if you re getting us to a kid christmas season.

You definitely want to have the charger and it does come with one this does come with the instruction manual and the ar cards as well. So you are getting that and the charger. Which i will not open up. So.

It s good to see that in tendo s including that especially for a bundle..

A hundred dollars. If you can find it on black friday. Then it should be a really good deal. I wonder how in zelda theme.

They actually made the system or if it s just green with some yellow or gold buttons. Here s the system itself never being touched all right so on the front. We clearly have the non clamshell design. This one is green it looks like the buns are mostly yellow.

Not really they re not really gold at all we have the joystick here we also have the select button start button the abxy buttons here as well the microphone you have the front facing camera apparently some of these can take pictures in 3d. But you can t display them in 3d. We also have the directional pad and then you have the speaker. That s there as well now the power buttons down here and the sleep button is here you can have the headphone jack and i think somewhere on the side is the stylus now the rest of the system is kind of a very dark gold so this is like a dark brown or almost dark gold stylus with the white plastic tip on it then you have the sd card slot on the side over here right there this is like a wrist strap that you can put on if you would like you have the r button then the l button of course and where you can put in the game it s so i m actually surprised that they don t put something in there already.

But i guess normally you will have a game inside. There as well there s the two cameras to take 3d images as well. So this system. I wouldn t call it gold like this is kind of like dark dark brown maybe.

It s for what link wears kind of around i guess his gloves are that kind of shade of brown..

But i wouldn t call it gold and the buttons are yellow in terms of a design. I would say that this is slightly underwhelming as a hardcore zelda fan. There were three other systems that have been released previously they can see in the top left. Hand corner is actually more than that for the zelda system.

Because there s also a clamshell gameboy advance system. That my friend has it actually gave to him shout it to jordan in your system. So those systems actually have some sort of insignia on them either the hylian shield crest or the triforce or majora s mask this one is just simply green with yellow buttons of course if you see the system you might not immediately think this is even legend of zelda. I don t think it says link edition anywhere on here.

It just says where you can call this support and everything like that as well and interestingly it actually says mm. Eleven nintendo here which is the date that i guess they originally made the 3ds system so it s not that amazing considering that this is a legend of zelda system. But this is very bare bones for nintendo. And i think they were just trying to save some money with the release as well and i think they re trying to save consumers money.

I should say because less than a hundred dollars for a system that comes pre installed with a fantastic 3ds game. That you also get the master quest mode. When you beat the whole game. That s very appealing to me.

So i think for any sort of kid or to give this game away or to give this system away at the christmas season is really cool if you re a zelda collector..

This is half the price or even less than half the price of the 3ds collectible systems. I don t know if this will go up over time i don t really foresee this being a limited release. I do think they ll kind of push this out for the next few months. And i do expect you to be able to find it in stores.

When i went into the store about midday on my lunch. They had four or five coffees in still at least. So i hope you can still get your hands on this if you re looking for it it ll be one of my hot ticket items this christmas season. And actually i just want to kind of shout out my 12 days of nintendo christmas which you are sure to see this in a few weeks time so stay tuned for that as well.

Please comment below. What are your thoughts on the link edition of the 2df system is this something that you ll be picking up yourself before christmas. Asking for the christmas holiday or looking to give someone else are you just not interested in this system whatsoever. Thank you so much for watching.

I really appreciate it feel free to fill that like bucket. Follow me on all social media links to the description below the video and remember as always go collect them all ” ..

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