Now Live Bot is DEAD, Use Couchbot instead.

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“You ve got a discord server and you are interested in getting twitch or stream stream notifications populated into your announcement channel. Well you re in luck. I am. Yo be and i will be presenting to you the now live pot now life is a live streaming noun seng bot 4 discord it covers twitch mixer youtube gaming ricardo and smash cast at the moment just some quick highlights now live bot can edit messages if they have gone offline as well and there s some faltering capabilities.

Which is really really valuable in which we ll get into a little bit later also tonight. It s got multi language support so hey. There s that so in this video. I will show you how to set up your now live but into your discord server.

How to customize the announcements manage the stream notifications and ultimately full term announcements by games or titles. Even so let s get into it in order to set up now live in your. Server what you want to do is you want to go to now livecom click on the invite me button select the server where you would like it to now you would need admin access in order to get this populated authorize. It and just confirm your humanity once that s done you will now see no live but in your server populated it down here.

Now the first thing that i want to do is i want to move now live into one of my henchman roles. Which is the role that i gave to all my bots now it ll neatly be sitting underneath or my bots down here. And that s it step. One is done you now have now live in your server.

It brings us to step two how to set up an announcement channel. Now i have done videos on how to set up channels. So i m not going to go too into too much detail on this but i have set up the act of streams channel. And if you look at the active streams.


I have made my henchmen give all the access to view everything and read messages so my dragon slayers magi and knights can actually read and sing and squires and everybody else can only lead. Now the only reason i keep keep this for sending as well is in the bot goes offline at times then people can manually paste it in there but for the most part the bot is stable it is up and running it does have hiccups. But it s not too bad one thing to note the bot does take anything from 5 to 15 minutes to actually notify of any changes. This is the way that the notification.

Api z. work it is not a limitation of the bot itself. But generally streams go for a couple of hours anyway so 15 minutes. Ain t too bad what we want to do now that we have got now live in our server is we want to take this first command.

Which is config the set default announcement channel and set it to my active streams channel. So there is my active streams channel. And now what you ll see is that all notifications will actually go through into the active streams just to make sure that the bot has got all the permissions. It needs you can go in our config.

Check. Permissions and shows you everything should be okay. And if you ever need to see if the body s actually online or offline. You can just do a ping to the bot and he will tell you this wonderful story of how he went to an all american ping pong team in china because that makes sense next what we want to do to point to setup format announcements to a small embed personally i like the small embed.

There is also a full embed and a vo. Embed. Now i have had problems with the video. Embed the full embed is just too.


Big. Small. Embed is pretty good. And no embed.

Well. Then you just get a string message and also don t like that so i m opting for these small embed next. We are going to set the online message and i m setting the message to whatever the channel name is is live and playing whichever game. They are playing support this stream at target url and join their followers so this will actually show how many followers.

They currently have it s just copy that oh now that is my message. Which brings us to the cleanup. So what the cleanup does is as soon as the person goes offline. What do we want them to see you can either do nothing so just keep that post there forever.

I don t like that i think it feels spammy. I really want a nice channel that shows you only the active streams. That are currently available maybe show a history of streams. Which i can then see who did anything so i am going to inhale cleanup delete that ll actually remove the post.

But for now i m going to tell now live to edit the post and now it ll edit it to whatever you specify as the offline message. So i m gonna say this channel with so many followers finished a stream with so many viewers there s a stream on and then the game with so many viewers excellent so now whenever anybody goes offline you will actually see a message similar to what you see in the active streams over here are wind followers finish the stream with one viewer. And that is it that is for customizing your announcements. We have set up the default channel.


We check the permissions. We made sure that the messages are the way that we wanted with a small embed and online message and when they go offline. Edit the message to show that they re offline and show. How many followers and viewers.

They had ok now we want to manage the notifications now. There s three ways to go about this the first way is very manual and you will need to set up every single person individually by registering their twitch account or their youtube gaming. Account or their mixer account. Personally.

I don t want to do that because that is going to just take forever. What now live allows you to do is to say that i want discord streams to actually pop through now if i say in our config discord streams. That will now allow anybody in my discord server who has actually went to they profile and attach the link to their accounts on to their profile as soon as they go and play something on twitch or youtube gaming. Then now live will actually just populate that into the announcements.

But that s not really what i want what i would like to do is only allow certain members of certain roles to do that so what we want to do is we just want to specify. There also we want to specify lights and so it s added. The knights and now we re going to specify the other two roles as well magi as well as dragon slayers. So now the discord streams will only notify if a member falls into the knights.

The magi or the dragon slayers rocks now that we have got our streams managed and customized there s only one more thing to do and that is to filter out the games that we are after take for instance. The sky knights channel. Which i am a moderator on we have set up active streams notifications which identifies anybody in twitch to actually notify if they play the sky knights game they don t even need to be part of the discord server anybody gets notified as long as they are streaming so just set that up what you want to do is you want to say i want to look for anything in twitch with the game name of spy notes. So that will now get announced in this channel.


Now one more thing that you can do is you can actually filter out specific games on the notifications in your discord server in order to do that you would just say on twitch. Specify the g filter and open bracket. The game name. If you ve got more than one game.

Maybe you would like to add a pipe and then say hub g. As well now skylights and podgy has actually been added into the game filter do note with the game items. Only twitch and mixer. I believe has got that filter at the moment.

But if you do do the global setting of game. I think it applies across the board. I am not entirely sure unfortunately anyway. Thank you for watching.

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