NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti – Everything You Need To Know!

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Now unless you guys have been living under a rock. You guys probably have heard that nvidia is released a brand new video card not a lot of hype surrounding. This video card either..


There was no meetings. No nothing just all of a sudden at ten seventy ti should have bet my door and hey. It s here. So there s still an nda on the card as far as benchmarks and all that stuff though but i can show you guys the cards show you guys the specs.

What it looks like and pretty much the predictability about where it s actually going to score in the real world. So with that said though let s jump in let s check out the unboxing. The specs of the brand new nvidia 1070 ti card geared for overclocking right out of the box as we unbox the gtx 1070 ti you guys are gonna know it so this is a reference model card in the reference model box so not a whole lot of accessory. Anything is going to come with this you get the card itself.

Inside an anti static bag and you get all the drivers. And all that stuff in a little manual inside of a package and that s pretty much all you get with reference base card next up let s check out the card. Now this card pretty much is exactly the same as all the reference models that we ve seen for the last few years. The same single fan design single blower fan same everything pretty much in the car.

Except for the tech specs inside and one thing. Nice. However even though this is a reference base card you do get a nice fat plate..


I think they ve done this on a couple of lattice models. But i think it s pretty nice and videos finally jumping on the bandwagon and including that in their bill. His let s just face it most of reference cards you get out there they just have a plain back on them all those little sharp edges. Tough you to cut your hands room.

Short your card. So seeing that they re putting on the reference design is actually a pretty nice feature and another thing. That s really cool about this card is it actually supports sli. So we re still getting sli support across the board.

Unlike some of the other cards like the ten sticks that had no sli support the 1070 ti does support sli now as far as how. Big the card is its 105 inches. Long by 4 inches. High and features a 2 slot design.

Just like pretty much all the reference cards. We ve seen for the last few years where things get different or actually under the hood there are four graphics processing clusters. 19..


Streaming multi processors 2432 cuda cores a hundred and fifty two texture units and 64 rops now as far as the clock speeds go on the 1070 ti. You have a base clock speed of sixteen. Hundred and seven megahertz and you have a boost clock speed of 1683 megahertz. Which is pretty decent.

But this card is really geared to be overclocked right out of the box. The 1070 ti also features eight gigabytes of gddr5 memory with a 256 bit. Memory interface and a total memory. Bandwidth of 256 gigabytes.

A second nvidia recommends. A 500 watt power. Supply minima to power this card. And the tdp of the card is 180 watts.

It also has a thermal threshold of 94 celsius. Which means that this card can get really hot before it fails. And one thing nice about the gtx 1070 ti..


Is it only requires a single eight and power connector to run the card now as far as the connections go there are three display ports. A single hdmi and a single dual link dvi connector for the card alright tech fans so there you have it everything that you need to know about the gtx 1070 ti. Except for the scores. Which i ll bring to you guys on november 2nd.

Now this card slotted to come to market at about four hundred and forty nine dollars. So like i said it s going to sit right in between the vega 56. And the vega 64. And i guarantee you that it s going to beat those cards just from everything that i ve been hearing and reading thus far now i can t say that absolute first certain because i haven t run the test.

But when i run the test. I m pretty sure that s what it s going to be i really don t think that nvidia is gonna release a card just for shits and giggles they re gonna release something that s pretty much gonna be able to be able to blow away. The ante cards and still come in at a better price point and with all the problems that they ve been regarding getting a hold of the vega cards this might be the card that fills that market and gets a lot of people s money. I m elric you ve been watching teca tomorrow like usual down below like button leveling for more information about this card.

So stick around because we ll be having the benchmarks with lots of games coming. ” ..

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