NVIDIA Shield TV: Best Emulator Setup EVER

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” s up guys today. I m gonna show you something i ve been working on on that s something i bought myself over christmas just a little toy. If you a nvidia shield tv. Pro and this thing is pretty awesome.

It s basically what most people people use for an emulation device these days. It s way better than the raspberry pi might be and it s way less fiddling you gotta do with it and it can run the same stuff that my tp dxd does cuz. It has access to the play store. So i basically do the same thing more or less which i did in my gqd xd and so i ve got our browser running on this thing.

Which is what i swear by as just the best way to play your roms because it combines all your systems in one place. You got the box art and i like the interface. It s really simple and convenient. And there s no fiddling around like with retroarch you go these cores it constantly got to deal with and settings.

And i just don t like the way that one looks. I mean yeah. It s cool it uses sort of sort of a psp ps3 like xmb sort of interface. But this is much more convenient.

This is much more aesthetically pleasing a man some people are complaining. I post a little video on f2u about this and some people complain that you only see like five games at once or so. But you can actually adjust the size of the user interface like right now. I have it set to like half size or something so everything was smaller so you can see more stuff on screen at once and you need to get further if you want you can make it even smaller than this but for me.

I think this is acceptable and one thing to point out. Some people are you know wondering if you would take a long time to scroll through games. If you press r1. It skips through entire letters.

So like b c. D. So. If you want to swap their games.

Really quickly. It s it s pretty fast in that regard. Maybe it may not be exactly as fast as having just a text list. But that s the price you pay for everything box art which i think is a great thing to have and so i haven t set up on my tv.

So it automatically boots up to this instead of the home screen. Which i can that i can access to the home screen easily. But it just it s morton. I don t know pleasing to me to have this boot up straight to arc browser.

So i need to see all my games and up here that yep..

I recently played some of these are just from testing it out and stuff. But then you have game boy game boy advance game board color and of course. These aren t really in a particular order is just alphabetized so i m gonna look into a way to like order these different so it s a little more intuitive nes at 64 playstation psp. Which these are the star players here because unlike the gpx d.

This thing has more power put into it because it s you know a home console. A tv console. You know so it has more power than the gp dxd. Has and so you can run these games.

Easily a double resolution with no framerate issues. No collisions no anything and so i wouldn t recommend running the opengl plug in on playstation. Because that one isn t really all that stable some it s pretty good. But the problem is occasionally we run into like messed up textures and stuff.

But if you just run it just basic and you throw the you know the basic encoder whatever. It is on there and then you double the resolution. It runs fine and same thing of the psp gorgeous and you got game gear genesis master system snes and that s about it that s all i m really interested in for the most part you can t run. I guess they could maybe run satyr and stuff on here some people talked about and a dreamcast parently runs.

Pretty well a lot of gamecube games run pretty well ps2 is kind of iffy man not really great. But yeah dolphin on here apparently runs pretty good and so i guess i can show you guys. Some of the details and how to set this up just you know a very quick. I m not gonna go through everything in detail.

The basic gist of it is with retroarch sorry numbers your arc browser you download the emulator separately and then this recognizes them and just integrates them into itself as one big hub. So all your emulators. I i ve installed on here you know separately and whatnot so you have some choice and ones you want to use one thing to mention real quick is that whenever you want to get your settings for an emulator setup. You have to open them up outside of arc browser.

Just open the app itself settle your settings and open up a game. And then close it whatever and exit. Then whenever you open up an arc browser. And then you ll have all your settings.

Sometimes we don t do that like arc browser. Doesn t like save the settings. You have to kind of go into the app. It s you have to kind of go into the individual emulator.

Itself and set those settings individually that way arc browser will then recognize them. And some people may not like that they might like with arc browser retroarch you can just select the cores enough to like anything else. But i think in this way. Make is a lot better in the long run because once you get the other set up the way you want to set up you never have to fill it with it ever again no cores.

No you just load up basically..

One emulator that has all your emulators built into it once you take the time to set it up it s really convenient and really nice no headache whatsoever. It s just the most convenient convenient it could possibly be essentially like i m never gonna have to mess around any of these settings ever again for any of these systems. They re all set the way they have to be and so let s see i guess what i could do is i could show you the what aamir s are you specifically on this and some of these differ from the gpd xd. Because well i ll get into that later let s see look at the systems and coupons.

Some of these you have to pay for some of these like they cost like five bucks or three bucks or two bucks or something like that i m on the store. A few of them do and the arc browser itself cost a little money. But it s worth it guys come on it s not that much money to be spending. You know it s beginning.

The premiere experience on here like dumpy cheapskates. But i got game boy on here. It s using my old boy which for some reason. I couldn t access on the store on here for some reason i don t know why but i just download the ap apk online or i think ended up it happened to be the the full version or whatever that one yomel you pay for i was by accident.

I just happened to get that version but then for a game boy advance. I use my boy free version apparently i thought i got the premium for that i can t remember. But yeah so those are the things i used for the game boy systems on nes. I used nes oyd.

Which is a free one you get online and 64. I used mutant plus fc which i think s i think was actually free on the play store. I can t remember if it was or not but then i for playstation. I use epsxe.

Which is really great because i can double the resolution of these ps1 games same thing with ppsspp. Very little fiddling. I do with that yeah game gear now this was a bit of an adventure. Because i started using wait why is it still saying gear id.

I thought i changed it to master gear. Because basically. I was trying to get this up with gear. And it was not working the problem with this is not the emulator itself and how it runs games.

But i just can t open up the menus. I like the main menu of the system like no button works i try to plug in a keyboard. And doing android using lee just the remote like now there s no way to access the menu. So i cannot map any buttons or change anything in this or even really play the games properly like when i plugged in the keyboard that was the closest.

I got cuz. I could still use all the ingame keys like you know a bee starts and the directional pads all that stuff but i could not open a menu. I tried every button combination on the entire keyboard and nothing worked and so i just end up giving up and using a master. I m not sure why this still says if you re right maybe i forgot to change it after i downloaded get master here yeah.

But see as you can see here you have the systems and then you have the other it s using and arc browser has a certain number of emulators that it recognizes you can recognize is that you can see in a list..

So you are somewhat limited in that regard. But you there s stuff that works on each list for genesis. A master s system. I use md.

Emu. I said yes. I use snes9x e x. Oj.

They cost money. I m pretty sure that that costs like five bucks or something so so did like the playstation and psp ones. I m not mistaken. I know you only underpaying like what like for all this together probably like 30 bucks total at the most and yeah it kind of sucks.

But what you have them on your play store account you ll be able to use on any of these devices. So you any the ones. I bought on my tpd xd. I can use here and everywhere else like there really is no limitation like there is like you know playstations.

But you only have a few consoles like now you can pretty much just download on all your devices. Once you buy them just once so it s worth it they re gonna need to update. These i m pretty sure i got the full version of the gain of a my boy an old boy so that s weird so much else to really cover up i mean i m not really gonna go in and just do all these games like demos of each game. I could just fire up something real quick.

I guess i could fire up spyro right now and so yeah. I took a little fiddling to get this working and you have to let you know scrape the games and everything and so whenever you scrape upon a collection of roms. It s going to um you know a lot of them are gonna scrape properly you have to go through individually you know do a little manual scraping. But that s for any sort of scraper.

Pretty much you re gonna do that but i mean almost every single game on here is scraped. There s very few games that wasn t able to find and that s great where it s a really good screen for all the metadata and everything and yep. I m pretty satisfied with this thing. One of my only problems with it there s a few things that that s kind of stupid about this device one of them is that whenever you turn it off completely like in order to turn it back on you have to like unplug.

It and plug it back in you can t just use the remote to turn it on. But what they kind of expect you to do is to put it into sleep mode. All the time. But the problem is if you re if you have a dualshock.

4. Controller connected to a bluetooth. The controller does not automatically turn off whenever. The system goes into sleep mode.

So i can t really figure out a way around that so if i try to put in sleep mode..

My controller just gonna sit there running out when we re gonna have all its batteries. So i pretty much just have to just turn it off completely and then any time when i turn it on i gotta unplug it plug it back in and this is not like something i m doing wrong. It actually says that whatever you turn off the system off it says in order to turn back on your graph to unplug it up and plug it back in so i m not just making that up so that s a kind of a stupid thing. One thing.

That s weird is that whenever you connect a harddrive to this thing. There is no like inbuilt browser. So when i did it it was saying that there was like nothing on my hard drive. And i was like what the is it just a formatting issue and i spent like two hours trying to get this thing to like recognized the roms on my hard drive until.

I realized that oh yeah. The emulators recognized i m just fine and if you get if you download a file browser program off the app off the play store then you can manage all your stuff easily and it s fine. So it s weird this is the system doesn t really come with an inbuilt file browser that i could mind so that s kind of weird and so yeah that s something to note about that also the fro model. Which i have does not have an sd card slot.

So i have to always have my hard drive just plugged into it which i don t mind that much it s like i use the hard drive for much anything else. But it s kind of weird. There s no internal storage. You can add to it you know you can t install a new hard drive or a new sd card like inside the device.

So that s a little weird. But it doesn t really affect the games at all or anything like that and at least. It means that i have access to all my ps1 and all my psp games. Whenever i plug this in because these games take up a lot of space.

So most devices if they re using sd cards. I m not going to put them all on there so it s still convenient you know it s fine. So yeah. This is not a comprehensive video to really show everything this device can do is already enough of those but i just want to show you guys how my setup was for the most part.

But some reason i think i forgot to update a few things in those settings. But yeah you guys can get a basic gist of how i how i set this up and so i ll be enjoying this over the years. I m looking forward to when i finally get one i can play ps2 games. The same way of this place psp and ps one game.

So i ll be really great. But anyway. That s it for this video guys maybe i ll do a stream on this sometime. I ll stream.

Some of these retro games who knows if i get ” ..

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