Oculus DreamDeck (Oculus Home) VR

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” s cookin good lookin and welcome back to kmart 40. I m taking a look look at oculus dream deck it s kind of hard to explain what this is you have the different kind of your experiences. You can be you can be checking out. So i thought i want to show you this.

This is actually a standing experience as well. So let s start by saying hello to a little alien. Oh. My gosh and as you can see clearly i m having our first encounter with a proper alien and anyways.

He got one two three four five six fingers as well hello greetings from earth. Yes. I am. A human being what you do not understand come again.

Please. It s quite hard to communicate. No hablo english ah oh look at him. Though very very impressive very impressive short.

But very sweet. What else do we have oh we got a t. Rex that should be interesting oh my so we go hello. Hello tiny little darn phone.

I might want to back off a little bit okay so definitely that that one could definitely be better and i was not too impressive actually what else do we have i think i know that one like i ve seen that somewhere. But let s just have a look shall we and watch me of something i did play actually could it be oh whoa hello. Coffee okay. I don t know what to say about this like the alien.


One though that was really cool nice little campfire you know good you got the fox. The bunny and the elk or moose or whatever that is okay this one looks kind of interesting. Let s see. What this is all about.

Oh. Yeah. Baby now we re talking oh. My gosh all my snap.

I m luca mito wash birdie go y all now this is what i m talking about this is what you know a proper vr experience is gonna be alike jesus s mother of the holy land look at those birds. This is. Nate ha. You got the oculus tower over there bridge tyne bridge traffic.

Even the metro down there on my face. Don t want to fall down. Here. What what s that you re like batman.

You know a batman well oh look. It s bother. What is rift or your cheeky. Cheeky bastard that was cooled our dope let s try this one they got moved a little bit.

There as well. Oh. My snap whoa what stuff look at this. Though.


It s my face in the mirror. Wow perfect movement. You know one to one movement. Amazon y all.

Oh. I m balloon little bit old. This is nuts whoa that was impressive. I like that one for sure.

Damn son case we tried that one that one that one was this oh robots. We all love robots let s check this off damn. That was cool whoo a little bit you know terrifying. Oh oh no no no this is incredible oh guys we just all get along guys boss one everywhere hey guys guys guys hold on oh could you dare you turn him into a giant rubber ducky that was brilliant that was brilliant that was cool okay now i m excited for this one man this dream deck stuff is cool and it s free you know it s free all matters look at this it s like the coolest little major toy world.

I ve ever seen oh are you at home. Oh. No somebody s going of the abducted city airport in the back on them. Yeah.

Somebody s barbecuing. Right. There madness is neat hold on i m just oh snap look at this guy s never have i ever seen oculus. All the way baby oh look at the brave little setback.

I am. That was impressive that was impressive as well okay so we have two more let s try this one traffic. We have three more whoa whoa. I m inside something actual name of that that that thing you better not come a live dog that s your problem right there.


I m a. I m a no no think something cool cool. I can dig it we have that one and that one i think yeah. I m gonna try this one seems to be another dino.

Something. Something here. We go. Oh.

What oh oh. Snap well snap. This is kind of terrifying. Actually.

And that i m at dis museum. Oh. My gosh. It s night at the museum.

All over again. It s coming. Right. For me.

No. That s hot your brother. Song. Oh.


Please. Oh my a face to face. With a t. Rex.

Then. Perfectly. Still. My gosh.

Oh my wow. Tell with nuts. Let me tell you i don t want to do that again okay and the last one i believe is this one there we go whatever this is oh what i mean. It s so good you know that where am.

I whoa am. I in a submarine or something radial stuff going on here. But man it s a good. Though i mean oh that was it that s it very short and sweet.

So you can definitely you know play all new ball very very cool guys so this was oculus dream. Deck i think you so so much for watching game heart 40. And i ll catch you all in the next. One it s a glorious time to be alive.

Thank you ” ..

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