Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Series S-View Flip Cover Case Review

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” m getting a call. I can actually take the call or reject a call right right from here. So let s take the call and as i take the call can talk. I already have the earpiece here and the microphones at the bottom.

So i can actually talk with the case flip shut hey guys socket from sake take it in today s video. We ll be talking about the s view flip cover case for the samsung galaxy s. Twenty series so right here i have an s twenty altra and right here. I have an s.

Twenty plus and this one has a flip cover right away. So i m going to give you a quick preview. And we are gonna put the s 20 ultra. In the flip cover case as well so let s dive in and review.

This case and see all its features and of course. The biggest highlight the biggest feature of this case is this transparent window right over here. Now this is a cover case so it closes shut. But here s the cool thing when you close this shut.

What happens is you actually get a clock of the battery. The date and time and your notifications on this little window right here. And you can also interact with this area when you get a call when you get a text message when the alarm rings and all that stuff so i m gonna show you all that in this video now once the window closes you press the power button okay and it s gonna show it again so this information is coming through the display of the actual phone all right. But the phone knows that is using the s view flip cover because there s a tiny chip inside letting the phone.


Know that this is what s happening so let me grab. This guy. I m gonna put the s. Twenty plus in there as well.

But let me give you a quick tour of the actual case. So that s the case right there as you can see and that s the back of the case. It feels nice and smooth this thing is fifty dollars. It does feel like a quality case.

So it s certainly not cheap or flimsy. It does have some protective qualities especially due to the fact. That it s a flip case. So not only is it protecting the body of your smartphone.

When its flipped shut. And it s your pocket. It s also protecting your display. Which is critical.

So let s put the phone in the case and take a look at them side by side all right so let s go over the features. I m gonna flip this one shot and this one i m just gonna shut it off i m a reversed. So you can see the back side. The whole time as you can see it is a perfect fit.


The camera has a precise cutout and of course at the bottom. You have the openings for all your ports and of course on the side you have opening for all your buttons so that s not a problem so i m gonna put this right over here. And we are gonna be looking at this one here for the larger smartphone. So again when we flip it shut.

It brings up the screen the screen time outs after a little while and then what you have to do if you want to take a look at this window is simply press. The power button you cannot tap on it you have to press. The power button. It s gonna show you what s going on so when you see notifications at the bottom here.

All you do is tap the notification. And it s gonna say open cover to view details and when you open the cover to view the details. It is going to ask you for your password. But in the case of notifications.

It will pull down the window to show you what s happening so if you had a call and you tapped on it if it go straight into the phone so right now what i m gonna do is i m gonna actually send myself a text message from another phone i m gonna see show you guys what happens on the screen all right so let s wait so we got a text message there is a little icon you tap on it and then what happens is when i open the flip cover it s gonna ask me to put in my fingerprint i do that and it s gonna launch the actual text messaging app and go directly into that message that i was that i tapped on on the little screen now the other thing. That s really cool is let s just go to my clock over here okay. I m gonna set a quick timer so let s launch the clock. Let s go to timer let s set a eight second timer.

I m gonna flip the shot. I want you guys to see what happens on the screen alright you can also interact with the screen. There we go the timer is off so i can actually restart the timer or swipe to cancel it okay so i can interact with this window. The other thing.


I m gonna do right now is i m gonna actually call myself from the other phone so let s wait for this to ring you ll see what happens on the screen. I m getting a call. I can actually take the call or reject a call right from here. So let s take the call and as i take the call.

I can talk. I already have the earpiece here and the microphones at the bottom. So i can actually talk with the case flip shut. So let me end the phone call.

And it says call ended all right so you get to see a lot of the things happening on the display right here and just one more example so if i were to run the stopwatch and fight apple resume. So the stopwatch is running right now when i shut the cover off. You ll see we have a little stopwatch icon right there and if i tap on it all right i can open this up it ll go straight into the stopwatch application. When i log in with my credentials.

So that s the case that s the s. View flip cover case available for all the s20 lineup is 4999. Not a bad price. If you want this functionality and like i said.

It s got the precision cutouts for all your ports. All your speakers. All your microphones and buttons and of course. The camera on the rear of any of these smart phones.


And it does have a nice and smooth finish and feel does not feel cheap or flimsy from either way. Now. The case is not exactly rated for drop protection. Even they re gonna get some kind of protection.

It is not rated to military great drop testing standards just so you know. But it is very slim and it s very convenient to have but it does have a slim profile and it does also has a very lightweight material use so it s not gonna put any more extra heaviness on your phone as you use your phone from day to day but it does have the full body full frame protective capability. It is protecting the back of your device and the front of your device the screen of your device. Which is very expensive to fix.

If something happens to it all right so just keep that in mind and of course you can bend this over like this if you want to use the phone like this you can it s not a problem so this will fold over and go to the back. And you can use it like this no problem make calls you know browse the web or whatever alright. It does not have a kickstand. But that s it it does have this beautiful little display that you nice little tricks on the screen.

All right. Any questions comments or concerns drop them down below let me know for now. ” ..


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