OnePlus 5T Review – T is for Taller (Screen)

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“It s joshua vergara. What s going on everybody. And these are our final thoughts thoughts on the one plus 5t now i say final thoughts because we ve already an initial review on the 1 plus. 5t and we wanted to spend a little bit more time with it to make sure we brought you our real final thoughts.

And that s what you re getting today. If you want to check on the initial review. You can see the card that s appearing right now or go to the link in the description. And if you want even more detail on this device.

You can head over to andrew thority. Comm. And read the full written review written by myself and david and mel. We are still enjoying the design of the 1 plus 5t and that s mainly because of the screen.

That now takes up all of the front. There were a couple of changes that had to be made. But the vast majority of this design. Still takes cues from the original 1 5.

That includes the alert slider and all of the buttons are in the same place and of course you still have the headphone jack. Which is still a thing here on the 1 5 t. And the usb c. Charging port down on the bottom.

The main change that occurred here is that the finger per meter. Is now on the back. It s still the ceramic reader though which means. It s a very fast and a very reliable fingerprint reader for just unlocking the device really easily by simply tapping on the small circle now found on the back.

But speaking of security. There is another way of unlocking. The device now and it is comparably quick to the fingerprint reader. And it s called face on lock after putting your data into the device.

You will be able to just look at the phone and when you hit the power button. It will go straight into the interface. It is a bit scary quick. But in our testing so far.

We haven t really been able to fool..

It which is nice to know. However the face unlock will not be used for all of the different functions for security as in applications and certain other functions. You will still have to use either a passcode. A password or your fingerprint as they are much more secure and oneplus knows that so there really isn t too much else that we can say about the design of the 1 5 t.

But there is one not that we want to give to 1 is dedication to first party accessories and that s because we got a bunch of cases with our review units and to be honest. They re all pretty high quality. There s a red case that we used for a little while that really makes the phone stand out. But we did go back to the sandstone material for that case.

And that s the one we ve been using on our review unit. It s a bit of a throwback and reminds us of the time when these materials used to be what you actually got on the phone itself so we can talk about that display. But it s a 6 inch display coming in at full hd resolution. And it is an amoled panel.

Which means that the colors look really great and oneplus has done a great job of tuning it for its version of android oxygen os if you do want to change the way that color is displayed on this screen. Then you can go into the settings and go to color calibration. It does include a mode for srgb. An adaptive mode.

And you can actually get a slider that allows you to go completely cool or completely warm. It s nice to have this level of control over the display. But there are also some extra features that return from the oneplus 5. One of the favorites is a reading mode which i ve already used for the amazon kindle application and has helped in making a long reading session even more comfortable aside from not moving to quad hd.

Resolution. There s really only one other missed opportunity when it comes to the oneplus 5ts display. And that is the ambient display it looks great. But we think that just a little bit of tweaking could have made this a great always on display as well.

But maybe not having an always on display on here is one of one pluses ways of ensuring good battery life. And to be honest our 1 5. Teams have had great battery life with the 3300 milliamp hour unit in here. We were able to get an average of over 5 hours of screen on time but in my experience in particular.

I actually got a few days where i had about seven and a half hours of screen on time throughout an entire 12 to 16 hour day and of course you can use charging to get the phone back up and running in no time at all the rest of the hardware is still high quality like in the oneplus five. And they are the best specifications that are available now the snapdragon 835 is backed up by either six or eight gigabytes of ram and then 64 or 128 gigabytes of on board storage. You can also use dual sim on here. But there is no sd card slot.

Some quality has been good across the board including with calls on facebook messenger or otherwise..

Where we had clear calls and the people on the other side of the line. Said that we sounded loud and clear the headphone jack returns. Which is probably going to be good news for a lot of users out there. And it s a pretty good yet standard experience.

If you have a good pair of headphones that are going to sound fine on here. But you do get a little bit of control in an audio tuner. If you want to change that up a bit and when it comes to bluetooth headphones you can even select what kind of codec it outputs to your bluetooth headset. One thing i do want to give another nod to is the speaker it s a bottom mounted speaker which is not ideal.

But it still gets really loud without piercing the highs are muddling the lows. Now i actually tested this while like taking showers. What i think a lot of people do from time to time. And the one plus 5t turns out to be the loudest one that i ve used without having a bad sound profile.

But i did have to make sure the phone was outside of the shower doors because this phone does not have an ip certification. So finally we can get into the camera. And this dual lens. Here does not have a zoom lens like before on the one plus.

Five. Which had a two. Times. Optical.

Zoom this. Time you have a 20 megapixel. F. 17.

Rgb sensor. That is activated in low light. Situation. So.

That it can group four pixels. Together for even better low light shots. Now that s a really lofty claim to make and we wanted to test it against other phones like the original one plus five. But also mainly the pixel two now in our testing.

We found that the secondary lens..

Simply does not activate unless you re in the darkest of situations. Which means that low light performance. Doesn t necessarily live up to the claims that oneplus made now the reason. Why that s a bit of a bummer is because in all other situations.

The 1 5 t. Actually performs quite well ranging from decent to actually pretty great in broad daylight situations photos are nice and sharp the dynamic range is pretty adequate and the color saturation is not too far off the deep end. The front facing camera is a 16 megapixel shooter. And it does not have a portrait mode.

But it still gets some pretty good selfies for those of you who prioritize that but speaking of the portrait mode. It is still a good performer on the rear camera that you can use whenever you want to take a nice shot of somebody with a bokade background. But without that optically zoom the lens. There is a wider angle to it so you re gonna get more in the background behind the sharp subject.

We also tested the 4k video recording. Which yielded some pretty good footage that is helped along by eis so that shaky footage will actually be stabilized. A little bit better this time around. So.

The 1 5. T. Remains a good and reliable shooter to have in your pocket. But those claims about low light performance go largely unrealized and that s a bit of a disappointment and probably even more so for those of you who wanted to keep that zoom lens.

We re gonna end us off with software and oxygen os. Which pun intended. It s a breath of fresh air oxygen os has become one of our favorite versions of android simply because it doesn t try too hard a new feature in this version of oxygen os is parallel apps. Where you can have multiple versions of the same social media application.

If you do want to be able to change between them for different counts. But aside from that there are some other features that return here. But they ve been refined and overall. Just the look of oxygen os has been further polished.

It s as if oxygen os is coming of age of you with the app. Folders have a distinct. But simplistic look and the entire interface provides some customization options that are equal parts powerful yet subtle for example changing to the dark mode completely changes the way you look at oxygen os and then changing the accent colors provides just that little bit of detail that makes it a personalized experience back at the home screens. You still have the shelf.

Which is a great place to put some widgets..

So that they don t cover up the wallpaper. And one plus includes a bunch of wallpapers that look wonderful on this amoled display on top of pictures that were actually taken with one plus five t s that double as great backgrounds as well and finally if you need some extra customization you can actually change the function of the soft keys. So that you can change what they do if you hold on either of the buttons or double tap them oxygen os refrain from having too. Many features or applications and thus.

It also keeps from having redundancies. So it s a breath of fresh air to be able to say again that oxygen os is simplistically elegant and this entire package comes in at a price that undercuts a lot of the main flagships out there at five hundred dollars for the base model. You will be able to get a wonderful android experience with a good camera and good hardware that screams premium. And you won t have to pay an arm and a leg in a world where we re paying up to 1000.

For phones that have so many features in them that we might not ever use. It s great to be able to go back to the basics. And just provide an experience that is incredibly reliable and something that you might be able to use for the better part of the next year or two. And you only have to pay 499 dollars for it so yes.

We do think that people would have a great time with the 1 5. T. Especially. Since it won t be so hard on the wallet.

Keep it tuned to android authority for even more about the 1 5. T. Check out our initial. Review and also check out the full review.

Over at andrew. 30com. Written by myself and david ml. And then stay tuned for even.

More content from us about the 1 5 t. And about the rest of the smartphones. That you ve seen here in 2017 and then after that don t forget to subscribe to the channel. If you haven t already and then head on over to andrew authority comm because we are your source for all ” .


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