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“Me about this spaceship. What is its lore. It came from the dream jamaica jamaica jamaica taxi. Okay and your insight spongebob right now again i m glad you noticed that was how they incorporated they did a deal to do one nickelodeon property.

A spongebob world would also be cool specifically the episode. When plankton s in his head. Yeah. I appreciate that that s cool that s a very very weird thing to reference for a stage.

They would structure it so you come in and you land in the chumbucket and you re like there s this place. And then plankton s like i am. The nicest guy here and goofy go i know who that is that s plankton from the chum bucket. He tried to steal the krabby patties.


We ll never let you know you re wrong first to you he would fuck you over and then goofy would say wait a minute. I recognize him now that he s fucked us over danny would do that then you would run outside a abrupt about it well on it they just go quick with it yeah. But then you decide never let you take it there s not enough of them just standing silently. Plankton will chase you out with some like robot heart.

Yes. That he made and then you d run into the krabby patty hole. And then mr. Krabs is like the old date.

You ll need it without mark and then you have to like mop the floor. Yeah after you do reaction commands here and you go singing. And tiny tim play you be in the the back. Making.


The krabby patties and then spongebob would walk in and fucking roon squidward s life. Somehow. And then everyone would let watt laugh. And go ha ha.

To work the next day. With his invisible chameleon to attack everybody. Scooter plankton team of plankton gets smushed and then squidward s like i was under plankton s the darkness and the lack of head and you don t like him. Yeah.

You make his nose disappear. And oh no no a squidward s house or something no scooters like it would be squidward s house. No no they d erase his house from exist game that s actually pretty clever. But i was gonna say that uh you know what yours is better never mind.


I m sorry. I was gonna say when you uh. When you bring squidward to his senses. He d be like time to repay you for saving me.

I ve made you this i call it bold and brash that would be the one item that sora randomly throws away just throws in the trash and spongebob doesn t even come into it at all take was a waste of time. The first thing you would see in the world. Was like patrick doubled over just shaking. Anyone say anything he would just stand.

There and make faces at you i then would run out of the shot. I think the chum bucket is a better place for at the start it s dank and dreary. Then you get up in the open world of the bikini bottom yeah. And you can get in a vehicle.


And openly drive around a whole open world sandbox of bikini bottom. Yeah. Someone did that they modded citizens hit and run armada to do a spongebob game. Yeah.

Yeah. It s a lot of effort. Why did they never actually do that vote no i m saying that s what they made those why i got to make an official game drive around bikini bottom his nickelodeon s weird anyway back to the ” ..


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