Ontel – Magic Tracks Xtreme Rescue Review

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“To harry s play zone. What we playing today harry magic track what is this this it s a magic tracks extreme rescue right so it comes with the police or a fire truck is that cold so this is part of the magic track series and i don t know how new this is but it did come out in 2018. So it s not a 2019 toy. But it is a 2018.

They had him in walmart for 10 a piece by the time i get this video out i m sure that cell will be over. But i thought it was a great deal we grabbed it while we were there and we just want to do a quick review about them all right. We have other magic traffic videos. Um.

You can click on the links above and check it out and let us know what your favorite track series is we reviewed the magic track mega set and one of the other magic tracks. So this is just a basic set you get 10 feet of track and show them the car and the car so well this one s on fire truck. So i m not too sure all your options but i think it s pretty much the fire truck or the police car or death to options so as you can see just 10 feet of track the police car the fire truck or and the stickers so that s just empty boxes for the storage. Little guy you like the stickers.


Yeah. And so there s no remote control. No nothing so they just use three triple a batteries for them. And um.

I m gonna put this with the batteries in okay all right harry let s try to get the batteries in so. It s pretty simple we just uh unscrew. It and slide in the batteries. Really simply no these are cool stickers huh.

Yeah. It does say on here it s a new faster car so it actually does tried to say that these cars are faster. The fire truck as you can see compared to the go get your other fire truck let s compare them alright so you can see this fire truck is a little bit different than the other one as it has a moveable ladder. Which is a lot nicer but compared to two um take your pick which one s your favorite.


I like the ladder. That s able to move but pretty cool then you are faster this year. Let s get the batteries in it let s see how fast. It is so we just want to show you the speed of all to see that they are catching up to the older tires drop then when your faster cars yeah we know that okay the nursing zuzu they re pretty well i d send them around little guy.

So. As you can see the newer cars. Do have the lights inside. Which is pretty lights feature because you get that start so i set up my sony camera they ll be able to capture this the night scene a lot better than my canon goes dark.

So here after this all right so you re talking the old one. This is the new one okay so because i just think do both have lights inside and front then slide and out back this has the goal lights and back. Where the older one has the single line to the the lights really help with the glow technology as it goes by you can see it glow. And so let s compare the two fire trucks at night to there you can see don t get that on so you can see that they both have the lights in front.


The lights inside the one spot light. That s a pretty bright spot light compared to the bowl out back. So the light on back of these isn t as bright. But you can see that they are angled down to allow for the glow technology.

Hello here right here let s show the pen still this one so let s send that one around and see the one spotlight and the way it goes. It s 50 50. Which point is a better globe trail versus. The lights.

What for hold on let s get everything turn back on little guy let s finish up okay. But for 10. But for 10. We couldn t resist this adds to our collections.


It puts us over 100 feet of magic track doesn t it little guy yeah. That s bad yeah. That this puts us over a hundred feet and stay tuned for our next video. Where we re going to be going all hundred feet.

It s to that little guy when we re going to be putting all hundred feet together in our little playroom down here right all right. This is our playroom isn t it maybe we should change the channel harry s playroom. It s that play zone. But because it s a play zone.

This is our plays. Oh yeah okay all right thanks. Everyone don t forget to like and subscribe and leave comments below and tell us how many feet of track you have ” ..


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