Optimizing Your Router Wifi Channel Selection on OS X

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“And welcome to this video in this video. I want to show how to optimize optimize the channels for wi fi. When you re using a router and your computer running os. 10.

Then you have the option to use a built in utility. That s kind of hidden and so i m going to show how to find that utility how to run it and then how to set the wi fi channels for both 24. Gigahertz. And 5 gigahertz on your router now my router is a netgear router.

But you could probably use the same information. But the screens of course for setting the channels will be different. If you have a different kind of router so anyway to do this you need to be already connected to the network through wi fi and then you ll see this little symbol up here. If you click on it you ll see that you can see other wi fi channels in the air this is my network.

There s a lot of other ones in the air and that s why it s pretty important for me to be able to optimize which channels because there s actually a lot of traffic wi fi traffic in the air right. Here. And the thing is is that the setting..


I need is usually shown down here. But i don t actually see it right now well the way you get to it is you hold down option when you click and you ll see that it adds wireless diagnostics to the menu so hold down option and then go click on the wi fi symbol up here and then click here and then that opens is wireless diagnostics introduction and so from right here. You do hit continue and you let it do this analysis. But the thing that we really want to do is find the wireless utilities.

And it doesn t have to do with what s going on here. It has to do up here in the utilities view. So once this is done take a few seconds more once that s done you don t need to do anything here. But we go up here and you ll see that under window.

There s an option called utilities and this is what we re really after so you click utilities and then utilities brings up this multi tabbed interface. And what we want to look at here is the wi fi scan. So if you click here. You ll see that you have the option for both kinds of networks to hit scan now so i m just going to click this and let it do its thing and it s actually going through and analyzing all of the different networks.

And what channels that they re using and then it tells me what my best bet for setting. Channels so it says for my 24. Gigahertz channel either channel 3 or 4..


Would be good and for my 5 gigahertz channels. I can use 36 or 40. So we just need to make a note of these settings. And then go into a router.

So with this done i can just close all this and close out of that now if you re on a neck gear. Router. Like mine you can use the ip address. Which is 1000.

Dot 1. Or you can use a special url. Router login net. Which is what i m doing here and that will take you to the login now you need to put in your user id and your password or simply your credentials by default.

It s admin and password for these routers. So. If you have one of these you don t want to leave that set to the out of the box password so i m going to put in my password..


If you ve never set it custom. Then you should because if you re taking this out on a job then anybody that knows about these routers will be able to log in with the default password. Which is simply password. So let s go ahead and login now.

This is going to scan for potential firmware upgrades. What i m going to just cancel that cuz. I don t want to do that right now now the wireless settings. You ve got things like the name of your network.

And you ll see that on this particular. Unit it actually has two. Sections we have the stuff for the 24. Gigahertz login and here is the channel selection.

So i can set this to either. 3 or 4 in order to optimize it so this is where we make that setting and then if we go down. Here a little bit..


Then you can see that we ve got the option to put in the optimum channel setting for the 5 gigahertz and on this scan. It said it could be 36 or it could be 40. Now what i ve tried this when i run it where i m in the same location and the other networks aren t changing i get the same results every time i run it if i move my router into a completely different environment then the optimum channels will change so if you re taking your router around onto a gig. You can run through this and you can actually optimize the settings.

And i think you ll get a lot better performance from your remote devices and with that done then you hit apply down here. And it would save that into the router. So those are the basics about how to find what the optimum channels are and then how to set them into the router assuming. It s a netgear.

If you have a different brand of router. Obviously this green is going to look. ” ..


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