Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine Soft Surface Demo

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“This is danny d. On cleanit tv. And welcome. Nto the oreck.

Commercial. Orb550mc orbiter. Orbiter. Floor.

Machine detail product. Breakdown navailable at cleanitsupplycom. Here. We have the oreck commercial nfloor machine.

And with us. Today. Special guest. Mr.

Mike bilbrey to tell us all about carpet..

Ncleaning. Hey. Dan good to be back good to see you alright let s break it down this nis where this baby shines on carpet now for our visitors our viewers. We did this nin floor just a few segments ago so if you haven t seen it visitors check it out below nand.

See the whole floor program with this machine. Break it down for us. Okay. Real nsimple.

This is about dry encapsulation carpet spot cleaning. What i mean by that is there nare different types of carpet stains. Some are really tough to get out what we have nfound with this dry carpet cleaning detergent is that we can encapsulate the dirt from the ncarpet and remove the stain. The benefit to the folks out there who would use it is nthey don t have to wet their floor.

There s wet carpet extraction. And there s dry extraction nnow same as a hard floor we talked about mop and bucket and getting on your hands and nknees and scrubbing it in what the orbiter will do for us in two various ways. It will ntake this powder embed it into this 360 degree cylinder of the carpet fiber. Thus.

Attaching nto..

The dirt and a few minutes. Later we vacuum the powder and guess what we have a dry nclean floor. And we can use this machine. Which doesn t hurt us or it doesn t hurt the carpet.

Nas well we have two types of applications. Here go ahead. And let me show you how this nbrush here is a soft bristle brush. This is for something that you see is visible.

It s nnasty. It s sticky it might have some texture to it and it just looks awful on the carpet ni would advise using this it s still soft enough that it will not hurt a thicker carpet nso. It has more aggressive right so it has more aggressive fiber for that really dirty njob now. I hope i get to run this one yes.

Sir we re going to do a race. What we have nhere is a pad driver. What we re going to do is we re going to use our soft carpet. Bonnet nthis is softer than that brush.

So what s nice is we can really attack stains on really nsoft carpet here again here s the benefit no hard scrubbing labor and it s not wet nwell..

Let s do it i think i m ready you ready yep that was ntough now it s not a race right. But we are going to demonstrate how the brush verses nthis and then we re going to come back to it so we re going to take a break and we re ngoing to go get our favorite vacuum. And then we re going to vacuum. It up exactly.

Okay. Nlet s go for it here. We go rock and roll look at that cool okay so now we ll wait na few minutes. It s already dry and we want that dirt to attach to that cleaning detergent nand then we ll come back and vacuum.

I like it stay tuned be right back nokay now that we ve scrubbed the carpet with the oreck orbiter floor machines now we are nback to do the final process of the vacuuming. So mike. What s next okay. What we re going nto.

Do is we re going to vacuum up this dry powder. Here is the beauty like i said before ni. Don t need a wet floor sign when i m done everything will be clean everything will nbe dry let me show you so mike. I get it we used the orbiter floor nmachine.

We ve used dry encapsulation cleaner..

Only the best of course right. That s correct nwe encapsulated. The carpet. We either scrubbed it in using the brush whether it was a really nnasty low pile carpet high traffic areas and then we also demonstrated on your machine nthe bonnet cleaning capabilities of this same exact orbiter right correct so a simple nfollow up with a quality vacuum cleaner final step and you re done now i got to highlight nwhat.

I think is the best thing about this floor machine and this type of cleaning carpet nthis type of carpet cleaning method is that you pointed out earlier that now we don t nhave to wait for a floor to dry. No air movers no wet floor signs nothing no risk so nhow. Many facilities in commercial cleaning applications. And i can tell you from my years nof experience that when you clean carpet and you leave something wet on to something nhard surface either you re tracking dirt or you re going to fall on your butt walking nfrom one to the other right so the convenience.

The safety and let alone the performance associated nwith this orbiter. I get it now and it s quiet and it s quiet and anyone can use it nexactly. I love it mike thanks for breaking it down for us. I really appreciate it so nthere you have it that is the oreck commercial orbiter floor machine available at cleanitsupplycom.

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