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“Do you believe what you ve just seen you bastards here is the god of of elements. The absolute best build in the game. If this didn t prove it you i don t know what the fuck will it s really simple. This is what you need this is by the way.

A lone wolf build all right so you cannot do this. I. Mean you might do this. If you combine it with the four party members.

But i don t even want to try explain that it s gimmicky as hell. So this is how i managed to pull of this pump. Most of the stats into diligence rest of this test into wits. Get your critical chance as high up.

As you can i still got something before the page that gives me three rune slots..

Doesn t matter without two of these you ll get your chance about 80 maybe a bit lower 75 still plenty of critical chance to be able to use these toughest skills you re going to need to be higher level. Why well this is what you need to do you need five points into polymorph with polymorph you get apathy seized and that is the thing that we need when we use apathy sees every other ultimate skill is free of cost. We do not need any source points to use these skills. The rest is simple get yourself five points into pyrokinetic five points into hydra surfaced five points into gilman s or five points into a dirge and the rest put into scoundrel that s all you need from this stuff.

I went with savage sorcerer telogen. Obviously lone wolf hothead helps me 10 more critical chance executioner helps to regain our ap elemental affinity not necessary. I also got these two that gives me plus 20. More critical chance dwell ones will give you more attributes than single stuff.

At least slightly more not by much. But just slightly more. So with this i got plus for intelligence and plus 20 critical chance because every one of these bonds have plus. 10 critical chance.

And that s it there s the whole build lads..

I believe you can be level around 1516 and then you can start pulling this off as soon as you can get five points into polymorph and five points into every single one of these trees you re good to go scoundrel is bonus. The only two skills that are not ultimate that you need are cloak and dagger from the scoundrel and phoenix diver you can switch for hands mirror. Whatever you like i would do even more damage. If i went with huntsman and then drove down from a high ground.

I did not have high ground option for the whole duration of the fight. Only when i was at those stairs. But it s not needed it s really not that you can see that by yourself. So yeah.

Huntsman is definitely a goatee here. But it optional. Everything is optional. The most important things are these bloody spells.

So i just went and used every single ultimate from these four trees and appetit cease being the most important one without it you can t do anything if by any chance someone survives..

All that shit that you re pulling off and also have a skin graft to reset the cooldowns. But you don t need it and i m aware that acid. Spores closed circuit chain lightning and epidemic of fire. Very powerful abilities on their own.

Oh yeah. And chameleon clock. This is primarily the reason why i m not using the most powerful source skills in my builds if you use those you cannot showcase the build properly and you become simply opu kill stuff too fast and that s not what i m trying to do with my bills. All right i m trying to give you guys an option without source points or minimal source points usage.

I ve already knew that this would happen i had this build planned for a long time. But never got to do it because i was focused on other stuff. I knew exactly what a potus s skill from polymorph could be used for as soon as i saw it and now that have proven the point. I mean.

This is the absolute best build nothing wrecks enemies as good as this build this build might be viable from 14 15..

Level as soon as you get three source points. And when you re able to purchase all the ultimate skills. I mean i don t think you that you will need all the skills here you need only couple of them to wreck groups of enemies. And that s it there s the whole body thing.

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