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“Guys. It s brady wack and today. I got a very interesting concept for you you guys regarding overwatch. Because for the past almost two years now we ve been overwatch on whatever preferred platform.

We want to play on whether it s on pc or on console. And that causes a lot of crunch. First. See a lot of like.

Oh. Oh. I shoulda supposed to be playing on pc console. Is just boy.

Yeah. Yeah. It causes a lot of problems. Because well.

Again. Everyone is kind of segregated on their preferred platform. And while that idea is still probably gonna be the case for many years to come like okay you buy an xbox you can only play with xbox players your se progressions. Only on xbox.

Only only only a lot of video game companies are starting to realize that fans are one this idea of cross platform and whether it s with cross play cross progression or across purchases. Whatever the case may be they want to allow players to not be limited to just the people that are on that platform because they realize you know other players are on pc or on playstation. 4. Or heck even on nintendo switch.

And obviously the most recent event with epic games. Was their announcement across platforming with fortnight with pc and xbox one our i did want to stick to the overwatch side of things because even in a recent interview with that what s that announcement. A for not obviously a lot of people are wanting that because well it s the most popular game out right now..


But even geoff kaplan. The overwatch team was with an interview with pc n. Games. And even the idea of cross platform across progression and cross purchases.

What was brought about to the team and asked will it ever be possible will you be able to make this a thing for pc and console. Players now will link the entire interview with jeff kaplan and pc games and down egyption below. But pretty much what he said is that its idea that they thought of it s an idea that they want. But it s very very difficult and very tentacle to kind of implement and that s just pretty much all he had to say on the subject.

But it is pretty relieving just to know that the overwatch team is thinking about the idea of cross play. And even just taking inspiration from even epic games and their ideas with fortnight because i do feel like that s one thing. That s stopping a lot of players from wanting to switch to a different platform because they spent so much money on loop boxes and skins that when they switch to pc. It s like great i have all these noob skins.

And i have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars please don t spend thousand dollars on the new box. But i have to rebuy all these skins rather than just being able to like oh. I have my battlenet account on my pc. Oh there s all my skins yay.

I m happy let s start playing and that s why i feel like this idea wouldn t be too hard because you gotta think how do we link everything together well through our battlenet account. We all have the same battlenet across all boy at least. We should have the same one so that s why i m kind of like how is it what why is cross purchases not a thing at least because we still have two other things that we had have not talked about but stand. The idea of skins.

Transferring over. I feel like this would just be a simple thing is just okay. Well you have the cloud account and every single time. You log on to that account well whether it s on pc xbox or heck even playstation.

4. You re gonna be able to get all your skins back the main thing. The main reason why i think they re not doing..


This is just to stop people from not being able to buy loop boxes. Because you gotta think well if you spend all that money on one platform and if it s only like limited to that platform. I m more than likely you re more influenced by loop boxes on the playstation. 4.

Or or pc platform. I keep referring to xbox just because that s my main platform. But i feel like that s the biggest reason. Why they re kind of not doing it you re more influenced to rebuy loop boxes to rebuy the same skins and in turn make their company money and an blizzard is a company a lot of people forget that yeah they make video games.

But they re also in the business to make money and their way to make money is to sell overwatch the overwatch league and also to sell skins and loop boxes. But now we kind of move the idea of a cross play because this is one thing that i feel like a lot of people kind of want. But won t want once this actually implement it because i always say pc has a lot more versatile movement. Keyboard and mouse is just superior as terms of aim.

Just because jory khan s anor joysticks rather. I m thinking about inattentive switch joysticks. Really just aren t as versatile as of aim. When compared to keyboard match just because you have so much more movement with that mouse.

So here s like tracer here is like gangi are just gonna be able to demolish everybody on console demolish. The competition just because well of that versatile movement so again. I m not trying to start arguments. I m trying to say.

Oh busey aim is better or pc. Aim is harder. But well i am trying to say is that it s night and day as terms of aiming. I mean.

That s why you always hear about keyboard and mouse and top 500 on console. Because well it is a thing it s not that prevalent as you might think. It is but that s why it s so so oh p..


I guess you can say on on consoles. So its terms across play the idea of it is cute. But it just won t work out in the end at least in my opinion. But then we gettin the idea of cross progression.

Now this is taking the idea of okay you re levelling up on xbox you re like a silver border or gold border. That s same exact border that same exact level is going to be able to transfer over to pc. And then we take the idea of your rank your competitive rank your gold rank your diamond rank grandmaster rank with that also transfer over to the pc side things because again like i said. It s playing on two different platforms.

Playing on two different kind of game systems so it d be a little bit different now. I will be all four for the level system like with your border. But it s tim s your rank. I feel like that would be one thing that would just kind of reset or hack maybe the cross progression system wouldn t be even a thing.

This is just all techne idea and just explaining it why things would work and why things wouldn t work. The number one thing that would work for it be the purchases. This is one thing that i think is stopping a lot of people the cross play is something that wouldn t work. But a lot of people kind of do want because they they want to play with their friends.

They don t want to just be limited to their platform and cross progression. This is something that s kind of in the gray area that yeah you like you kind of need you don t want to feel like you restart. You don t want to feel like you re back at square one like a level one peasant. But also as tim s competitor.

I think this is one thing that just kind of be reset overall those are just kind of my ideas as terms across platforming with pc. Because you guys think nobody owns pc like blizzard actually owns battlenet so it would be possible for anybody to play with anybody or even anybody to transfer over the skins to pc. Because they own it now a lot of people are probably wondering yes. I also want this for playstation.

4. And xbox. I have a lot of friends on playstation 4..


But this is one thing that a lot of people kind of forget sony and microsoft are in competition. They don t want you to play with the other team because like what like why would they do that they might as well just team up and just make one single console. I kind of like how sega and nintendo powered up together and just kind of made mario and sonic games together that s not what s gonna happen. But as terms of pc.

Nobody owns it and that s why it s but more plausible. I m not saying it s impossible with playstation 4. And xbox. But it s more possible with pc.

And i think it d just be a lot more better especially with like the overwatch community and those are just my final thoughts as terms of playstation. 4. And xbox one players i really don t see that happening anytime soon as two terms across play or as terms across purchases by cm possible with playstation. 4.

And pc and even more possible with pc and xbox one. But i do want to hear you guys thoughts are you opposed of the idea of cross platform. And do you want this to happen. And why aren t you switching different platforms.

Like what s stopping you is it because you don t want to buy a pc is it because you don t want to rebuy your skins rebuy loop boxes. It s because you don t want to learn keyboard and mouse or do you just prefer your console that s pretty much why i m not switching it just because i prefer the xbox one and also because i don t have my skin. But just pretty much i prefer that kind of system so overall. I m excited to see what blizzards gonna do because there s a bit there a big company if epic games can do this and they ve only made like really gears of war and other mini titles and obviously for night.

If they can do this then i m pretty sure overwatch can and blizzards so i love you guys think guys watching. ” ..

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