Personalize Your Galaxy Watch With These Bands!

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“Everyone tao here today. I m bringing you guys strats for the gassy watch. A a company called ela beth reached out and offered to send me some. Watch traps.

Obviously. I said heck yeah. Me you want some straps straps. What straps jacksy.

Watch traps. I have a few for my watch and a couple for my husband s so without further ado let s go ahead and check these bad boys out. Let s go let s start with these smaller boxes push. These aside.

And let s start hoping. This one looks like we got a pair of nice black leather straps. I don t know this is real leather..


Though okay so it is genuine leather you got some contrast stitching. Honestly i would have preferred it if it was all black. But hey maybe some of you guys out there would like this look it looks pretty small. I think it s probably for my watch.

So let s go and quickly stop fun now that we have the watch straps on let s go ahead and put this on my wrist to see what it looks like first thing that i noticed right away is that the straps appeared to be very stiff. Yeah so look at the spacing between the watch and my wrist. There s a huge huge gap. So clearly this was not me for people with smaller wrists like me.

But hey. If you re into this look. And you have a thicker wrist. Yeah.

So maybe this one s for you moving on to the next unbox. This one i really like this one. This is more up my alley..


So this also is made out of genuine leather love the brown. Very very nice this wash up looks a lot larger. This is probably for my husband s 46 millimeter. Watch you know with this watch strap.

I actually don t mind the white stitching. I actually think it goes well with the brown. I also really like the black buckle and buckle tongue. It provides really nice contrast again the leather is kind of stiff.

But that is to be expected with any leather products. But i know that it will eventually break in after don t wear i like it it s actually really nice. Though i think the original bezel would have gone better with a black buckle bands. Number.

Three. This one here is a magnetic style bracelet strap. My first impression is when opening the box..


This is super nice super elegant looking very lightweight it has a really strong magnet. One thing that i don t really like that the magnet at the very end of the watch trap is visible. I wished it could concealed it the color of the band matches perfectly with the galaxy watch looking at the watch straight on i can kind of see the magnetic end of the watch band. I think.

It s a little too long for my wrist. So i would prefer to if the ball is a little bit shorter. I love the mesh design it looks a super elegant and it s extremely comfortable and lightweight yeah. This is not going anywhere.

So the magnet is super strong. I m really impressed by that definitely my favorite one so far moving on to the fourth box. Okay so this box is a lot larger. There s a lot of things in here.

Looks like we got a seamless still sober mirtha. So it looks like they ve also included a link remover inside the box. Which is a really nice touch these are all the tools including the box..


They ve also included instructions i m not going to do it myself because i know i m gonna screw up but this is great if you need to resize it s really nice very manly looking if you re going for and all stainless steel looks. This is a great option. I think he s really going to like it what do you guys think let me know in the comment section. Now we ve got the final box.

We have here looks like we have another stainless steel metal bracelet looks like this is for my watch and this is in the color of rose bowl. I m really excited to try this on and see what it looks like you also get a link remover kit with the swash strap. As well the one thing that does throw me off is that the colors don t match perfectly so. If that s gonna bother you this is probably not the best option anyways it looks good and it s looks like on my wrist.

Obviously. I m gonna have to resize it because it s ginormous right now i like it what do you guys think my favorite out of the entire batch has to be drumroll the mesh rose gold bracelet. I would highly highly recommend this one thank you ella bus for sending me all these wonderful watch wraps. I appreciate it so much if you guys are interested i ll have all the information linked down below.

Thank you so much for watching until the next ” ..

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