pfSense sg-1000 microfirewall review and speed test (See Updates In Description)

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“Today s an exciting day i got the new pfsense mini mini device that they they have so it s right from that gate right from their website and this the unboxing of it weird noise. You do unboxing. But i ll you will i got a t shirt. Too so that s including the box.

I got stickers which are important their accessories orders they need some psn stickers for things got a receipt from net gate. Saying that i have the new weather is there sg 1000. Micro firewall security appliance. Now this is a new toy from the guys at pfsense oh.

So willy the sticker right there jim bring whatever goes fuzzy on it put my shirt on today so do the risks of video. But i wanted to get this test to do some speed tests. See how it is huge canopy of sense. The downside about pfsense is well yet not a downside.

The hardware is not dirt cheap. It s not like buying an expensive firewall. But these are only 150 and they come in this awesome red. Which is kind of exciting and a power supply some feet.

We can stick on there what else we have in here more stickers what eight. I didn t order this many stickers. Thank you pfn and thanks for the stickers open some stuff up here. So we got a standard micro usb cable.

The firewall itself. Which kind of reminds me i don t think it s actually built on risk. It s not actually it is not built on a raspberry pi. But looks very raspberry pi ish on the end here.

See if we can close up without a closer. It says counsel. Usb otg power and they have a standard five old pc. They include the adapter itself.

Wow. It s a 5 volt. 3. Amp.

Adapter. And that s pretty much all. That s in the box. Here.

So we got the adapter we get the device..

I think you can get them in red or black to look way cooler in red. This is metal. So that s making it actually pretty nice. I mean.

That s a pretty cool so i m not huge in unboxing really to show you what comes in the box. And unbox it so you guys can see what you get when you get this cool little device. But i m going to get to what s important to me functionality price and the car speed test. And seeing how this compares to some of the other pfsense ones.

I ve tested in the past. But or even you know because this is still more expensive. But i ve been big fan of ubiquity. Too and they have dominated the less expensive router and switch space.

But they don t have as many features of the pfsense box pfsense has the full features i actually if i don t know if i ll do in the first video. But i do want to try out the vpn on this because i m curious just how well it can handle vpn traffic. I mean it s 150 it s small its tiny. It only has two ports on air.

But definitely a cool little device here so let s get to the testing part now alright. So now it s all plugged in up to date. And we can really start digging in and taking a look at it it runs like any other pfsense box. So default.

Ip address is the same 192 168. 1. 1. With admin and pfsense being the default password.

Now. We re going to notice right away. It s running the beta arm that s how they shipped it one is running arm and it s because the arm development release as of here in january 2016. Is still a beta release because it s a recompile this is not x86 now it is built on the cortex a8 processor now let s kind of rundown.

Some of the specs rips on their website. Here. So this is the 149 for the sg firewall micro firewall as they call it it does seem to be running full pfsense low total cost of ownership. No limits add ons fully functional.

All the same sales pitch. We have with all the other ones. The 512 non ecc ddr single core. I don t care much for that it does come with two gigabit ethernet saan.


But that s not overly helpful. Because the one downside of this it s not capable of routing at full gigabit speed. Unless i m missing something here. So this is kind of an inside look they have it on here.

I ve got it plugged in right now. With the five volt adapter has a little passive heatsink. It s been run for a while it s warm to the touch. It s not hot not like i would worry about it.

But it is a little one it s nice metal box. So i m not worried about it melting or anything like that and it s not so hot that it would worry me like i said with only two and a half power watt because i m title is pretty not it doesn t draw a lot of power uh. But one of the things i noticed when going through here is the menus are a little sluggish it does not fly the menus. It s got not bad on some things.

But we ll see i m going to go. And do diagnostic and let s take a look at the state s table. And there s a delay and we re still delaying let me drag over a screen. Here you can see the load averages going up.

Here. This is me ss aced in there and it just it s got a little bit of sluggish. But i get for a single core processor. It s going to do that you re going to have that kind of a little bit sluggishness now the other thing.

I noticed because a lot of people may want this for traffic. Shaping so i ll let you know right now that service isn t working in here. Now. I don t know what else if ik about the hardware to see if it can ever be supported on this.

But when you go to the traffic shaper it right away tells you that the chipset doesn t support it and from what i ve read. There s not really a true traffic. Shaping workaround. It does support queue limiters.

So that can be configured on here to set that i believe that s on there is a firewall settings map. And you can set up a limit for each ones. But it doesn t actually do traffic shaping. So you can prioritize for example sip traffic for your phones over standard traffic.

That s going on in the network. So that s kind of a disappointment that doesn t support that because you get that with some of the edge router boxes. But you at least are getting a great open source firewall here you re getting all the standard pfsense with all the cool features of pf sense so overall. I m pretty happy about that but let s get to a speed test.

I wanted to see just how much can this route and you know i ve already done all the p of sensitives..

I m not going to run through every menu in here other than being lay below sluggish. It s pfsense. I also sure how about the vpn will work. I m not going to touch that but i mean i would generally expect really poor performance out of the vpn.

I don t think that goes without saying. But let s talk about the what kind of thorough. But we can get because that is a big deciding factor. If you have a really fast internet connection will this handle it up to what speed internet connection can you have before you re going to run into a problem.

So let s get the speed test going alright. This box is on the other side of the network and then i m going to go ahead. And do a speed test for this one. And we get.

92. Meg s per second. I ll run another one just to try it ninety two point two. So maybe a little bit faster second time.

And i m going to drag over this time. The top running on there and we re going to run one more speed test. So you see these load average slowly dropping right now four point five. One four point one five well we run the speed test.

It really pins the processor jump right up there to six point seven. I m going to hit it off one more time. But you can see this is really a strain on this just trying to keep up with it and we re not getting at impressive speed. Here.

This is you know ninety one point. Seven ninety. One ninety one point nine ninety. Two it s actually going down a little bit as we keep hammering on this.

I think we actually slowed it down running top on here because now we re straining the processor. More running more stuff. And i can let s move to just a different interface real quick so it s not refreshing because it s also if you notice is actually taking a bandwidth or i m sorry taking a processor power just to get the interface fret off side there php interface the refreshes that it has for the dynamic content on screen. So just by moving off that screen will actually see that now top is back up to the top as opposed to the nginx run this some more time.

See if it s faster without that screen open and there we go it s back up to 92 just by changing to a different screen on there so i m not trying to beat up on pfsense on this. But this device is a little bit underpowered. I would say it s not a bad device for your home you re going to get all the cool pfsense features. You re going to be able to play well.

The firewall settings..

You re not going to be able to traffic shaping you are going to see an issue. If you have a home connection. Greater than this 92 megabit limit on here. So.

If you re a really fast home connection. Not going to work reality is where i live. Most of us. Do not have such a fast connection today.

But generally we install these and we expect them to last for years and years. So i m a little hesitant to really recommend this to people for this reason like it may be good for an office. But you just have to be aware if you re in a small you know a little couple person office or want to use this at home. That you re going to have some connectivity issues when they start rolling out some of these gigabit in higher connections.

That are available. I mean not too far from here you can get fiber connections. This would be your bottleneck at that point. If you were to get something that fast so the goes our bandwidth.

This is it is full blown pfsense. It s nice. It s really small as you seen from the unboxing. It s kind of cool looking.

I like the red color. It has but our performance wise you have all the cool pfsense performance. But you don t have much speed they just kind of this is kind of an underpowered device. So what i recommend it if you want to play around pfsense.

It s a great small device. It s a great little firewall. If you needed to set up maybe a small vpn where you re not going to push much traffic. Sure.

This is pretty cool your own personal firewall that you could connect when you travel that would be great too is it a really high performance firewall. Not really with this you know slower performance that you re going to get if you re somewhere that has really fast internet. This is going to slow you down this is going to create the bottleneck between you and the outside world so well i really like the device. I think it s really cool and i m a huge fan of pfsense running it on this may be a little bit weak.

But at the price point. If you wanted a little you know without going to a used computer or something like that you wanted something with pfsense you can get it for that so i m sure the quality wise like build quality is really good and feels good on it so i don t think it s going to die or break enya. But it s not going to be that screamer you re looking for so if you like to count in here like subscribe. ” .


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