Pillars of Eternity IE Mod 435 v3.99 Demonstration – U-shaped UI

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“Guys since sookie in this video. I ll be demonstrating the new version of the the ie mod version for 35 399. And in this version of the mod bester implemented something that many of the people on the obsidian forums and on the rpg codex in particular have have been asking for and that feature is a u shaped. You i crowd imagine everybody s cheering in the background.

So what i m going to do is i m going to demonstrate how to use this not going to bother going into that into depth about the im. What i ve done that in previous videos basically if if anyone hasn t doesn t know about the imide. The ie mod is a basically a ui mod pillars of eternity. It has a couple of minor gameplay changes.

And what it does is it adds a new tab to the menu. And there s a bunch of optional components here. And there s a couple of things that can be accessed by the console. And one of those is the the hud mod.

Which you type in bb. Into the console. It brings up this menu these buttons on the screen. Here and i ve already demonstrated how to customize the the hug by like dragging the portraits around and stuff like that so you can move the portraits like that so i m going to go cancel and close.

I m going to go into my graphics. Options and disable. The solid hug background that is required to use the you frame you i so now. I m going to go back into the console press bb.

And now i can toggle are the you frame and as you can see i press one of these buttons and it loads..

A custom texture in the background. These textures. Best made in photoshop. All the i think of all these textures took him about a day to do not a day today to do all of them.

And there s a bunch of different ones for people who you know there s a lot of choice. So you can use a bg2 mosaic. Which looks pretty good can use dry wood dry wood brown generic wood wood planks wood planks brown big stones medium stones polished granite scratch granite scratch stone and stone bloom. I think my personal favorite would probably be medium stones in this one and now i m the moderate the ui is fully draggable.

So the good thing about this is you can position the elements on the screen. Wherever you want so i m going to do the typical baldur s gate 1. I m going to drag the party bar and then i m going to turn them i ll drag it up here. Just like that s got to hold down the button to drag.

It and now. I m going to use the button over here that toggles the portraits so now the portrait of vertical and i can place them in the ui over here now i can also toggle the buffs toggle buff sites that flicks it on to the left side. And i can also split up the main menu. Which is a feature that i requested that best to add in because um.

It s something that i wanted to be able to do is just split this bar up. So you can put in different spots. You can drag the clock off the bar. And what else we got i hope you can turn that off cool and then you can drag these individual panels.

And you can also flip them so you can flip it into horizontal or vertical..

Which is really good and if i wanted to drag those can you actually drag abilities. Dry. The clock either there you go yeah so i m depending on what what you want to do you can put these. Wherever you want so i m going to drag the ability bar away.

I m gonna put the clock in the corner probably about there and grab the combat log and put it over here actually put it in the middle probably put it there if i wanted to i might chop. It there see how we go um. Now these i could put them may be there. I could put the clip with the party ability stuff there maybe i ll put them their abilities.

They can maybe go down here move the mott. The log down a bit as well and i ll drag this one may be over there or something the log. I m not actually sure. Which is the middle of the screen.

That s at one of the only down to the downsides about the modeling. Not sure where the like the center of each element. Is so that could be something that i can ask basically put in is to put just a marker in like a toggleable thing that actually shows where the middle of the screen is and stuff like that so maybe i ll put the log there just for now so that there you go. There s a and implementation of this the solid ui and now.

If i wi fi. This will actually move that if we move this down back down the bottom. And i think i ll leave them over there now i now that i m done i just press save your iron clothes and there you go. There s a u shape to your eye pop those up to about there.

I might actually also get into adding a toggle for the combat log being transparent..

I think that would be another thing that i d like to ask so anyway. There s there s a u shaped. Ui and you can move like you can have the portraits over on the left side. So i might demonstrate that now actually so go back into the console on tight bb.

I ll grab this hud panel and flick it back over here grab. The party bar put it over there and toggle. The buffs onto that side hug panel to throw over in the middle. There i panel one pop up there drag the clock over here and i actually see any abilities hmm okay so we go so that s two orientations you just press save your own clothes.

It saves. It for you and it s progresses through different saves as well it actually saves like if you if you even remove. The mod and then put it back in it will still remember your settings. That s one of the cool things about this implementation um.

Yeah. So this is i m guessing that there s going to be a lot of people excited about this and one thing that better is going to do is is going to make new buttons for the menu thing. So you can have large boulders gates or buttons down. The side that feature will be coming in the next version of the patch.

And that will be the public release of the passion. We re not actually releasing this version. This is just to demonstrate our pod best is done now. I m adam brenneke made a post on the obsidian forums in response to grotesques you shaved.

You i mock up which looks fairly good..

I m not personally not a fan of some of the placements of the elements on that you i but it is good work and adam bread. If he said it would take him city in about two weeks to implement that you i know there was a bit of discussion on the on the obsidian forums and on the rpg codex about truly how long it would take to implement something like that and there s a bit of an argument between bester and some of the other people about how little bit take best to thought it wouldn t take that long and so that all the work that s done here took best to four days to him to implement one of those days. He spent soul in photoshop now he implemented this ui with the modding framework. Which is basically just working purely in encode with no gui assistance.

So. If obsidian were to implement something like this it would probably take them not very long at all because they have access to the source project and the ui programmer can do a lot of things in the gui editor. That it would take best or a few hours to do so. Yeah this is the demonstration of the i mod version 3.

4. 55. 399 with a youth. U.

Shaped you i implementation and version 40. Would be released sometime soon with larger buttons. And maybe a couple of the suggestions that i mentioned in the video. Thanks for watching guys and look forward to the ” .


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