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“So people will come to this video. So this video will be a bit different different than usual the recording will be a bit different. And okay now it will different you see the worth it it will be worth it hopefully. This is fine looks fine.

But just to be safe so maybe this remember a while ago. I did a video on this phone. It s the asus wrong phone. It s a really cool phone and has amazing space.

I did a video on it we re doing a video on it today again. But not only this one but also this thing and you might be wondering what is this panda well. It s obviously suitcase now what s inside. It is the cool part so we sell to figure out their code here so in this bag.

We have a lot of different goodies you can see two of them are gone. We re gonna go to them later. But let s take a look at these first all the things. Which is inside.

This is accessories for this phone. I m not gonna be talking a lot about these things i just thought i can show you them before we go. And do some cool things so first of all we have this thing. Which is basically i would guess i haven t tried it.

But i think it s kind of like chromecast you can stream videos and games to your television. Which is really cool so i guess you connect this to your television or whatever display. When i have it on and you can display. But you re just point your phone.

Which is cool then we have this bad boy right here which we re gonna grant and open this is actually a gamepad thing which muchos meses open this it s great that always have a knife thanks to my my my i always had a knife..

It that didn t work. I think you re supposed to bigger arms. Doesn t seem to wanna work. Though and they don t call me the big master.

Do nothing gosh everything felt sorrowful sitting all the way there i m so bad at opening things. It s like the one curtis. I have so here we have what i think you strap on to the phone. So let s do that the phone is inside this thing right then we have these two controls right here.

We re gonna put on his phone. This does not feel like a phone anymore look at this look at that that s actually mad. So many buttons. You have to balance fire on here up.

There. There there dear do so many buttons you also get the controller like this we also can gonna slap d s on we re not gonna be playing with this in this video. If you want to see video with me trying this it thumbs up comment down below. Today.

We re gonna be doing something more fun. Let s see if i can get this off. I m not sure you do that okay well no updating whatever let s see what else we have in this. We also have a case for the phone which i already put on the phone and i i don t remember where it is but you get the case.

There there s a case for it okay. We get some kind of a bag okay so this is the bag you get where how am i supposed to wear this. What is this is it a fanny pack look at that i m actually kind of digging this i m not sure if you supposed to weigh it like this. But then you always have your phone ready what other stuff you know look at that then you can have your game.

Things here you can have your so you can you have your chromecast thing here and have your phone and your pads in here ready to go always ready nice..

We also have at window view we change the kind of open to show you guys because this this is really cool as well. I just gotta figure out how to remove the phone from this first that might take a while look at that i got it let s open this it s basically so you get another screen to your phone. Which is math kind of looks like you know game both game boy. Case or whatever you used to have when you were younger kind of cool.

Very cool actually and we got some more plastic. My gods my room is filled with plastic right now not the plastic. You think well then let s open it first time. I m seeing this with you that s cool it s like another phone appearance man.

We got some instructions here we don t leave because i have a big brain obviously so what i think you do this is only me guessing by the way that you just plug in your phone right there look at that bone phones two screens bam. So it is meant for gaming. So if you play a game for example you can have like the map up here or whatever. And then you play down.

Here. You know kind of like you had like even between tempers under that which is your cool. Now i decided to update. Yet again look at that hey even going on the back.

You kind of look like a small computer. Look at that is so cute okay well we re done with that and it s a mess right there. And i it s a mess. It s it s just a mess everywhere right now okay some people might save a pen or not when you have time why don t you clean.

I m not gonna do that i will let future panel take care of that this pen. I ain t got time for that okay. No matt. It s done either way.

This is how it looks you play you can even it s a touchscreen up here as well it s actually so freakin cool..

But it s not what we re doing in this video. No let s do what we re supposed to do follow me this is what i want to show you so you can see i have some things so you might be asking yourself the penner. Why do you have a freaking keyboard and a mouse. But no screen well that s the thing.

There is a screen okay so this is actually insane so this is the last thing. Which you get in the suitcase. Which i showed you before and you can basically connect a keyboard and a mouse to it which then can control in the game. Look at this what so you can actually go to play like this with the keyboard and mouse on your phone which is actually the same and if i m gonna bonus i think it s kind of shooting okay it s not fair because you do have a huge advantage huge advantage.

But if you re like a pc gamer if you want to play a game on your phone. You can honestly. This is how easy it is to bring this with you if you have a small keyboard and a mouse you can let you to connect that and play pop g on your phone with with this which is saying. I still think.

It s cheating. I don t recommend you know ranking with this it s all this is so unfair. I did some kind of a quick setup here so you know i can run around and do all the things i m gonna be showing you that now aim and shoot and reload. All of that i can do everything which i would normally be able to do on my phone.

But just now i m doing it for the keyboard of the mouse. Which is hex oh boy. I can pick up things you know i know you know i can keep buying everything i can find any binds to this point. I wanna.

I missed too lazy to find all the things for them i mind the most important things he s gonna aim right here and shoot as you see no problem at all aiming you know i did play maybe the battery on this. But it s so easy to do it you know enormous. I m gonna make this better. But as you see it s ridiculous.

How do you suggest this okay..

You know the thing is i keep going to go into normal games. Crisis. Mode and play like this as well that s the thing. Okay if you guys want to see that comment down below.

And i m going to play your meal game like this easier let s try this again. I only have some attachments. Oh. My god i m literally.

Not missing a single bullet on that target that s actually obviously i m not a home. I normally come through because like i said before i think. This is kind of cheating in the way. I felt when i find my own account.

I m not gonna do that obviously i m not sure what i m you think about this they probably think you re cheating. Because you know it kind of is it isn t this ridiculous. I think is ridiculous look at this here s a mouse and a scuzzy look at that you know it s so it s like no recoil at all you can see this small hand movement. I try to look at i can walk around yes.

I know it s very dirty like this okay hope you enjoyed this video. Even though. The camera quality and the sound maybe were a bit worse. If you want to see me playing a real game with that remember to like comment down below.

And you know i might gonna do it i will probably do it. If you do that so remember to do that okay share with your friends it was kind of fun experience now i m gonna clean this up so i know we ll take a while but see you next video as always thank you for watching. ” ..


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