Polaroid Zip FULL Review & Tips

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“One can hear with ken s creations and product reviews. I am sure everyone out out there is just like me and uses your cell phone to take your photos. Is is how do you share. The actual physical photo.

While you re on the go. Well. I recently purchased the polaroid zip. And today.

We re going to take a quick look at what comes in the box. How to set this up and how you can print photos to share with your friends and family. What is the polaroid zip. This small portable printer allows you to print directly from a mobile phone or tablet.

By a bluetooth technology or nfc compatible with the iphone or android by using the polaroid app. It prints on two two by three inch zinc paper also known as zero ink. The polaroid zip comes in four different glossy colors red aqua blue black and white. What comes in the box you get of course.

The printer easy directions 10 sheets of zink paper and a usb cord..

But no actual plug in let s take a closer look and a quick tour of the polaroid zip on the top side 0 ink or zink logo a reset button charging light a micro usb connection and the power on light the power button located on the side and the bottom is where the printed picture comes. Out you can easily open. The paper access area by just simply pushing up from the arrow at the bottom. And removing the cover charge.

The zip printer for at least one and a half hours just plug in the microusb and a power supply. You ll see the red charged light go on wireless charging go and download the polaroid zip app. When the charge light turns green. You are ready to go to load the zink photo paper take off the cover and make sure to have the blue card facing down into the paper holder and place the cover back on on your phone.

Go to your settings. And make sure. Bluetooth is on and look for the device to be paired. There it is choose it and it should connect open your polaroid app and click my zip and click device.

Manager here you can turn on off the auto exposure print mode auto. Power off has off three five and ten minutes and device status a battery status. And you can see if your printer needs. Any firmware updates.

Ours is okay let s go buy paper..

Here. You can set up a recurring subscription plan you can get a. 30 pack for. 1499.

50. Pack for 2499. And a hundred pack for just 49 88. Now click on quick print and choose camera here we take a picture of this character click use photo and then printer icon.

It will then send it to the printer. This is actual printing speed 19 seconds. Not bad now back to quick printer again and choose gallery here is an outdoor picture of some hydrangeas you can click on number of prints or section out the picture. We chose the quad.

The printer will print each quad section of the picture you can even edit your print click on the edit print and then gallery. We picked a picture of us and our dog han you can flip your pictures around change the contrast and the color and even change. The style from sepia gray tone. Invert and back to original you can even draw on it using your finger with different colors.

And even erase it choose different frames..

Add emoticons and a whole slew of different items. We chose to add a heart and hans name not only are the photos smudge proof earth friendly they have a sticky back and you can remove it too now if i just had fingernails go to secret view. Then create here you can add images record your voice or some text you can even do a url. Anything you add to your picture.

A qr. See code will print on the picture. You must have the polaroid app. To be able to open the qr c code go to secret view.

Then view then scan the qr c code. And we ll ask you to open the url site. Just like that you could be at kent s creations website. Or wherever you want now let s do an edit collage from the gallery.

You can see that there are all kinds of different collages. We re just going to do a simple two picture one this one is a low light indoor. The other is an indoor with good lighting. Send it to the printer that looks pretty good.

I found that the polaroid zip was a great fun little tool..

It gives me the ability on the go to take a photo edit. It and share it instantly with one of my friends now does it take the best photos or have the best clarity. Probably not you probably want to look elsewhere for that type of printer. But for something that s on the going about the same size of your mobile phone.

This is the printer for you actually foresee it coming to a lot of partys with me in the near future well i hope you enjoyed today s review on the polaroid zip. If you did please leave me. Some comments give it a thumb up and don t forget to subscribe to this youtube channel. So you don t miss out on any of my future product reviews also if you enjoy my videos you can support this channel by becoming a patreon.

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I have a couple recommendations on your screen here that will give you some idea if these products are a good fit for you and whatever you do i do hope you get the polaroid zip take it to some parties have fun take photos and make something magical alright guys. ” ..

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