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“Question the most requested service. That i offer these days is helping people develop a a pricing strategy pricing is vital to your own profitability. Why is that well because are in a very different type of market than most retailers in most retail operations you pay a certain cost for something you put it on the shelf you sell it and you know how much you made you custom framing. It s not that easy and the reason is because we don t calculate the waste that we prove that we make when making a project or the yield that we get out of materials.

That are left over so therefore the cost of goods sold subtracted from your sales is not an accurate gross margin and your profit levels can fluctuate up and down dramatically when in actuality your gross margin should never fluctuate as long as you re keeping the same discount structure..

So therefore pricing dictates. How much you re actually making and by setting your prices to a fixed gross margin. You can budget based on how you setup your pricing and you can rely on it and you can improve your cash flow. How do i know all of this well for years.

I broke down every project that came through my framing operation and listed the cost and the retail and figured out where we were making our money..

And where the opportunities were then about five years ago. I began doing this for other framers and helping them understand and learning on a case by case basis. Where those opportunities were available then about a year ago. Lifesaver decided that it was interested in what i was working on for other framers.

And they decided to open up their lifesaver database..

Which contains over 10 million projects. They re anonymous that would help me understand a little bit more or a lot more about what sells and why and where profit is within those sales. So i took about 10 months breaking those down into spreadsheets to better understand exactly how to set up the tables within lifesaver to take full advantage of what sells at the highest markups and now i can bring that program to you how do i know what markups you need by studying your profit and loss statement by understanding what your expenses are i can match your gross margin to accommodate those expenses and then come above that to give you an acceptable profit. A prices can t be raised high enough right away in the beginning.

Because volume is down low..

Enough we can do it in steps and make sure that you can gradually get to the point you need to be to be profitable. We apply that pricing strategy over all key categories of molding matting and glazing and i go in and set that up for you by remote access once you ve agreed that that s the proper strategy for you and then after it s been up and running for a couple of weeks. I ll check back with you and make sure that it is working are you interested in the program. Then go on to the website that you re on right now and fill out the contact form and let me know that you d like to have further discussion and i ll give you a call or you can call me direct two one nine five oh eight seven nine two three thank you ” .


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