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“Things don t exist in real life. Today. Hey. A family doctor town guys.

What what s going on everybody sorry a family for the last couple of days. We been extremely busy we actually had to fly to washington. Very last minute. My grandfather hasn t been doing too well health wise.

He s been in and out of hospital. So my entire family went out there to visit him it was actually his first time meeting l. So that was very exciting now we re back home and back to regular schedule. Today.

We decided to do videos that has been requested by you guys many of times. We all want to call it hate comments because we don t want to put too much on this is on the hate word because obviously everyone gets cake. But we just want to focus on a lot of outrageous comments that we ve recently seen rages come outrageous comments and we first want to start off by saying how much we appreciate the a family because over here this ace family community. We hardly ever get negative slash hate comments.

So what i appreciate you guys for that it literally has to say these comments throughout some time just because we wanted to make sure that when we finally did do this video that we would have that most egregious one obviously we re not going to tell you guys the names of the people who let these comments. Because we know our ace family members with just a tad back then and we don t want that that is me so let s get to it shall we outrageous comment number one your guys channel has to be the worst channel. All you guys do is love each other and give back next guys almost so outrageous that we had nothing to say next outrageous comment. How is l a one year old and isn t i trained technician ellen.

So i don t think that most one year old are potty trained. I m sure that there are some i don t know we re all that about look it up real quick. Okay although l. Is extremely intelligent.

She actually had started to potty train. Pretty early and it just so happened that two times than we did summer on our channel. She didn t go because the cameras were on her so that s how all the way. Though i just searched it on google and google.

Said that however some children will be potty trained until after they re three and a half years old in general girls tend to complete potty training about three months earlier than boys between three and four years old. Wow. She is one people she just turned laundry and barely one comma comma next outrageous question catherine..


Why does l. Only look like you do you even know who your real baby daddies. Do you know again noelle carell looks like often like sometimes she ll wake up the morning and she was exactly like austin and i m like i don t even see my thumb and then other times. I literally see like the spitting image of myself so she s like half and half.

But i mean everyone has their own personal opinions on who she looks like but she s our baby. We made her so she looks elected both of us next outrageous question these are pretty outrageous humming austin. Why do you wear your hats. Backwards you re not even black.

Oh. My gosh what someone i see that um. I m definitely my mom is black. But i m definitely not black.

So next question x outrageous question your daughter will get diabetes. If you put her in imminent. Oh. My gosh guys do you know what they were referring to when it comes that coming.

I want to tell them the video. We did dozen cases. Oh yeah mmm yeah. So couple weeks ago.

Oftentimes in a video of al surrounded in 1 million m. Ms. And dislikes big like pool of course. She was in the tub and she had a few i m gonna obviously she would have a couple and man and while she was there.

But i will say that l. Is one of the most well nutrition baby. She s 96 in thailand height. And she s 86 percentile and weight.

And she drinks obviously i m still breastfeeding so she still drinks her breast milk. Because i refuse to be her cow milk that s just my personal opinion. But don t worry about hurting me habits next outrageous question catherine stop trying to hide your lila lila line..


No one can be that skinny after a baby guys i literally gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy in both legs low sixties multix loose sandy rush. And i never want lipo. So thank you this is like literally so victory. I can see that i know a lot of you guys don t believe that so much water we and i was just like ground six irulu and i lost it all within that first month.

Literally i lost like yeah next question people please. Before you leave a comment. Think about what you re commenting before you leave. It okay.

Thank you next outrageous comment often you re gay for getting your toes painted all i have to say is whoever read that comment and was offended i m very sorry and please please please please please don t ever leave a comment like that in any of our videos because that that s just not cool and only on it now me onto the lawn. What i want to know one get this clear. I can do whatever i want to do because i m comfortable moms. It s probably the most comfortable person or guy that i ve ever met besides my brother and they re like literally like the most comfortable we just don t care what people think okay.

But that question right there bothered me because i know it probably bothered somebody else there with ya last outrageous comment. Why does your daughter never have clothes on she s going to turn into a porn star siya are you kidding me are you kidding on yellow whoever left that comment and i know what it is who i know who s a person is you know the person no i don t know him personally. I see comment something crazy like this before and always i m going to have in fact we didn t address it yeah. I m sure it s for attention.

But like something has to be wrong with you for you to even involve a one year old in that type of shit often and i live in los angeles. And i want so hot here and l. She just hates having clothes on her she sleeps naked. She loves.

It he s comfortable in her own juices. No free baby every baby free happy baby please. And when we just her. She gets annoys for a little bit.

And she starts. Telling me okay we get more used to it right yeah. I m on baby you talk to you naked mention home my baby can be naked. If she want to okay so you take your naked toes alright.

A family that is it for our outrageous comments. I hope you guys enjoyed that little segment right there we have never done anything like that we i can to save comments from like month ago. Just to film this video for you guys..


I will say that before we even post. The video actually before we even film a video. We already know that comments that we re going to get. But do you have any idea.

What people are going to say like katherine. I mentioned in our previous video. We know people going to judge regardless people are going to hate regardless. But end of the day as long as we know we re not doing anything wrong.

That s all that matters. We re being good people as long as we re loving each other that s all every said in the beginning of the video. We appreciate all our a family members who are always so calm and then again we can t express it enough you guys always leave the best comments. We ve ever seen i ve actually cried reading somewhere.

She did and like two days ago actually a couple days in a row. I ve done this where um. When we post all like like a little looks. 300 comments.

Just like like other comments. I ll literally just sit. There and be like sohni good idea before we close out this video. We do have to give our notification channel.

Today to who so the notification shout out today goes to remember. 7. In the most beautiful okay. No i didn t get her in the head.

A lot yes. My upper day ever get the world canceled. I know by hey guys by the way for those who are new to our channel and are wondering who sings that song it was good it s the first and it s a glenshaw venus. He shall to my boy lives in the present.

Who wrote and sang things in this song. And it s currently waiting it s currently pending pending were very important day you know me i want another thing to your god damn. How many another thing and here..


I ll send you to our channel and you re wondering with a screen because i m sure you might be wondering if you ve been watching our videos already and you don t know what ace stands for let s is probably gonna stand for no. I m offended. They don t know another quality. Oh.

Now you re not true a family members. I think is doing tonight. Oh. Thing if they just joanna.

They just don t always say if you already do want to do not know don t know just like randomly. Camera confidence. Our channel tonight. Okay.

So aids means or a stands for unity. Well. It does. But on a stance for austin.

Catherine and l. And it just so happens that and ends up being like that it was a plan and just yeah. So that s what i you mean the today s notification shadow goes to rain tolentino and she wrote a lengthy paragraph. But i will say that i love it so much and it almost in the car.

When i read it so i love you very much so shout out to you show a few girls. Thank you so much for having our post indications turned on whoever else would like a closer vacation. Shout out all you have to do is subscribe and turn on our publications and comment. Win and like me.

And my beautiful queen ouais safe. We ll be back with more water than many more what more what my videos. ” ..


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