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” s going on gemma knights. It s your boy gem man gonna do a recent recent reads on the before watchmen omnibus. This will be a non spoiler review. So tuned all right guys before watchmen.

This is a newer release a lot of people wanted to know my thoughts on it if it was something that they should jump into and from most things that i ve heard were there s some good issues in here. And there s some bad. There s some hits and some misses because what you get here is a series of miniseries right you have like six issues of rorschach dr. Manhattan comedian minutemen silk spectre and i think most people gravitate towards the rorschach comedian dr.

Manhattan stories and i can see why but i didn t dislike to silk spectre miniseries or minutemen aren t or any of those this book stands true to the title before watchmen. If you ve read watchmen or seen the movie they give little biographies of every character in the movie. Or in the book that lead up to the main event. This book.

These series basically just dive deeper into those bios and just kind of flesh out the characters a little bit more. But it s not really like new materials or new events. There s a lot of stuff that you see that ends up happening. And the original watchmen by alan moore.

So it s not like a whole new story on something that happened before that it s kind of like a companion. So the original watchmen series to be real. So. What is this collect first of all has a 125 dollar cover price if you re like me you re getting it for 50 off through in stock trades.

Yeah. So it has comedian one through six rorschach. One through four minutemen one through six silk spectre. One through four 900.

One through four dr manhattan. One through four moloch..

One and two ozzy monday s. One. Through six crimson corsair. Number.

One and dollar bill. Number. One so for the majority of the issues. They have two page story that ends up being one whole story you know when you read all the books.

The crimson corsair. Which they did the same thing in the original washington series. It s kind of like that black and white pirate ship kind of thing. I did not enjoy that story at all i was happy that it was only two pages.

I had to read it was just written. I mean lynne wing written i wrote a lot of it he wrote a lot of these stories actually rest in peace. But um. I m reading it and i m not comprehending.

It s just words. It s like it was just a tough read. And i didn t enjoy those stories at all i did feel like some of these miniseries dragged on a little too much like maybe. They should have all been for issue series some of the ozymandias.

Which was one of the stronger series drug on a little too much. The silk spectre minutemen stuff. Yeah. Maybe minutemen was that for issues or six.

Yeah. Minutemen should have been for issues..

That s that that was too much of a drag. So you got to remember this is collected in an omnibus. But it was released as single issue so maybe reading it more spaced out was was more enjoyable for fans. But as an omnibus.

It just feels like it s a little too drawn out it does have different artists. So. What s funny is i cj. Lee.

Who we met a couple of times last year at comic cons and i didn t realize he did a lot of those realistic painting type things he did all eyes on mondays. He did some wolverine stuff. And i really enjoyed his art. A lot man.

I really uh. I really like this stuff. Lieber bermejo did some stuff here. Which was cool.

I think he did rorschach. He might have done some comedian stuff. Brian azzarello. As well was a writer.

Along with len ween like i mentioned. Joe kubert. Anyway. Let s take a look at the artwork and we ll talk a little bit more about it.

But if you like watchmen you re gonna like this it s like a companion to the original series in my opinion. If you re not that big of a watchman guy or not you re not that much of a fan of it this is a easy pass for you this is just gonna expand and the story that you already loved if you loved watchmen alright..

So let s take a look at the artwork and all that good stuff alright. So i showed this off during the haul video not too long ago when i got these books. But you know now we re gonna look at it with new eyes after having read it like i said here s the dust jacket cover price. Contributing artists.

And what it collects a little breakdown of all the little characters so this dust jacket you got the minutemen this one you have the comedian was a little disappointed that it was just an all black hardcover. I don t know why they didn t spring for like the wraparound cover or anything. So. This book is not collected based on mini series it s not like you re gonna see minutemen one through six its chronological based on when the books came out so it s minutemen.

One silk spectre. One comedian one night out of one and you can tell it was meant to be that way because that overarching story. The crimson crusader. It says like part 1 part.

2 part. 3 at the end of each issue. So here s a minutemen number 1 takes place in the late 30s and for early 40s so expect another one so you get different artists on each book different creative teams. The silk spectre stuff plays off of the movie kind of like we re with you know the mother is the original one and the daughter takes up the mantle here s like the second issue of crimson corsairs like black and white like a pirate thing.

It s it got a little supernatural those comedian comedians cool because he like exists in all of the arrows in the watchmen mythos. He s around he s a teenager in the minutemen. He s all the guy in the 60s in the modern times was a jelly art. I definitely liked it yeah now i remember he does like he did like the superman batman run that looks similar.

He has a very distinct style and the panelling was very similar with these circles and half circles. Yeah. Ozymandias was a standout for me some spectres like in the 60s and acid and stuff night owl boy. Dr.

Manhattan. So dr manhattan was a little trippy speaking of trippy..

Yeah here s the rorschach stuff. You tell us vermejo. Well the mole look stuff was pretty deep especially this with him in hajiman deus. I don t know if everything that happens in this book was in the movie or if they kind of added more to how he got cancer and stuff.

And why comedian was crying inside of his bedroom. You know in that scene. So i think i was shown for the first time in this book. Which was cool to see the you know the reasons.

Why that s pretty much it guys at the end of the book. You get a variant cover. Valor. Variant cover gallery.

You have some jim lee stuff so i guess. Jim lee. Did variants to each of these ones. Here s jim lee again bonus gallery.

There s a pool. They libra. Meho. Are you also that is before watchmen kind of what everybody was saying who read it you ll like some of it you won t like some of it you know i tend i liked it all.

But some of it just was a little too drawn out let me know what you think about before watchmen in the comments below are you planning to pick up the omnibus again. I think it just really depends on how big of a watchman fan are you that movie is underrated man. I love the watchmen movie make sure to subscribe to the channel for more recent reads for more comic book hauls more statue reviews. More cgc spotlights daily content tune in hit the bell statement e.

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