Res-Q-Jack Training

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” re gonna go ahead and come up and put pressure on this pin and get get ready because that one over there already has pressure on the pin. So it ready to go so. Now the only thing that we re gonna do here at this point is we re gonna put a person on this jack. We re gonna put a person on the other jack somebody s gonna be in charge of this lift and we re just simply gonna they re gonna have a cadence and they re gonna call this liftoff and you re gonna say turn go momma.

I don t like counting because when we run out of 10 digits and sometimes it s harder for us. So. We ll use a command like go. So.

Whenever whoever is in charge says turn you give one full rotation all right and so you re gonna stay in unison. If this vehicle is leaning this way we re gonna lift it leaning that way we re not gonna try to even it up because if you try to even it up what are you doing you re putting pressure on that victim so if it s leaning we lift it on the lane. Now some of the things that you have to consider is great cuz..


We re gonna be picking up where s the weight of this vehicle from where here forward then we re gonna lift that part of it so if we were on a downhill angle. We start to lift this up that vehicle could start chasing off base as soon as we lose that that point of contact. So we would do those tile ups remember those 27 foot straps. We re gonna tie it off going back uphill well what else will be opposing force.

So we tie back off going downhill right because we don t pull it up hill. Because then when you start to lifted it ll start going this way so we want opposing forces. So if you have to take into consideration stuff like that make sure that you use those straps. If you had the stakes.

We could come out this way if we re afraid it was gonna go uphill or downhill then we can tie it off going that way so we re gonna put a person in charge. Don t put a person on each of these jacks now if you lift an inch. What do we do cribbing it so i don t know how much manpower you guys have on a normal accident..


But at home we may have to take it out of ten. So i put a step shot right here at the base of the foot here cuz. So as that person s going up. They can sit here and tack that in on their own.

We don t have to have two more people committed just to do do some proving stabilization. So let s put a person on each deck a person in charge of it and we ll pick this thing up sorry. That s good now. I think the notice is we ve elevated the vehicle.

But guess what our stability didn t change and plus. You re gonna have cribbing in place as a backup. So now at this point so we lifted a vehicle up so we can get our vehicle arm out so we pulled the arm out and now we re still need to go in the roof removal..


We can go in the roof removal nothing ever changed at all now. This is where the secondary p. And remember how i talked about it let s say we had to go up we had a victim that was pin. We had a rollover ejection the vehicle pan completely under our victim pants pinned under the video so when we went up our 12 inches.

We couldn t it wasn t enough poor victim out that s where you would come back in you put this pin in right. There at the collar. You d lower the pressure down on to that pin lower your jack down. We d go up another 12 inches.

And you can keep doing that until you run this tube. All the way out now yeah. Someone asked..


If what do we do if we had a concern over here with our jay hook as far as let s say. We didn t we weren t paying attention. We were in a hurry and we had our jay hook slid all the way up and line. It up let s say that we were we re at the top of our 12 inches our jacket bottom now so now the only thing that you do is you ll come in here.

You ll drop your pin in underneath your jack lower down onto that pin pull this pin out now lower. My jack all the way down capture that pin and go up another 12 inches. ” ..


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