Review: 1TB (G-Technology) G-Drive mobile USB-C drive

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“Look at the mobile usb c. Drive from g drive. This is a macbook centric centric portable. One terabyte 7200 rpm drive let s check it out how s it on this friday.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is jeff benjamin with nine to five mac. We are unboxing the mobile usb c. Drive from g drive and inside the box.

You re going to find of course. The drive itself some documentation and a couple of usb c cables..

Now that s all that s in the package. This is a bus powered drive so no power adapter needed. Which is really nice. It s plug and play alright.

So these usb cables. Here the first one is a usb c2 usbc cable. So usb c on both ends. Fully reversible and the other cable has the usb.

8. Connector on one side and usb c..

On the other and now we ll unwrap. The mobile usb c. Drive on the front of the drive. You ll notice.

A status indicator and a usb c input. And it s very small device. Very lightweight as well again. One terabyte 7200.

Rpm and read speeds that max out at 136 megabytes per second. We re going to test that out right now using quick pinch..

So this will run a series of read and write tests on the drive and will give us the average of each test at the end all right. So. This is write speed about 108 megabytes per second in the read about 127 megabytes per second so very close to the advertised maximum threshold of 136 megabytes per second not bad one of the kind of odd things about the mobile. Usb c.

Drive. Is the fact that the status indicator for the drive isn t on the rear of the device for easy viewing. Because generally you re going to have the you see the status indicator right there generally you re going to have the usbc cable pointed away from you in most cases. I would at least.

I wouldn t have it pointing towards me. And that means that the status indicator is not going to be visible..

When it s positioned this way. Just a small nitpick otherwise solid drive lives up to its speed claims. If you re looking for an end to end. Usb c.

External drive. Solution then this is one product. That will definitely work with the latest macbook. Let me know what you think in the comments.

This is jeff with nine to five ” ..

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