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“Up dude bros. I m frank this is a video review of a nerf strife strife battle camo edition. Too long didn t read yes. It is just a normal.

But i m still gonna make another review on it because it s a cool paint job. Heck yeah. And it comes with some snazzy attachments. So let s get into it.

Included is the blaster with a snazzy paint job stock barrel. 10. Brown banana mag for grip 10 battle. Camo.

Darts. And the instructions. The battle. Camo strife is a flywheel operated last term.

It requires four double a alkaline batteries to operate to install remove the battery cover install your four double a alkaline batteries and return the battery door and you re good to go again just to be super. Clear. This is just a normal strife. So if you ve already seen and held a strife.

And you don t care to see another strife review. You can leave now but their strife is my favorite blaster so of course. I m gonna review in identical reskin blaster with a snazzy paint job so external overview starting out with the front. It does include a barrel extension.

This isn t a new extension. It s been on the market. It s the modulus front barrel. Thing this component does not have any of the battle camo peaked or anything like that it s just a regular modulus extension.

Unlike the vertical grip. This is the same vertical grip. That s like the modulus foldable grip meaning. It s not a new attachment.

However this is painted blue in the bottom. Which is new of course. It has a rail attachment point up here to slide on to any in strike tech to cool rail. And this little orange button.

Here allows you to fold the grip like that so it s in a vertical grip mode and then it s an you know big chunky piece of plastic mode. I don t really see any reason to have it foldable like like that but it folds. Because reasons when you remove the attachments you see the front barrel lug. Which allows you to attach any barrel extension.

The high net is the front sling attachment point down here you have um strike. Tacticool rail up in the top. We have the access door you can lift that to clear out any jams and down below. You have the magazine well of course.

It s compatible with any in strike. Tactical mag..

What the magazine included is a ten round capacity banana style magazine. Just like the modulus mag compared to a few recent. Sloppy mag wells like the infamous in particular the mag well on this strife is fantastic. But it is the exact same as the regular strife behind the magazine well is the magazine release it s in this center line ambidextrous position.

So you can strike it with your right hand or your left hand. Because operators have to go full ambi breath up top we have it in strike. Tactical rail. So you can put on your sniper scope or a red dot whatevs in down below.

We have our triggers. The strife of course is a semi automatic blaster so every time you pull the trigger you just fire once it s not an electronically controlled trigger system like the regulator. Below. The firing trigger is the red trigger of course.

It s a flyweight power blaster to rev up you ll do that and for optimal. Results of course. You hold down the red trigger for about a second or two. Before you start.

Firing the grip is identical to the regular strife. Grip. Again this blaster is identical to a regular strife. But this is kind of like the normal elite style grip right now.

I m tall i have a giant hand. But it s still a very comfortable grip. I like it and at the bottom here we have a sling attachment or a lanyard mount attached. Here.

We have the included stock. Which is super short kind of like the retaliator stock and i think it matches. The blaster well. But interestingly.

This is not a battle camo stock like in any way. There s no blue paint on this at all so you could still put this on to any other nerf like modulus style blaster and it wouldn t seem out of place whereas. If you put the blue vertical grip on to like an orange dry for any other nerf blaster that isn t battle camo. It would look a little strange.

But it doesn t collapse or adjust. It s just a small miniature stock pretty simple that attaches to the strife with a standard n strike stock attachment point like that and if you don t like this little stock. You can put on any other. Stock ebike that is the external overview of the battle camo strife again.

It s the same as a normal strife. But cooler cuz. It has a paint job on that note this battle camo paint looks awesome like i think it looks really well done. And they painted this side super elaborate multiple colors and over here.

I really appreciate that they painted some elements black. So they really pop out of the camo. It just looks awesome not saying black as opposed to a different color. But like up here.

We have the nerf logo that s unpainted so it s just all white right there and it s cool that you can feel it and see it when you look up close. But i think painting it a high contrasting color like black just makes it look clean and awesome..

So that s the extra low review of the battle camo strife. Let s see it out of the range spoiler. It works just like a regular strife. Now some waffle my charts of course.

I had an absolute blast firing the strife. Because the strife is my favorite blaster and this operates just like every other strife. However i reported an issue with the modulus strife. The previous generation.

The amazon exclusive white. One that modulus strife had an issue with the thermistor. So if you fired off rounds. Superfast like if you had pre loaded 18.

Round. Mags and you wanted to go fast. The thermistor would shut off the circuit. I explained that in the modulus strife review.

When that came out i m pleasantly surprised that the battle camo stripe does not share that same issue so they ve repaired it the thermistor doesn t close off the circuit. When you fire off super fast. I successfully blew off like 10 18 round mags in a row. Very quickly in succession with fast reloads and was able to continue firing the thermistor didn t cut off the circuit.

So it is awesome that that s no longer an issue haven t tested it. But i m sure if you throw in like imrs or trust fires. The thermistor will still shut it off and it should if they re muster issue. I m referring to cut down the circuit.

When you re running just normal. Alka lines and of course. No gems or math. Functions.

Using the battle. Camo strife. Again. The performance was pretty much the same as most other stripes.

But just to be sure i put the battle camo strife up on my chronograph. And i achieved an average velocity of 72 feet per second. Which is right on that elite par right now and pretty comparable to past stripes. I think i have like 30 orange stripes and if you chrono each of them they will all achieve a slightly different average.

So i could say this is just a regular strife. Even if the old models got like a slightly slower average. That s just one out of like the whole series. The blaster is effectively the same.

But in line with other elite blasters on the market right now at 72 fps compared to that 70 fps par. That combined with no jams and malfunctions in this super snazzy paint job lead to a super positive experience. I like the blaster. But you knew that before you clicked on the video.

Didn t you i m not gonna not like a strife that is not a challenge hasbro do not make a strife that i don t like that that will upset the overall opinion on the battle camo strife super positive is it worth the extra money for the battle camo paint in these silly attachments that call is completely up to you i personally think the battle camo colors are super cool i happen to like blue. If you couldn t tell..

But it comes in at a slightly higher cost to makes sense to me because it comes with the stock and these attachments is that worth it again completely subjective call that you can make yourself hopefully. I ve laid out all of the objective information on the battle camo strive for you to make that purchase decision for yourself. If you d like to buy one i ll leave a purchase late in the description box below. But if you don t have a strife.

Everybody needs a strife every real nerf er needs a strike bro like come on i think i have like 50. Now like i have a problem well some people would call it a problem. I call it a solution yeah. But that s it for the battle camo strife review.

Thanks so much for watching bros and as always stay tactical. tuff. But regardless. This is a classic look it s a classic color and there s absolutely nothing wrong with that we ll start at the top and go down just like we did before i m wearing the same express performance dress shirt as i did before to kind of keep that the same.

I didn t want to switch anything up there. I just wanted the top and the bottom to be the main focus here. But the jacket on this and the pants as well are a very high quality wool product. It s thin its lightweight and the suit jacket has been fitted as well as the pants.

So this is a tailored suit even though it s a classic cut the pants are a little bit baggy. This is a tailored suit so that kind of gives you that look right there. But nonetheless. The jacket is very very high quality.

Even though it s not stretchy like the other one was before it still feels very comfortable because it s fitted through the shoulders. It s fitted down the sides. And it s perfectly tailored to my fittings so in that regard. I think.

This is just as comfortable as the express jacket was before however it s comfortable in a different way in the sense. Where this feels comfortable because it s fitted whereas that felt comfortable because it was stretch now one thing that i m not too particularly crazy about is the length of this jacket. It literally feels like it is so long and it s just a 42 regular that has been tailored at the size. So i don t love how long this jacket is at all i think.

It s kind of an older look. Which is fine if you go for that. But it s just not my cup of tea. Personally otherwise the jacket fits really really well again the sleeve length is perfect it shows just enough of the cuff.

Although i do believe that it could be brought up just a hair more again just personal preference. That s all kind of based on what you like otherwise. There s no peeking going on on the lapels right here maybe ever so slightly like right. There.

You can kind of see that but regardless. That s because i put on size in muscle since i got this suit tailored originally but regardless this is hugo box. This is high quality. That s kind of what you re going for when you go for a name brand like this now.

Let s move on to the pants again. I m going to do just like i did before take off the jacket. So you can see what i m talking about here with the waistline and everything moving down into the pants like i said. I did have the waist taken in so it s slightly tighter here than the expressed ones were before cuz.

Again these have been fitted and these aren t stretchy so again this is that nice wool material. Very lightweight very very breathable very flowy..

Which is actually really really nice for a suit to have even though. The other one s stretchy. These feel very similar in comfort simply because again they have been tailored cuz. I have the waist taken in here it makes through that the pockets aren t peeking just like i mentioned before how i don t like that i have a problem with that with suits off of the rack.

I have to get it altered because otherwise the pockets literally stand up just like this it looks ridiculous. So i have them alter the pockets are not peeking. And it fits me nicely booty as well even though. It is a straight fit cut now like i mentioned earlier.

I did not purchase this suit. It was gifted to me from my uncles. I m not sure on the cost based on what i ve seen on like nordstrom neiman. Marcus stuff like that i m gonna guess to make this suit to be anywhere from 800 to a thousand dollars in value hugo boss is a nice brand and make a nice quality product.

But it s a name brand. So you re gonna pay for that brand a little bit when it comes to the cost. And it is a pretty high quality wool from what i can feel. And what i can tell it feels like a nice high quality product.

But it s going to be more expensive again because you re paying for that brand. But overall hugo boss has a brand really really good stuff love this suit. Even though i think the express suits a little bit better. I still like the fit on this i still like the quality on it.

It has a little bit of a classic feel to because again. It s got that classic cut that classic shape so overall. This is still not a bad suit at all so wrap everything off. I think if you re looking for a really high quality suit.

That is not that expensive and fits really really well off the rack. It s comfortable it s stylish. And it s modern definitely go with the express suit 100 go with the express suit if all of those things fit your criteria of the perfect suit for you i think express is definitely a place that you should look and consider buying a suit from now on the other end of the spectrum. If you re looking for a name brand looking for a suit that s going to last a really really long time and looking for a very high quality product in a classic fit hugo boss is going to be for you it s classic its stylish.

It s never going away. And it s a brand that puts a lot of effort and thought into each of their products. So with that being said. I think that both of these suits are absolutely worth your consideration so before we close out today s video guys i want to give a huge thank you and shout out to today s video sponsor rose gold and black as you guys know they re my favorite jewelry company and they sponsor me on a weekly basis to make content for you guys so it d be absolutely awesome.

If you click on the link in the description of this video head over to rose gold and black comm. Where you can look at some of my hand selected favorite pieces on their website. They ve got jewelry watches necklaces bracelets. Literally everything you could ever want and they will take your style game up to the next level click on that link head over to rose go to black comm take advantage of a discount on your boy.

And don t forget to let him know who sent you alright guys that wraps it up for today s video. If you liked the video drop a big fat thumbs up down below. Leave your comments in the comment section. Let me know if videos you want to see next.

And i ll do my best to make those for you. But also if you have not already hit that subscribe button turn your post notifications on so you can see when i post a video next and i will see you guys next week. I m out ” ..


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