Ring Chime Pro Wi Fi Extender

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“We re going to be hooking up a ring chime pro wi fi extender keep keep watching our video will show you how he did hey what s up guys s jeff lepard from jeff will part calm today. I m gonna be showing you how to hook up a ring chime pro wi fi extended this is for your ring. Application such as your floodlight cam your camera your ring pro. Door doorbell camera or any of the doorbell cameras from ring.

This also works with other devices as well. But i m just going to be installing this because i m going to be hooking up a floodlight cam. And the wi fi will not reach the front of the driveway. So therefore i already know i m gonna use one of these i need it so i m gonna just go ahead and take you through the process get this open plug it in and actually hook.

It up on my phone. So the first thing..

I m just gonna get this out of the box okay and it s quite simple. It s just the here we have the the ring this is your chime the wi fi extender and of course we get instructions in there so really it s nothing much to it i m just gonna go ahead and install it by the wall close to the door. Where i want where i want to install it where i know it s gonna send a signal to the floodlight cam. So watch the next step and we ll show you how we do this okay so right now.

I m at the location. Where i want to install the ring chime. But before you do that it s important to download the ring app off of the google play store because you re gonna be needing that to set up your devices. Which i actually am going to do i ve already got the ring app already installed on my phone.

So you definitely have to do that first to get this app. Going so if you just look at my phone..

I m just gonna open up the ring app. Now so here. I don t have anything set up on current on my device or even in the app. So this is going to be the very first device that i m actually going to be installing so there s a button here it says setup device.

Okay so we have a list there s doorbells security cams chimes. So we re gonna go to chimes and chime is the door chime and chime pro is what i have that s with the y5 extender so that s what actually what i m gonna pick so i m gonna select chime pro okay so here it s telling me plug chime pro into the standard wall outlet. Okay so i m going to take the chime here now and just plug that in okay. So that s plugged in i m going to tap continue okay would you like to name this chime pro.

Okay and let s just go. We ll go hallway..

Now a loud ring to access your device location allow okay we re gonna confirm actually we re gonna enter the address and please wait for a ring logo to pulse slowly okay so i m not sure if you guys can see. But the the ring logo is indeed flashing if you can see that so that is that s good we re gonna hit continue okay the pulsating light on the front of your chime pro means. It is ready to connect okay the ring app is now talking okay which wi fi network. We re going to pick our network.

I gotta enter the password restoring your phone s internet connection. Okay your chime pro is now connected to my network. Okay just another moment congratulations setup is now complete on the next screen you ll select the ring devices you want to associate with the chime pro. There we go and that s all that s that s all to it okay.

So that s all it takes the next step you will just have to connect your floodlight cam. Your doorbell whatever you have whatever ring product..

You need to connect to this device and you ll go through the app to setup that as well so that s it for this. It s a simple video today just want to thank you for watching our video. Don t forget the share of the video like our video comment hit the subscribe button hit the bell turn notifications on and leave a comment ask us anything you d like us to do or if you have any comments. Please leave that down below in the comment section until then thanks for watching jeff lipari comm.

We ll see on the next ” ..

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