Rockstar s Plan BACKFIRED! Red Dead 2 s Shocking State, Customers CAUGHT By Refund Policy

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“Dead redemption to release this week on pc. But not easily it was to a a suite of severe technical issues. Many players are unable to even launch the game those who can well they re reporting performance problems while others are wrestling with a tremendously fe. Refund policy rockstar have begun the process of healing with a day to patch that solves some issues.

But the crux still remains how can they justify this and how can they justify a refund policy. That is worded in the way that theirs is hey. Everyone and welcome back to other industry report of course as always be sure to like sub and ring that bell to keep the algorithm happy and with that let s get started. So red.

Dead. Twos launch has been far from smooth rockstar released recommended specs at the start of october. But well players are not finding that those specs do not provide a recommended experience whatsoever. Nvidia.

Then actually have released their own recommended specs based off the in game. Benchmarking tool. And well they differ. Significantly rockstar recommends a gtx 1060.

But if you re hoping to hit 1080p with decent settings. Then nvidia suggests. An rt x. 2060.

Now to push the detail past higher to get up to 1440p well you lead an rt x. 2070 or 2070 super. If you want to get ultra. Well.

That s a 20 atti. Now not only is an rt x. 28. Dti.

Like the bass gpu in the market. But say if you want 60fps at 4k. You ll need a mix of medium and high settings. Not even maxed.

So it seems like rockstar well didn t hold back from the high end whatsoever. And while this is going to feel bad. Now for those rockin. A 20 80 ti maybe a 9900 k.

It does make sense given the average lifetime of a rockstar game on pc. I do remember gta. 5 s launch which well that triggered many gtx970 owners to realize the issues that that car had going above 35. Gigs of vram usage.

I mean just look at how how far pc hardware s came since then now rockstar may have just figured this into their development. Expecting benefits that you know their game will just like keep up. Technically if your is down the line. However.

It s also very likely that they just did not optimize..

It well because as much as most of that statement. Normally makes i mean clearly they did not hit their targets. With their recommended specs giving roughly a recommended experience now i should also mention that yes nvidia stool does point out pretty much how wrong rockstars recommendations were and of course those are the recommendations that they sold customers products based on. But i should mention and maybe of course do have an incentive to try to upsell you a more expensive at card.

Not saying they re doing that but i mean i think it is worth mentioning but yes. Keeping your settings in line with invitees recommendations should allow you to run the game optimally. But even those with the proper hardware are struggling to cast an eye over to write it or twitter is to see numerous reports of the game s technical difficulties with many people being unable to even launch the game and well if it was out and steam right now. I m pretty sure.

The steam reviews will tell the story players have reported a variety of bugs and crashes. But perhaps the most common one is well this red dead redemption. 2. Exited unexpectedly that s an error message that loads of people are getting now this crash has been reported on both the epic games and rockstar launcher version of the game basically the game won t launch and the error messages explanation of how to fix this is rather limited the closest that it gets is to recommend relaunching the game in safe mode with reduced graphical settings.

Which i mean it s obviously not fixing the issue now. The message also does provide a link to the rockstar support faq. Page. Where it cites the most common cause as well out of date.

Graphics drivers now it suggests that the versions released in line with red dead redemption. 2. Should solve most problems rockstar later recommended the players actually just disable antivirus software or just add the game as an exception as a means to fix that crash. Which of course was echoing.

Some advice from a previous community fix now of everything another common and rather perplexing issue is that that of the rockstar launcher itself. There are countless reports of the launch for crashing even before opening the game. Though it seems to be a bit more frequent on systems that are running the new rise in cpus. And this is a pretty interesting story so back in july.

When the new chips launched destiny. 2. Was unplayable on those cpus for almost an entire month now to keep it quick a difference in implementation of one cpu instruction in the new chipset stopped the game from launching until. The issue is fixed on amd s and via a bios update.

And something similar seems to be happening here. Although. It s tied to the rockstar launchers drm implementation. So players found that the same tool that lets gta.

5. Skip the rockstar launcher does work for red dead redemption. 2. It does let the game launch.

But ultimately. It s not really a solution because they then get caught an infinite loading screen now this particular issue persists among most bios versions for rising users. Although the much older versions and the recent and h100. 4.

Seem to have a higher success rate. So that s either a case of downgrade or upgrade either might help maybe either way. It s pretty clear. The red dead.


Experience is a bit scuffed. And did not go through enough testing. Before was shoved out the door by rockstar now the most recent attempt to address the issue on rockstars end was a patch for both the game. And the launcher and this seems to have fixed major problems for some players.

But others are still having major problems now rockstars. Only public comment was this we are aware of ongoing issues preventing some people from playing our dr2 on pc. And are actively working to resolve them now they said this about an hour before they released the patch and about 30 hours after the game launched which i mean is quite the gap now this of course is where we then discover the rockstars refund policy. Frankly is an absolute joke so rockstars refund policy is that digital games and bundles redeemed through the rockstar launcher may be refunded within 14 days of purchase at the discretion of the retailer sounds good so far.

But it states that a refund cannot be granted if the game has more than two hours of play time nor if the transaction included physical goods virtual currency or any other non refundable item of course those pre order bundles some of them did have virtual currency. But the real problem here is that the policy applies to pre order so in short they re doubly protected anyone who pre ordered red dead redemption. 2. More than 14 days before the release is because that statement not eligible for a refund.

However unplayable the game may be if you preorder. It at all your virtual currency will immediately redeem so technically you can t refund either her head to was marketed. I mean pretty much as the marquee release for the new launcher and rockstar took great efforts to incentivize those unruh fundable pre orders for their own store. And you know for no others.

Like they really they were giving you free games. And all that stuff now this story is courtesy of a reddit user who posted screenshots of their conversation with rockstar support. Now this rockstar wrap stated that they were unable to help with a refund because of the expiration of that 14 day period. But that the request could be referred to a dedicated team so this could at least indicate some potential for discretionary refunds.

Though. The process is a lot more cumbersome than it is in other stores such as steam overall. It s just a bizarre story and a bit of a badly implemented policy. There i mean we ve not heard tales of day one purchases being refused refunds.

But we just need wait and see no information is readily available about returns from the epic game store version of it either but presumably they are covered under a fix refund policy which is in line with steam. But i believe is slightly less automated than steams so the overall community reaction here though it s ranged from anger to a sort of exhausted resignation. Rockstar. Don t exactly have a great track record for their pc releases.

But the company s renewed focus on the pc space. I mean it did give fans of their game. Some cause for optimism this optimism was short lived i m the lack of communication the highly a fee refund policy the just severe attempt to get those pre orders yeah. It s aggravated.

Many sometimes have you know chosen to vent their frustrations by bombing the game s metacritic. Page it s currently go to user score of 33. Against the 94 critic score. Which i mean yes sucks for the devs who actually made the game.

But you can see why especially in a world where steam like reviews are not a thing because it won t come out and steam till later that said. I should give just a quick word responsibility. So it s always tricky with stories like this to get a complete view. While there are always some vocal commentators.

There are also often countless other experiences that we never get to hear red dead. 2. Is running pearly for many many players. But it does seem to be running perfectly fine for many more and as always there will be more of a negativity bias in you know those posts and comments.

So if we re being realistic the issues faced by what appears to be everyone well that could easily be acceptable losses to rockstar when it came to actually making the decision to release this now they went into red dead redemption 2pcs release with pretty much everything to lose right the game was critically acclaimed on its console..

Release last year. Sold upward of 20 million copies over the christmas period. Which is just mind boggling. And yeah.

Fans were clamoring for a pc release they had to wait of course. But i mean normally that ll be a small price to play right for one of the most impressive games ever you know coming to hardware could really do it justice and sadly thus far it doesn t seem like that has happened perhaps a delay would have pushed red dead redemption to pc into next year. And i imagine that take two well they probably want that holiday you know period sales right now they want that christmas mtx alright imagine that s why it s out now even though it clearly is not ready you know with this big pc push and the new launcher. They could have really made it a pro pc.

Thing like they are you know redoubling their efforts. But instead yeah. They just kind of dropped it on rock with people. Without much warning and clearly nowhere near enough development.

Time. I mean their launcher was crashing on recently released cpus doesn t that tell you everything it s pretty obvious. What they re doing here right they are you know if they re hunting down money now i get it that s what companies do. But it s the way that they ve done it and the way that they ve done it pretty much definitely at the expense of the quality of the product.

This is of course all bad timing with their new push for the launcher hoody has soured that of course that launcher. Though it seems to be mostly a financial decision releasing on their own launcher first followed by epic with the banner revenue split and then finally steam with the worst revenue split yeah. It s a pretty transparent attempt to maximize profitability across all possible audiences. I mean especially since they pushed the pre orders on their own launcher and then had that really bad wreath on policy and you know elements of the plan would have been fine if the game launched perfectly and rockstar could carry that money home with a clear conscience.

But in its current form the game is severely lacking for many players the game. And the launcher. I should add now this story is developing of course. It is always possible for rockstar to turn this around with a few patches looking at their history.

And given. How quick their audience is to forgive and forget being real when it comes to dramatic things. Yeah. Rockstar will probably get away with it they have a history of doing so overall.

I d say their release is just a cautionary tale for the danger of digital pre orders as always think as husband powered it for approaching a decade now don t pre order its that s a bad idea. There s little this little des game. There s a lot to lose. This is yet another example of that and with that bit of timeless knowledge that many people have been just parroting for years and i will continue to power it for years.

Thank you very much for watching this video let me know what you thought down below. What is your experience being with our dr2 pc. Let me know and i will see you next time. ood day i can get around 150 m s.

If not lower if i m high if i m at lan i mean i ve had ten more of these coffees. I can hit 150 ms. I know that from experience okay from planes yes 20 years whatever right so you you can get rough indications of yourself and every response sounds different to every person. But you ll know if i go on to another monitor now and we ve got another monitor.

I make it like 180 to 200 m s. No but well this isn t right unless. I ve had really low sleep. I can play perfectly found a one point four hertz.

You don t need to forty heads..

It s a very nice thing to do it probably does give you a very very slight edge. I just love high refresh monitors. We have to understand there. But i m getting over 200 fps as well so you could argue say well you definitely have an advantage.

Because you know it displays every frame. So those people 144 hertz technically only seeing 144 fps yeah. Technically so i m seeing all 240 frames as you go by so you could argue that is it you know is how it works as well. But that s feeling it does that matter as much and not really you ll find 144 hurts to be honest.

So yeah. Any other questions guys let me i m just trying to think off the bat. Now favorite just let me know that s about if you if you like me to do more of these no reviews again. I just whatever a think um to be honest up to you okay wrote tldr or tl dw.

I guess used to say if you have the money you like high refresh rates. It s probably the best 240 as long as you can get right now yes. But there is a bot you can get 240 hertz 24 inch. Monitor again shall we do one of them as well which i have as well they re perfectly fine would use that as well but like i said they are cheaper.

Though i would i going to 240 hertz in my opinion is more important than going from 24 to 27 inch. That s a better way of doing it okay. So if you re at one for heads. And you like should i get a 27 inch.

One for 4 hertz. Monitor or should i get a 240 hair. To 24 inch monitor go for the 240 hertz. 24 inch.

Monitor okay. However if you have the money okay. And you want the benefits of both they go for it 27 inch. 240.

Hertz. Go for you will not regress. It okay. Good antastic.

Okay. Any other questions. Let me know. This is bye from me and frosty used his box again come over to my stream guys twitchtv slash on the screen you can just ask me at any point in my streams.

Any questions not just about the manas. I m using anything as well yeah. The audio. It s good okay cool goodbye.

” ..

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