Roku Streaming Stick (3500R), Hands-On Review, $50 for 1,000 Channels?

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“Welcome to dad does and today. We are reviewing the brand new roku streaming stick stick here it is it is just a stick plugs into the hdmi port of tv. And as it says you just plug it in and start streaming now that s not exactly true there a couple of additional steps and we re gonna take you through it. But is one of the easier ways to start streaming content directly to your tv.

Pretty neat. The newest and the line from roku let s take a closer look alright. So here is the box that comes in says plug it into your tv start streaming 1000. Plus channels.

Looks pretty simple looks great. We re gonna break it down. It does work well a couple things you need to be aware of so we re going to go over that so the device itself dead simple here. It is just an hdmi on one end.

And this obviously plugs into your tv. So you can start streaming the content. The only other real controls on it is there s a small reset switch a little bit hard to see. But right there if you need to reset the other element.

Though it does need power so on the back here you have a jack and it comes with a cable plugs into a usb port. So if you have a usb port on your tv great just plug it in there and that will get power to the stick. If not it does come with a wall mount so you will need to plug in a usb cable. Here and plug it into the wall.

And that s how you get power to this stick of course just having this stick and nothing else. But not too much for you so you do get this remote control. Now the roku remotes are known for their ease of use and we really do like it has a very simple control interface here i love there s a home button. We re gonna show all this you can go back ok play pause.

But we like these dedicated buttons right here so a lot of things you ll probably go to netflix amazon blockbuster em go just one click and you get right there. No matter. Where you are in the interface. So this is the remote control.

Which look very similar to anyone who is used to roku before you ll notice. There is something missing. We re gonna bring in another remote to show you what it is alright so we now hold what might look like two identical remotes. They look very similar this one here is for the roku.

2. This is for the brand new streaming stick. So what is the difference on them as you turn them over to the side. You will see the roku.


2. Here volume control because of this roku. The roku. 2.

Here has a jack on the other side plug in headphones. So this is a really neat feature private listening if you re lying in bed. You want to watch a movie and maybe your wife does not want to watch it can plug in headphones. There and listen directly through this remote control as you see here on the streaming stick.

They have removed that so there you lose the headphone jack on the remote and that ability to stream the audio direct to the remote and listen that way so if that s a big deal for you that could be a deal breaker. But that is one of the significant differences really the only significant difference between the two remotes between the roku 2 here and the new roku streaming stick alright just to continue on the comparison. Just so you know the different products in the roku line here is a roku 2. So obviously it s bigger.

I m gonna bring in the streaming stick right here the streaming stick is a stick and much smaller more compact but what the roku 2. Does have we re gonna flip it over to the back here in addition to the hdmi out does have these composite your video and right left audio. So if you have a tv that is not hdmi you re gonna need to go with it roku. 2.

It does have a power adapter you have to plug it in so a bigger unit does have the additional jacks on it also has as we said on the remote the ability to plug in a headphone on the streaming stick. Though super portable great if you re traveling. This is what we really like about it go into a hotel or something like that this is all you carry plus. The remote and you ve got yourself some streaming content right there.

But let s get into what you want to see what you re setting up and using the roku streaming stick alright so we re gonna take you through what happens when you plug it in you get this one language. We pick english this wall be pretty straightforward it ll say connecting to your network. You ll have this option here to hit continue it ll look for your wireless network. It will hopefully find your wireless network.

Then goes through the process of connecting obviously you put in your wep password. If you have one to your wireless network. But all straightforward stuff should not cause anyone any problems really easy configuration so once it s connected to the internet. It s going to get the latest update of the roku software once that happens you will see these bouncing real crude letters.

Meaning. That is got the necessary information now there is an additional step we re gonna show it here you have to enter a code in on your computer. So once it s all set up says go to your computer go to this address and enter that code in now the only reason we bring this up. Here is that you do need to put a credit card in or paypal.

Information you re not being charged anything right now. But if you do want to buy anything some of the channels are pay they do require that so that s just a step you know it s not immediately streaming you need to set up an account and put in a credit card in there once you got through that part you re gonna go through and add your channels in this is a key feature of the roku over a thousand channels. Many of them free a lot of different channels. Some of them do cost.


But we re just showing here it s pretty clear when it says add channel. And there s no price that means. It s free to get that channel there might be things you buy within the channel. But you ll see on some other channels where at the bottom it ll.

Say 499. And then you know that that channel cost money so and over on the side. There s a running total so we do like to interface clear you do know if you re paying for something or if it s free and you can always add channels. Later so you go ahead.

You ve added some channels loaded it up looks good you re all set to go and here you go into the interface. Which you people used ruku streamers. Before you re very familiar with so we re gonna take you through it here just showing here. How something works i picked curious george here click on it i want to watch this little piggy and real quick.

This is real time showing here it s retrieving it and it s up in its plane. So works very well in terms of streaming. That s obviously the most important thing. But let s just take you through some of the menu options here so the first is my channels.

Only got 24 set up here. But you could have up to a thousand this box over on the right here that s news just showing you that was it appears on your main menu takes you over to aol news might be helpful. I kind of found it a little annoying that it was taking up so much room on the home screen. But it is there that is a feature.

We re gonna go down to movies here and this they like to plug the end go a lot of em go here. I m not sure if they re working with roku or how that works but tons of movies. We do like how this is set up all the different genres new movies epic parties. Just all types of different categories pricing is very clear a lot of different options off and on them.

Whether you want hd or not hd. Rent or buy. We re just going to go into the blind side. Here just to show you that so you have some options here 299 to rent dollar.

99 rental non hd 1399. Purchase so we do like the interface and that again is very important when you re looking at a streaming player is it clear does it present the information they all stream pretty well. But how do they present the information. So we think the roku does about the best job of presenting all of this information.

The movies. The prices that categories to you in a clear manner jumping down to tv shows here again very straightforward. It s going to show you the tv shows a lot of different options in terms of whether you rent or buy and different sources. Again very clear interface with that nothing too new there jump down to news let me show you this briefly before but takes you over to aol news.


I guess this is helpful if you want to watch some news on your tv. So these streaming sources. So here is the news section click on anything that starts streaming again very easy and very easy to do with the remote control and then we re gonna jump back out here and we re going to go down to search. We re gonna come back to this i really like the search feature will show you in more detail in a second here s a channel store.

So that first time you set it up you were adding channels through your computer. But every other time you do it you just go right through this interface here and whatever channels. You want there s a lot and again. We like how it s categorized.

So top paid top free that s pretty good then finally settings. And this is just where you do your network settings. Looking at the search. Now.

And this might be the killer feature here. What we d love is you type in anything you want and act our name a movie and it will search multiple channels. So here i like bill murray. So i typed in bill murray.

I see a picture of some information about him. And i see 45 movies on roku. So when i go in here. I can see all of his different movies.

What s cool is it s bringing it up from all the different sources and different prices so i m a twisted moonrise kingdom. I want to see that so i go ahead and select it and as i come over here. And i look at the different options. What it s going to show is is that i have hbo hbo go.

I can actually see that for free as opposed to. Spending 6. 97 or. 699.

On amazon. So that is a great feature of it want to show you something else here on 8. You can bring in your facebook information this is just another channel bring in your feed. Photos videos your friends your own so i m just gonna call a video to show how this works in just a neat way.

If you re in the living room to show some videos without having to pull out a computer. We had some baris in the backyard. So i want to show some friends that video. I click it and here it comes the bears come right up on the screen.


So that s just a neat feature then you can bring in all your facebook stuff a lot of channels like that where you can bring in stuff from the cloud. That s when the cool things about the streaming stick all right you just want to bring up another feature. There is an app. You can get for the iphone or android and this allows you to use your phone as a remote control.

So pretty straightforward you can left right up down. Okay home everything s here. One of the nice features. Though so you can go to a keyboard here so.

When you are searching for stuff. You can actually type on here. Which is a little bit easier than than remote for the most part. Honestly we like the remote that comes with the roku better.

But let me show you something cool here alright. So we ve just gone to the options here and there s something called play on roku. I m going to click on that and what this is neat is you can basically stream anything that is on your phone over to the roku streaming stick. So you can do music you could do photos you could do videos so this is a nice feature.

If you want to take something that s on your phone and show it on your big screen tv. So i m going to go ahead. And just call up a photo here just to show how this works. We ll go to a nice flower show here.

And what you do is a very straight for you select any of the photos that you want so if i want to go and bring this nice purple. One here and what does this it says adding to play on roku and it s just going to show it up on your tv. Which we will show now and so there you go i m streaming that photo directly from my phone to the roku streaming stick showing up on my tv and of course. I can control it on the phone.

So i ve just click the button to go to the next picture. And there it is so that s a nice bonus feature in there not talked about a lot. But we like the ability to stream. What s on your phone including videos.

Photos and music directly to your tv. If that s a quick look at the roku streaming stick. We love it simple portable easy to set up 50 price tag over a thousand channels. A lot to like about it come on over to dad.

Does comic end of a full review and all the information on the streaming stick. ” ..

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