RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank AM FM NOAA Radio Review

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“Welcome to aqua hamster today i ll be viewing this running snail multi purpose hand hand crank radio models md 0. 9 0. And this one costs roughly 25. What 25 26 dollars on amazon here s being it it s got adjustable wrist strap and also a carabiner and the top over here.

This is the solar panel for charging the built in battery. And right over here gears tune and then there s the low battery indicator. Currently the red led is illuminated that just means that this one is currently charging the building battery. I were to cover this up completely the led light will extinguish and since we re talking about the solar panel over here right on the back of it well this is the for led reading light closes off this button right on top.

This is the led flashlight and i can turn this dial to make it like this spot. It will shine it on a specific spot sounds like this basically zooming in on the light. This led flashlight is not the strongest. I ve seen nor is it the weakest for example.

If you ve seen. My review recently about the flashlight is built into battery banks those are very weak. This one is a lot more practical some of the other information on top over..


Here 4 am. We got the different kilohertz megahertz for fm and also the weather band and to switch between the different bands turn at the switcher to weather for example and just turn on hold the antenna out this is the loudest of all and tune. It first sm mr t. All right a great baseball camps in the area.

What have a three headed monster turned off when it tunes to the channel. That s can that is here s audio. Getting some cardio clarity. The green led illuminate right by this tune over here.

Now of course. There s also a m2. I can t have this off on a bomb here s a flip switch this flip switch. There s couple ways of powering.

The unit to currently set to lithium ion that means that at two thousand yuan capacity battery. I mentioned earlier the 18 650. That s in here is powering your device if this way..


I charge. I can also switch switch it to triple a flip that dial and then i ll back over here if i just open this compartment. I can place three triple a batteries in here to power the unit that s very handy. I love it when there s more than one way to power the device.

This is the one that s for hand cranking the radio for every one minute of cranking you get about twenty minutes of radio or thirty minutes of light. Suppose a backup there s a i can also charge the building lithium ion battery through the micro usb input they did provide a mic usb cable and there s also a usb output for charging cellphones on a pound. We have another switch. If i flip it to the top that s sos emergency situations.

Kearney sf set back to the middle. If i flip it all it it down this one will enable the usb out to be powered. So now i can plug in like usb cable to charge my smart phone charge my portable cameras if i wanted to and this is my samsung galaxy s7 is charging and here s my trusty leisure meter. Which measures the volts and amperage miss measuring four point eight one volts is charging my smartphone roughly 03 03 03 three amps and what that means is if we were to compare it with other.

Devices a computer usb output is five 05. Amps. So this one will charge my smart phone..


But at a lower speed like i said. This is for emergency situations. So when you re in a pinch. Yeah.

I don t think you re going playing about it. This is not something i ll be using every day to charge my smart phone the some pros and cons very easy to use i love that i can power it with the lithium ion battery or the triple a battery disorder patent over here is handy one thing i didn t like about it is that every time i flip this up the led light automatically ruminates. This is the for the reading light. Sometimes.

I say that the sun currently is that direction. If i want to face it towards a sudden well i want to place it down like this rather than lenient times. I need to prop it up somehow yeah just seems a it would nice if there was another switch to turn the reading light on or off rather have it be automatically turned on the one left flip this up now for the batteries. The portable cell phone charger.

That s really handy 10 ounces okay. Except that this part the part that turns left and right well this one is very loose. I haven t really found a way just to make it tighter..


There is a screw on this side over here. But that screw is to make this part tighten assign this piece right here not this part. So yeah. It s very loose.

Doesn t really stay up as a nice 1 watt. Led flashlight easily be operated with just one large one right on top over here. But overall. I do like this device because it s just 26 dollars.

So i would recommend it well thanks. Watching this review. If you have any questions comments suggestions feel free contact me. ” .


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