RuPaul s Drag Race S10 Finale Reactions w/ Queens Aquaria, Eureka, Kameron Michaels & Asia O Hara

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“Start your engines yeah mom i love your mom she s so sweet yeah. I i hated you for this it was so good only regal wow look at through ball and drop your skirt. Oh right. But really then wait for it oh no there s a snake on the runway somewhere mom.

I ve got ready for the dance break yeah getting interviewed by football is like obviously very intense. We all did it. But you know for me like puts me on the spot like make it or break. It.

And yeah..

I think we all had a good time from new york city on this one wife in a diaper and they would eat me churning looks sun ting pretty eye minutes from new york city. It was through dressing up like a woman. I learned how to be a man you know that s like that s my favorite thing. It s like sit and talk to people that has definitely proven to be like my favorite part about the show or about the competition is like talking to y all.

Or talking to her or talking to the judges. That s my new favorite thing in drive there s like a penis from the asses. This was this was my favorite yuri philip from the show you actually text me about that make did. I remember that oh not text me it was like literally your eye makeup slave.

My life oh yeah hello dang this is primo also you won t drag race..

And i am very very shocked at the talent and what you have accomplished and i am so proud of you and i love you dearly and i always a pickle they literally did not tell me that my grandmother was gonna be like oh. I had no idea that was happening they all made it work behind the scenes and i was like real good when that happened that s the guy yeah. She was beautiful too you actually looked like her an old lady are that it s like someone else was inside my body anyway back to you there i would like somebody people. But it s out of the body camera michaels you will be competing in tonight s shante.

You both stay how did you guys feel another double shante in the same season bitch when does that happen. But you didn t you know i was not gonna have a girl you barely look like the tiniest snack mixed about the guy. I know if there s anything like like true intimidation was like i was like this bitch could probably do half of the things i m doing and would look like it was two times. The things.

I was not so much..

Yeah. Yeah. I m so proud of us water winner of rupaul s drag race. America s next drag superstar is aquaria.

Oh. I would like to present. Everyone here tonight with the season 10 winner of drag race herself the one. We only aquarium.

I this whole season started a little bumpy for me and and i knew that things would get better for me..

But a lot of people were still a little confused. But i m just so grateful for everyone who like stuck it in and hey now or like stuck in with the dawning of the age of what turning of the edge of what give it up for miss. Oh. Let s try this again.

Hey squirrel friends. When one video ends just open up another one. It s called binge viewing good i support ” ..


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