Ryzen 7 2700X Gaming/Editing PC 2019! – [4k Editing

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” s going on everyone is lazy gonna here. And this is my new personal editing editing pc. Rig. This video is quite overdue.

And i mean like it was supposed come out a few months ago. But nevertheless here it finally is be sure to stick to the end of the video. Because i have a montage of me building the entire pc with benchmarks since many of you guys asked for the actual build in my previous videos for a full parts list be sure to look at the description and you can check out everything for yourself please do note that prices also do fluctuate depending on when you look so for the case. I decided to roll with cortese back omega rgb.

It is the black one and i chose this for two reasons. One it goes really well with the rgb setup and two if i decide to turn off all our gb lights. It looks stealthy af with tempered glass on the side and front. And included two rgb corsair.

Fans. It really looks good and as a winner all round continuing with the stealth black theme for the motherboard. I went with the asus rog strix x4 70s gaming..


It supports 2nd gen. Rising cpus right off the box as dual nvme m. Dot. 2.

Slots a pre mounted io shield. And the motherboard even has rgb lights. It also includes addressable rgb header. Which will come to use later on overall this is probably the best motherboard you can get for the 2nd gen.

Rising cpus. Which of course brings us to the cpu of this bull which is arisin 720 700 x keeping in mind this is an editing streaming pc. It makes all the sense to go with this processor as it has 8 cores and 16 threads affair this up with the asus rog strix rx 598 gig. It s a pretty big card with the triple fan setup.

But it really adds to the bowl as it also has rgb lighting and looks kulfi. But more on the performance of these two later on as for the. Ram i m rocking the 16 gigs of gskill..


Trial and z rgb series and for storage. We have an nvme 240 gigabyte mp. 300 from as for power. I went with the super flower led x.

650. Watt. Fully modular power supply and finally to keep everything cool. I ve gone with the kouga fcb 120 cooling kits and i just want to say a massive thanks to google for sending these out.

And helping out with the bull. Additionally. They also sent a set of addressable rgb led strips. Which is where that irish girl.

Heather comes into play. The kit. Includes three 120 millimeter..


Addressable. Rgb cooling. Fans that has a vortex technology. Which basically means that the design shape allows for airflow into a vortex.

Which helps improve cooling as opposed to regular fans. The kit also includes a co box which allows you to connect i believe up to six individual fans and two led strips. So you don t have to worry about looking for connectors on the motherboard. But probably the best thing about these fans is their ability to control them with whatever software you like it s compatible with asus or a sink msi mystic light gigabyte rgb fusion and even asrock polychrome sync.

Meaning synchronization is super simple usually when you buy fans from companies like coursera or nzxt. You have to easily own proprietary software. Which to be honest is a hassle this way you only need one software to control everything and in this case. I m going with the aces or a sync as many of the paths are from asics as for performance.

I ve kept everything at stock. But of course this pc is more than capable of overclocking and under artificial loads temperatures peaked around low to mid 60 s thanks to the cooling kit from cougar keeping everything super cool jumping into geekbench. We have a single core score of four thousand five hundred and eighty five and a multi core score of twenty six thousand two hundred and twenty seven in cinebench..


We got a cd score of one thousand five hundred and fifty one and moving over to fire strike. We have a store of twelve thousand eight hundred twenty five twelve times pi came in and score of four thousand six hundred overall. I wasn t surprised with his performance capabilities. Because this pc was mostly aesthetics over performance.

But when you do pair up top tier pals from each category. You re gonna be able to gain edit and stream. Flawless coming up at you right now is a montage followed by gaming benchmarks for a couple triple a titles. And that pretty much wraps it up i like to know your thoughts on this book.

And if you want more videos like this be sure to leave a like and as always thanks for watching. ” ..

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