Samsung 42″ Plasma HDTV Review

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“Right youtube. This is what i thought we would do since this tv is just just so wonderful and not having giving. It dude. Let s do this due.

Diligence s justice in the previous video. So i thought i bring you this you know this review this overlook of the samsung 42 inch plasma television that we have here just to give it its due diligence what it deserves i so without further ado let s get into the full review of the samsung 42 inch plasma high definition television alright so let s do this let s start with the remote. See the samsung remote here pretty sleek looking in my opinion. But you can see on the buttons.

We ve got power source number pad. See the previous channel volume and channel you know all the usual buttons the menu tools info return exit. These are specific buttons for certain functions then we have the controls to something that you may have the remote program tool. So take a look in the back.

Let s see we have two triple a batteries in there now i like this promote. I like how it fits in the hand feels really good its light one thing. It doesn t like to stay on the table. Because it s a little back heavy so if you leave it on the edge it tends to slide off.

But besides that it s a great remote alright so now let s go inside the television first of all let s look at the exterior. So we got to work on here aesthetically you can see the front. There you can see the thinness of it i think. It s about two and a half inches thick.

Not the thinnest flat screen on the market. But not to take his either take a look at the other side. See that well this screen here. I believe is forty two point three inches.

So they just rounded to 42 as far as advertising..

Forty two inches diagonally if you can see this at the bottom. I don t know how well you can. But it s kind of a burgundy color across the bottom of it that s pretty neat. The samsung symbol right there a little glass or plastic mount that gets plastic.

But this is nice little accent. And over here. You ve got the light indicating that it is in standby mode. So we can take a look at the ports.

What we can have attached to it you see right here we have one two hdmi ports right there in the back. You can see that we have another hdmi. We have this jack here for pcs this right here regular av port. But i have two high definition cables have another one down.

There and also we have the old cable port right. There. I give you a look at the back of it and samsung. You know some grills up there.

The spots. Where you were hanging on the wall hoping to do that sometime soon. So that s pretty much the gist of it outside you can see the stand that it s on right there pretty sturdy not too hard to attach doesn t wobble or anything like that so that s terrific and over here. I don t know how well you can see this but above the indicator light are the controls on the television and they are i want to say somewhat capacitive and somewhat physical.

I mean they are very small they are almost recessed. But if you give it a light tap just touch it you don t have to press. It it will come on so let s turn this puppy on love that sound. So now we are cooking with grease and as you can see right there.

The aspect ratio was 1280 by 720 so let s look at some of the features on this pup first let s go in the menu..

And you can see here. The mode that i have in is in dynamic now you can change that so you can have in a standard or moving mode. And i don t know how well you guys are picking up the difference in the 10th of the screen and the brightness. But there is a difference i like dynamic the best although at me.

I m pretty sure use the most energy. That s ok. See we have the cell light. They said.

It s 7 that goes up to 10 the contrast brightness sharpness color and the 10th now we go down to the sound mode right here. I have it in standard then to fancy about that you also have the equalizer as you can see there plug and play for and we have some issues with sun coming in let s move over here plug and play or you can hook up external devices. You can change. The language of course at the time have it in game mode with let us off right now.

V. Chip caption. And they have the melody on high so let s go down to something else you can look at the source list and i like this because if you can t remember what you have connected to what port this will help you out you see right here you see pc. There s nothing connected right now hdmi one dvi.

We have the cable av is the game nothing in component. One nothing into two other hdmi ports. So and you can name those so you don t forget what is where and be searching trying to watch tv or play a game or watch. A movie or whatever you may be doing so we just hit return let s go back right.

Here. Let s go let s go to the usb and let me make a correction on the porch that i were referencing earlier when i pointed to the two on the side those were actually usb ports. So that s my mistake and you see it says there s no device connected but of course you can connect a smartphone. You can connect a gps.

I ve connected to it a flash drive anything like that play music look at pictures..

Whatever view files on this club. So. Let s go out of that and let s go back to the menu and here you can see you can run a self diagnosis on your television. Look for a software upgrade let s go back.

Okay. Tv. You want to cause problems. For me.

With the youtube video. Let s find it again here. We. Go software.

Update. You can look at the hd. Connection. Guide and contact information for samsung.

Now. That s pretty much deck guys right. Now. Let s take a look at the picture quality and see exactly how good this tv is so let me find this cable remote.

Which is always lost for some reason and we check out the quality of the display on this puppy. Okay. So let s go ahead and power up. Now.

This is a local television station in high definition of course..

That s all i watch so you can see the quality of this now of course. Some of this is dependent upon you know the cable company s satellite provider. Or whoever that you re using so that in mine. You know i love to display on the screen.

Now i wish that it went to 1080p you know just just for whatever purposes. But 720 is fine so let s take a look at a different station for a second let s see if we can find some sports for the spm for a second and now around the horn is own okay. Commercials let s try sports. South.

Okay. This is for another this is for another video at this remote not as responsive as it should be that s that s another day. But anyway there we go and this is box on you can see that sports south hd. So we can get a little better view like this so we can look at it from different angles.

Viewing angles are great as you can see them over here to the side you can still see it it still looks good doesn t look washed out or anything like that that s just terrific so yeah guys that s pretty much it for the samsung 42 inch plasma hd television we ll give you a sound check to see how good the surround sound is on this puppy. How good the volume is closed set bend down. And grab this remote and turn the volume up what a hundred same bodies state minimum coverage maximum safety call or flickers that s pretty loud. I m pretty confident that i m not really hearing me that well.

But that s loud and that s at 56. So we went up to about the 60s with the volume and you know it pretty much drown me out and i am right here on the camera. So very good bargain very good volume only thing. I don t like is when you play a dvd you have to turn it up really high and i m sure that wouldn t be the case with a blu ray.

But that is for another video another day we will have an unboxing of a samsung blu ray player that we will connect to this joint so that s pretty much these guys just thought i have to do another video for this better quality full review bring it to you live from our living room should boy read it with a review there s 42 inch samsung plasma hdtv there ll be good eye piece ” ..

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