Samsung Galaxy Note 3 / 3200 mAh Battery – Is it Genuine? Quick Look

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“Guys james here back was in our video. So today. I m going to do do an unboxing and unpacking of this battery. It s a battery for the galaxy.

3. And so this is my dad s because he has a note. 3. And so yeah.

He s been wanting to replace this battery on the original battery for a long time because it s been having problems so let s quickly get into it ok obviously comes in this static and non static package. Came in an envelope and then in here. So let s take a quick look so you can see there s 32. Hundred million power battery that s the manufacturing date 2014.

Quite a while because obviously the battery is old serial number for this battery. Some texts. So please refer to the manual before using battery or on this side you can see we ve got nfc. We also have a few specs sell the battery cells are made in korea.


And it s assembled in china and then some of the stuff. There now let s compare this battery with the original. So this is the original battery that came with the phone. So let s let s look at here.

So immediately. I can feel that the original is a little bit more heavier for some reason. Yeah. Oh.

It just has a bit more of a solid heavier feel to it so looking at the front. This one is the cells are made in korea. No china china and they re assembled in vietnam. So you can see it as vietnamese in there as well now i think because this phone did come from vietnam.

I bought it through cogan and they seem to get a lot of their stock in vietnam. So but but with the text not much difference. I can see and the bottom as well they ve got nam and nyc ii. But ya don t know what that is obviously you say don t throw this in the bin.


Then you have this side. Which is pretty much the same on the top. But the yeah. The front at the bottom is a little bit more refined on this side manufacturing.

Day is obviously different. And the serial number is all caps. Whereas that one there s like a few log like one lowercase and yeah. Both those who aren t you re building a palace.

So not much to tell difference. Besides the weight the weight is kind of like the giveaway besides the different manufacturing places. This does look pretty genuine. So i m going to stick this into the note note.

3. And we ll see how much power. We get i ll just leave leave it without the case now some manufacturer and or some sellers on ebay will sometimes sell you faulty batteries like that they re okay. But then the performance isn t that great and so i had one i had that case once when i bought a battery for my note.


4. And now in total. I ve got four batteries for my note. 4.

Just because of the whole cycle of everything. But long story short. What happened was i bought a battery from this ebay store and the battery couldn t power the device like it was holding charge. But it couldn t power the device and i ll quickly show you that that s 55.

So i ll be testing this and seeing you know how well this performs. But yeah with the notes with the note. 4. Yeah it couldn t hold charge and and so i was like open the case on ebay.

Said hey can i can i get a new one because this one s faulty. They re like sure we ll send you one the next day and they did but i think is i think i forgot to close the case on ebay and because of that maybe their ratings got down or something and yeah they blocked me in the sense that i wasn t i wasn t able to buy from them anymore. Which was a little bit disappointing because i was going to buy this battery from them. But no less it was actually more expensive than some of the other things this one i got for 10.


The battery they were selling of like 13 or 15. And so i guess i still what in the end so i ll leave a link in the description below. If you guys want to get this. But yeah.

Battery now batteries. Nowadays are very easy to get genuine as well. So. Yeah.

I hope you like this video like it. If you liked it and dislike. If you disliked it leave a comment below if you have any questions or any comments and i ll try getting around to answering those for you as soon as i can subscribe to see more videos like this in the future and i will see you guys in the ” ..


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