Samsung Galaxy Note 8 BURKLEY Premium Leather!

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“Guys with all the deals coming out with the galaxy note. 9. Popping up on on us some of us are still gonna rock with our galaxy note. 8.

And best thing you can do is get yourself. A premium case. This is the way i ll keep myself entertained with my smart phones. If you will want to call.

It being entertained just change the case up man this isn t a new case. But it is new this is one of my favorite leather cases that i got for the galaxy note. 8 back in 2017. So this case is almost a year old it s really nice.

It s a premium leather case from berkley and look at how it s been holding up really really nice the galaxy note..

8. Is still gonna be a very popular phone and for some people they re not going to update to the galaxy note. 9. Or upgrade to the galaxy note.

Now you re gonna say what your galaxy note. 8. So the best thing you could do for yourself is grab you a very nice case. Now this case is a rugged style case and grip here on the edges.

But it does have premium leather. There s a run you about 70 bucks by the way i ll leave a link in description. If you decide you want to pick it up if not try to find a case that s suitable for you. But it s not just a case you get the wallet portion as well it s the best part about this man this does mess with your wireless charging for those are gonna ask that but i don t use wireless charging.

Because i think the fast charger on the cable is super fast..

But this is how it s gonna look on your phone. Which is super premium man this just sets the galaxy note. 8. Off you can still make phone calls with the clothes because it has two cutouts there for the earpiece as you can see they go all the way through there.

Although you can kind of see that yeah there you go goes all the way through so now i ve actually made phone calls with obviously so a little worn out on this side for me you know taking money in and out and cards in and out. But the leather is holding up really really well you got that berkeley branding down. There. And you can also use this as a kickstand.

If you choose to i don t normally like to use phones on kick stands like this. But you can you know you can use it in the kickstand form this seems kind of weird to me watching a movie with us like this on my wallet. I just hold the phone but overall man this case has held up really really well over there almost year. That it s been in use and the more you use leather.

Obviously real leathers you can see it s gonna break in and it s gonna wear in so..

This phone is like brand new to me i really like their like their logo down there. But this berkley case is really really nice you get the wallet portion for your id and a couple of credit cards or whatever you want to use it for and you also get the separate portion for if you don t want to carry the wallet this leather portion is this color is i don t know it just reminds me of brandy you know brad wrinkled brow. Don t drink anymore. But brandy is what this reminds me of for some reason all ports and everything are cut out down here lines up perfectly fine man you get access to your s pen with no issues microphone cutout speaker.

Grill charging seeing headphone down. There the microphone cutout on top and as you can see this works. Well with the with the white stone dome to me. This is kind of the perfect screen protector for devices.

If you choose so to purchase an invest in a if you don t switch phones a lot than the white stem dome. If it s available for your phone definitely grab it so she managed. I will update on the berkley case for the galaxy note. 8.

Man i really like this case..

This has got to be my favorite case man alongside some others. But this is premium right here so again. It s been almost a year. With this man it s holding up.

Nice. The weather. The leather is kind of wearing like i said really really strong really good so i ll leave a link down below. If you want to pick it up you know there s no kickbacks or anything like that but i just want to share what i will consider a great combination for for the galaxy note.

8. I ” ..

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