Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – How to change the Wallpaper

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“Welcome back to how tech s today we have the samsung note 8. We re re gonna show you how to change the wallpaper so you want to go to settings menu. Which is this blue gear here click on that and then fifth from the top is wallpaper and themes. It s actually wallpaper themes and icons so click on this and there s a bunch of tabs here.

So you have wallpaper here themes icons and aod and so let s focus just on the wallpapers first so you have my wallpapers which are the ones that are pre installed on your phones or maybe. Other ones that you would install already and they have a wallpaper and themes store. So you can basically download other ones here and i guess this is all dynamic contents downloaded from the internet. You might have to re update this when you first get the phone.

So you have to jump through a bunch of ok menus and whatnot to get past it. But then you can actually browse these things..

And there s a whole bunch of woman and if you click on there s tons more so that s for the wallpapers. Let s go back to our pre installed. Ones. So you can actually view all.

And there s tons and tons of these things so it just keeps going. There s i don t know whatever at least 20 of them. And so it includes the pre installed once and also includes things from your gallery. So these are basically photos that you ve taken so.

Let s just look at one of these default ones. Let s try this guy default..

16. And now you can set it as a wallpaper for either the home screen. The lockscreen or both so let s try just the homescreen that s the desktop background and you can get a preview of what it looks like you also have the option of doing a motion effect. Which we ll take a look at so let s set this as the wallpaper and infiniti folks.

If you use this well there okay. And so now let s look at this thing. And see if it moves. Yeah.

You can see the motion effects. So as i tilt the phone..

It s somewhat moves the picture. So like look at where this edge of the search box is for example. So it adds just some 3d feeling to your phone as if you re looking through a window at something in the distance. So basically that s setting the wallpaper with the motion.

Let s take a look again if you want to do your own wallpaper. You can look at a picture that you ve taken and then let s do that for the lockscreen and here you can actually scale and zoom in and then you don t get the option for the motion. Though unfortunately as wallpaper. So now you can see what it looks like on the lockscreen as well so just swipe up and we re back to our home screen.

Okay. That s it for changing the wallpaper on the samsung note..

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” ..

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