SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 ACTIVE In 2018! (Should You Still Buy It?) (Review)

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“Is going on everybody. I hope you guys are doing well. It s been a a minute since i asked about your opinion and your well being so you guys i mean and tell your parents. I said what s up it s been a minute but basically i had my hands on a lot of different galaxy phones and one line.

I really didn t take out too much of a look at where the active versions. So today. We re gonna take a look at the galaxy s6 active when i was going into it i was kind of like okay. This phone is probably going to be like the galaxy s5 active which i already did a review about and it really wasn t you know breathtaking.

I mean really the only cool thing about it was that it was like rugged and dust proof water proof all that stuff. But once i started using the galaxy s6 active my mind actually shifted a little bit because i was expecting something like the galaxy s5 active like i said. But this one actually changed up. So the galaxy s6 active came out in 2015.

So about three years. A little bit over three years ago. It came out in june and looking around the body it really doesn t look too you know premium. But it doesn t look too cheap either.

It s like the galaxy s5 activities they overlap a lot i m not really a humongous fan of it i m not gonna lie. The main reason. I m not is because it doesn t have a fingerprint sensor. The galaxy s5 had one the galaxy s6 had one the galaxy s6 edge had one edge plus all those.

But for some reason. They did not add one on this they later on added it on the s7 active. But it s still really weird that they did that and i really wish they didn t i really wish they did add a fingerprint sensor on this and you know made it that much more premium and that many more features added to it. But i don t really see why they couldn t have but really that s a really small thing that really did bug me a little bit.

But overall. There is quite a bit of bezel around it but this phone did come on three years ago. So keep in mind that it s not supposed to be the best looking thing. It s supposed to be something like if you re an active person.

If you re going out if you re doing this or doing that i was supposed to be kind of like being able to suit your lifestyle. And it i think it really did a pretty decent job. Added some cool things about its ip68 waterproof. So you can dip it into water about one and a half meters its mi ls td8 100g compliant.

Whatever that means basically what it means is like it s salt dust humidity rain vibration solar radiation transport and thermal shock resistant basically if you re going through like i was about to make a stupid joke. And i m not gonna say cuz it s gonna roll well with you guys. But pretty much it ll be able to handle anything you throw at it so one cool thing about this phone. Actually is probably the screen and as soon as you look at it a 51 inch amoled screen.

It s super amoled actually and it s actually pretty decent pretty pretty decent. It s 1440p it s 576 pixels per inch and when i was using it it seemed very good there wasn t really too much that i can complain about really the only minor thing is that if you re picking up this phone now. There s going to be burnin on the screen. Most likely i would be shocked.

If you don t have burnin on my panel at first i didn t think there was any. But then once i boot..

It up like a white screen then i was able to see a little bit. But that s with any amoled screen and really i think amoled screens look really really good. And i do think the screen on this phone is one really cool aspect of it now probably the single worst thing about this phone is that it only got one version of. Android so it got android 50.

Point to a lollipop okay then i got android marshmallow and then it stopped right there it didn t i get android nougat it did not get android oreo it did not get any other version of android and that right. There is probably the worst thing about this phone and going one step further it s probably the worst thing about a lot of android phones they only get like two or three versions of android this phone literally only got one which really makes no sense i really don t know why they did that the essex got android nougat. I believe and i don t understand why this phone this one could have handled it the essex got a nougat so it made absolutely no sense. And because of that this phone is already missing out in so.

Many features and for those people who do want a phone with you know waterproofness and ruggedness and all that stuff they don t want to necessarily get a galaxy s6 because that phone will probably break because there s glass on the back and i m talking about it back then. But even now if you re going to get this phone or like a galaxy s7 or s7 edge or eight or whatever. If you need a phone that s more rugged and well i candle you know pretty much if you throw it at something it will take it you don t want a phone that s already outdated and features and os versions and all that and this phone was already like that which really does make this phone call from like let s say. It was like a 8 out of 10.

It makes it go to like a 6 out of 10 automatically just because of the software versions and i m not too sure. If there s a development community behind this either so there s not really a huge rom community or rooting community. I m sure it can be rooted in rom but i don t know if there s even like android or your rom afford or android new gear. I m out for it so there might be there might not be but that is something to keep in mind.

That thing is already outdated and i spend a lot of time talking about that. But that is something that really means a lot to me now in terms of performance. It s actually pretty good. I will say you know even though it s kind of outdated.

The apps and everything that are on it it seems pretty good and it has exynos 7420. Octet chipset and octa core cpu. Clocked at 21. Gigahertz.

And three gigabytes of ram. And it s actually pretty good like i said when i m going through apps and multitasking and all that stuff it doesn t seem like it lags. It seems like it s the occasional lag. You know things you would expect.

But it s really not that bad and i m actually pretty surprised because usually when you go through a phone that s like three years old. And only got one version of android. You would expect it to be like super laggy and choppy. But this phone is actually not that bad and i would say it s not the best and it s not perfect there are some times.

Where it doesn t load up the app perfectly or sometimes it refreshes the app and you have to start in the beginning. But really. It s not that bad and in terms of overall gaming. As well.

I would say it s very very good for the age that it is in the android version it s on so on games like temple run pew pew. All those games it runs fine um you re not gonna run in any problems i actually suck a lot on pew pew. I don t know why but it s a very good game temple run is awesome game as well and they run perfectly fine those games aren t basically perfectly fine on every single phone. But one cool thing is that sometimes on certain games.

They do benchmark in the background. And tweak some graphic settings and stuff..

But usually whenever i boot up with game. Like this on a phone like this usually. It runs perfectly. And they benchmark it to the highest available settings and go from there.

But one shocking thing that i had was when i went into real racing. 3. Which is the most intensive game that i know of i know there s more like nova and stuff. But this is the one where i think is a pretty decent.

It s not too hard install and i don t need to go through like an hour of tutorial to learn how to play it i would say real racing 3 runs very good on this thing when you consider the age in the os version. It s actually very very good there were some glitch. Frames. There were some skip frames here and there.

But i would say it s actually not that bad. I think. It s better than like an lg g3 or even an lg g4. I think this phone runs it very very well and i m actually pretty surprised that wasn t expecting it to run it this well and i was kind of wanting it to not run a well so i can like bash on this phone.

Even more. But and tell samsung and rub it in their face that they should have updated this phone. But really like it s not that bad performance. Which i m pretty shocked about it so an overall performance in gaming.

Out said s on the better end it s not the greatest. It s not perfect probably wasn t even the greatest of 2015. But it s very good for what it is now switching to the camera. It does have a 16 megapixel camera on the back.

It can shoot. 4k videos. 1080p videos. At 60 frames.

Per. Second and 720p videos. At 120 frames per second. And it s actually not a bad camera at all i m not even gonna lie.

It s pretty good i would say it s almost like the galaxy s6 camera and i said in the s6 edge camera too and like i said those cameras were very good as well and when i m playing with a phone like this i always take photos. I always go through the settings and take videos as well and really this camera is really really good and again it kind of depends on the lighting. But i ve also had phones that were like and the best of lighting and still couldn t take pictures. They always looked washed out and stuff.

But this phone is pretty decent one thing i don t really like though about these samsung cameras and it s more so about the app is that whenever you make a video. You always have to click the autofocus button in the lower left corner when you re starting off and that always gets me. Because i don t expect that usually autofocus is turn out by default. But when you re doing something like this and like when you re in the middle of making a video and you ll see when i boot up the or when i show you the video test.

I have to manually click on the autofocus thing. So i can t even test the autofocus until that s on which is super annoying..

But really that s my only little problem with this and keep in mind that when i m talking about like cameras and stuff like that i always keep in mind the age of this phone. So three years. I mean that s not old by any means. But it s not new either and cameras have really developed since then so i always keep in mind the age.

When i m like doing something like that or thinking about it. But there is a five megapixel front facing camera. Which is pretty decent you know i don t really use front cameras that often. But it s if you need it it s there it s 1080p.

So you can film videos on it as well. So that s kind of cool. This is a quick test of the video quality of the galaxy s6 active. You can also see like the mic quality.

Too and honestly. It s actually not that bad so you can see we have like a still thing and i just am in a little bit you can see like it s it s not bad at auto focusing. But it does take like a second when i was my camera. But you see like it s still not focused into the ds.

When i bring it back. It s fine. I m gonna bring it back out it s not and maybe oh see the sam sign. I don t know why they have autofocus like disable every time you put in the camera.

That s one really annoying thing about it. But other than that when you zoom in it might take a second for it to okay. There we go that s good zoom out. But overall quality s not that bad as you can see i have pretty good lighting.

I have a window and everything stuck you re not that bad and if you re just like taking photos of still images or taking videos of something like this i mean you can see the quality is actually pretty decent now this phone is actually pretty good in terms of battery life. As well. It has a thirty five hundred million power battery. But also keep in mind that because it s all the battery has deteriorated quite a bit probably so it s more so probably like a three thousand dollar power battery from behind this plate and the thing that sucks the most is the battery is not removable and there s no micro sd card slot either they took those out when they made the galaxy s6 and s6 active and all those phones.

But that s probably dumbest thing samsung ever did i understand the battery. But the microsd card. They should have never taken out cuz that was the one thing that really differentiated like getting a samsung awakening an iphone and since then i mean they ve added it back in but really i i think the battery life is okay. It s it s definitely on the better end this phone was again marketed as like a phone you could bring hiking with you and if you forget your charge or something you can use it for a couple more days and it s not horrible and it s not perfect.

But it s pretty good and i would say if it was between this or like a iphone success which came out the same year. I would definitely say this phone had better battery life now some other notable things to note like i said this phone does not have a removable battery or a microsd card slot. So you are giving those things up this phone also does not have a fingerprint sensor. This phone also has all that waterproofness for goodness whatever the buttons on the front are actually not capacitive they re full on buttons and they feel pretty decent.

I really like the back of this phone as well it s like the camouflage and like kind of like different texture. I like that a lot a lot of you guys might not like that so i m just kind of keep that in mind. But i think the body is something that i really do like and this phone. Also does have like a s voice big c button on the big speed whatever button on the left side of the phone.

I don t really use it i don t know i don t know what else you do with it it s like a siri kind of thing. I would really only use it just for like turning on the phone..

But even then you have the buns on the front. You have a power. But that bun is really useless and from what i know you can t really map it to something else. Which is so dumb.

But whatever so all in all is the galaxy s6 active worth it in 2018. I would say yes. This phone is worth it i mean if you have the money and you need something that s like pretty rugged and whatever you re planning on throwing it against the wall 500 times this phone is pretty decent. I m not gonna lie.

There s really not too much to complain besides the software updates. But if you want something that is going to you know you want more battery or you want more storage or whatever. This phone only comes in 64 gigabyte. If that s the max.

So you can t even add a microsd card or change. The battery out which really does kind of hinder. Me from being that making this phone like a hundred percent perfect. But really it s not that bad.

But what i will say is if you have the money. I mean this phone isn t cheap by any means. This phone is still over like 100 and with that money i would probably say like if you need a specific phone like this phone right now like rugged or whatever then get it. But if you want a better phone for almost the same price.

I would say get the google pixel. The first one that phone is very very good you re getting way more software. Updates. You re giving up a little bit of the ruggedness.

But you can always throw a case on it and be good and you also don t have a microsd card slot a removable battery on that either but still you re getting much more better performance more updates. And just basically a bigger development community behind it if you ever want to rom it or rout. It you always have that option and and that s really something i would kind of tell you guys to do i would stay away from like like a galaxy s6 over this i would say get a google pixel 100. But really the choice is choice guys i m not your mom.

I m not gonna make your decision for you but if you want to pick up a s6 active or google pixel links are in the description. Make sure you guys get it through there. So you can help how the channel every single thing you buy through that link helps generate revenue for this channel. And it makes us go and buy new things and like old technology like this so so definitely good things about link.

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So if you guys ever need to talk. I m here for you but make sure you follow me too. But more importantly that everything else i love every single one of you guys hope for catch you guys in the next video peace out to learn. ” .


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