Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD Replacement Tech MD

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” s when techempty tech. Indeed today. We re going to be repairing a galaxy six six white. It s not the edge version.

Unfortunately she broke her lcd. So in t have an opportunity to do the glass repair. On it our website is wwwmiamikettlebellcom. Great has its own new adhesive.

So. I don t have to worry about reapplying a heat. Okay so first we have to go in through the back on this one so i m going to get my heat gun out and do 950 degrees with a waggoner heat gun pointed tip did you see that i did a galaxy. 6 edge about a week ago.

That was fun whose screen replacement i tried to do the glass replacement on it. But it wasn t very easy. Let s just say. Oh yeah pretty fun bug.

So i like to get hot to the touch. Here. Just try to focus on the corners..


And not the center. Ok. I take my tool here and just enter right in up. Here just stay along the sides as much as you can going to keep it nice and toasty.

So that way we don t break the glass. Oh now it didn t do it again yes you look at the light. No does that mean i better better check with you before i get too. Far away.

Oh. You have to give me a second. Okay and fill that up positive. Okay.

Now we got to remove all the screws here some of them are covered up by he civ like that one wait to put my finger now under it so that way i can get the screw off okay. There s two hidden screws here. This is a lot of fun digging through glue to get these crews out yeah okay last one one last troublemaker that s pretty loose. Doesn t mean come out all right now we just separate the glass from a frame choose my finger now you could use a classic tool and publish all right we have some silence here just letting everyone know we are building a nationwide network of techs you re interested in joining our team please come to our website check us out and check out the franchising gimpo for more details.

Here s a screw here is their real this one s to be stubborn and plus tool is in rene here. Okay. Missus crew galli watch out for these screws guys so easy to miss them they re covered with adhesive..


If you hit too much struggle. You should focus on getting a new we re checking out the hidden screws that was for sure hidden take off all the old adhesive because we re putting new one on okay okay pull that off let s test. This new screen here. Oh.

My tb charge well not doesn t have enough battery to but you just touch these two connectors is make sure the screen herbs okay we got a little bit charged up so here we re going to go ahead and turn it on it d be really careful we just want to make sure those two connections right here are touching something metal. That will these two right here that will turn on the phone that way you can test your new screen. What s your backup password pause. It okay we got it unlocked here.

I m just testing the touchscreen here make sure everything works it seems to be working just fine. Okay great once again we touch these two so hard to touch them up off the new display here so we can install it so we re going to take off the board. Because it is underneath it and not on the side. Which is kind of a bummer pop off those unplug.

The battery here look at the camera move that out of the way slide right out here. Okay and put this here charge duck put that off to the side. Okay. Now we can actually start removing the screen.

So i m a little cautious about the battery. I m just going to pop off the screen. My way they do this a different approach when we do glassware..


Oh. He s tony came along with it right back underneath that that all back in that s what you want to be careful with when you digging up the screen. Thing is so ultra thin. I m just going away here back part of the lcd.

We re going to get away from that battery. We don t have to remove the battery. We want to do remove the battery if you want to salvage the screen or point. Though removing that okay good thing it came with new heats of anyways because there is no haze of left after that okay so we got the screen off.

I m going to go ahead and clean the frame. I use a little microfiber rag and some acetone to clean the frame looking good okay. Make sure that this is going to be really sticky for us. If not we have to put a new one on duty sivan.

Oh. Yeah. That s really sticky all right. He ll off the heats of here up in.

Arounds it. Again we. Check mdtech and dcom..


So we re going to have to put it in that little hole right there line up the grill line up the home button. Very carefully clip down make sure. There s no glass under. There.

That s really important you re going to break your ultra thin display. Okay just go put it back together look fun part here and things upside down. We re just gonna have to tie it up and line up marry out get that clip action there put this clip. The antennas back in very tiny connections gotta love it i ll tiny of these things are make sure they run along the holes here we re going to interfere with anything everything the way it should be i ll just go to clip the lcd cable okay everything s in let s encourage actually after this this back in slide the sim card in and screw this bad boy down all these wonderful screws menu so normally if i want to reuse the same factory he civ i just warm it up this adhesive looks like it s just kind of crumbling and falling apart.

So i m really not sure. If that s a good seal. So what i did on the galaxy six edge. I m going to do the same thing on this one.

I m just going to put fresh adhesive down don t bother trying to clean that adhesive off doesn t come off really actually quite difficult just get generic red pieceof double sided stick along just turn it on here before i seal the back on really don t have to take that thing back off cause it alright and then we just got that stuck on this looks like one of our lights died on us probably died during the crack or maybe i killed it somehow. But it does fully function just it died so watch those cabling guys. I think the reason why it died is just because of heat. Sometimes that heat can burn the led in those so you use less ” .


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