Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge Moisture Detected Problem [ Solved 100 % Working

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“Hello. Everyone out there my name is ahmed. And you re watching channel tech wall wall today. We re gonna talk about the issue.

Which is being highlighted by every user which are who are using the latest smartphones of samsung including samsung s6 at six seven eight note series a7 a5 a3 old latest phones. The problem is the moisture detection problem so this this problem is also i m also the samsung galaxy s7 user and also i i got this problem and i watch all the tutorials. I didn t miss a single tutorial in the youtube. I check all the forums.


I contacted samsung contact center but nothing worked for me. But i tried to do one thing and it really helped me so what actually it s actually want to show you that what s the actual issue is whenever we try to plug in the charger. Because the problem moisture has been detected so actually may i want to make one video for that that before and after before how it was working and after that how this charging was working before it was not working so let s find out that how i done that so let s let s get into the video and i will show you that what remedy. I have followed that how my galaxy s7 edge was working so just get into the next step.

My god. It s the back of the rice you can see over here these are the rice because where i tell you the qualities of rice rice is the it s a water absorbent. If you put something in the rice. It will just remove the moisture from that so what we gonna do that even before before doing that i would like to tell you that there isn t any water aspect or you can say that my phone was never exposed to the water.


Even i have cleaned all the cables. All the charging ports and everything i have done. But nothing well for me so what i do is what i m going to do i did take my samsung galaxy s7 and i just put it into the right like i m gonna just lock. This phone just keep it for at least one hour.

So all the moisture will be gone from there after one hour. I m back i have just removed from the rice right now and i just want to show you that it s kind of working because sometimes it happens. It removes there is a there is a drop of water inside. But you cannot see even so what we re gonna do is just to plug the cable and to check whether it s working or not okay.


I m gonna try again yeah. It s working wow. It s working guys you can see the charging. It s charging so thank you thank you very much for watching this video.

I hope this method is going to work for you and i hope that you will just get out of this problem because it s so annoying. It s so disturbing and you feel very bad for that you will you will like this video for sure if this gonna work for me just comment below and tell me that this this worked for you or not thank you very much for watching this video. Please like this video. Comment below just tell me that it s working for you or not please share.


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